Mitsubishi Ponders Putting Projectors and Displays On Cars To Boost Safety

first_img Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysAston Martin Will Build You Your Very Own Supervillain Lair Stay on target Today’s cars, trucks, and vans already boast a long list of safety features. There’s always room for improvement, though. One that Mitsubishi is pondering involves the use of projectors and displays.The Japanese automaker just announced a concept they call Safe and Secure Lighting. One part of he system looks a lot like the numerous high-tech bicycle safety Kickstarters that have been pitched in recent years. Projectors mounted on the outside of a vehicle beam indicators onto the road surface.Mitsubishi’s release notes that “60 percent of pedestrian fatalities on roads occur at night,” adding that “illuminated projections that are clearly visible to pedestrians in the dark are expected to help reduce such fatalities.”When you put your vehicle in reverse or start to open a door, Safe and Secure Lighting projects an image onto the pavement to indicate your intentions to nearby drivers and pedestrians. The arrows for reversing are obvious enough, but the door opening symbol may need to be refined. It looks a bit like you’re offering free WiFi in your vehicle.In their render, you can also see how Mitsubishi plans to use displays as part of the Safe and Secure Lighting system. One placed at the back of the vehicle can provide bright, clear warnings to drivers approaching from the rear. It could be as simple as that yellow caution triangle, or, if that full-width black bar is indeed all screen, the car could provide very explicit (not sweary, the other kind… though it’s inevitable someone will definitely try to hack a system like this to display arbitrary text) alerts.Mitsubishi sees Safe and Secure as a good fit for both traditional vehicles and autonomous ones. When there’s no human behind the wheel to do things like give someone the “nah, you go first” wave, systems like this will have to fill in.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more