NCS Playoffs: St. Bernard’s girl’s soccer wins first round game, 2-1, over South Fork

first_imgEureka >> Two goals from a star player and a stingy defense led by a backup goalie helped the St. Bernard’s Crusaders girl’s soccer team hold off the South Fork Cubs for a nail-biting 2-1 first round playoff win on Wednesday at St. Bernard’s Academy. Midfielder Makenna Schoenhofer scored both goals to lead the Crusaders, which had to hold on as the Cubs made a furious push to try to net the equalizer late in the game.“A 2-0 lead is definitely dangerous, especially coming just after …last_img read more

iwasshot in Joburg: a city in pictures

first_img“iwasshot in Joburg is a [South African] business venture established to provide a platform for former street kids who received photography training through the iwasshot FOUNDATION,” says Bernard Viljoen, the architect who founded the three-month project after community service for a boozy misdemeanour.Bernard Viljoen and the young photographers from the Twilight Shelter, a boys’ outreach centre. They ramble through Hillbrow in Johannesburg’s inner city in search of beauty and stories captured in a frameInitially teaching basic photography skills to street children, the project has expanded and now, flash forward, these budding artists receive six months of photography training, using disposable cameras to document their environment.The young photographers from the Twilight Shelter, a boys’ outreach centre, now ramble through Hillbrow in Johannesburg’s inner city in search of beauty and stories captured in a frame.“From there they receive more in-depth digital photography and computer training for another six months. Once they have completed the year they can join the iwasshot brand and start generating their own income,” says Viljoen.At the end of each year, an exhibition showcases the boys’ photography, which also goes on sale. The establishing shot this year shows boys holding disposable cameras, in a strong stance that says “I know what I am doing and I belong here too”.FROM THE SHADOWS, INTO LIGHTViljoen says, “… how these boys are transformed, from when they started out to being proud citizens, actively participating in their society, discussing their camera angles, colour and composition, it is incredibly humbling to see”.The project aims to enrich the lives of street kids who have found their calling through a lens. Viljoen wanted to further their opportunities, developing a skills transference division to create opportunities for economic growth, social development, and job creation.Solani Dube, a former student at iwasshotin joburg, says he had no self-esteem; he was” living with no direction”. He had never thought of himself as a “normal human being”, but now he is studying law.The words “I was shot in Joburg” can elicit fear, seeming more suited to a newspaper headline, but Viljoen thought it was an expression of life in Hillbrow, with its violent reputation.“I believed that if a brand is relevant, conceptual and slightly controversial, that it will take off. It did. It has now been four years and we are going strong.”Hard at work in the studio, Viljoen wanted to further the boys’ opportunities, developing a skills transference division to create opportunities for economic growth, social development, and job creationViljoen says the project aims to “To create quality products; to establish a brand. We want to become part of the South African economy rather than sitting at a robot begging for a hand-out.”The project’s success has allowed the team to move into a permanent space at Arts on Main in the Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg’s teeming central business district.Toni Sithole, another student, says, “I am moving forward with myself, I am improving, and I am doing something for myself. I see myself in the future as a person, opening new doors for myself. Hillbrow is a new playground for budding photographers.”He also wanted the boys “to find beauty where you thought there was none. If you move your eye, you can see a different world and whatever you see can make an impact on people”.AN UNFAMILIAR LIFEViljoen is interested in people living on the periphery of society, people who don’t have a voice, but who have experienced so much in their lives.Little previews of city life are exposed in the photographs; glimpses into lives unfamiliar to suburbanites. Shadows reflecting off a leg or a sign are fragments, enticing viewers to look deeper and be witness to a transformation, an invisible human being becoming a person with a voice.Viljoen believes consistency is important with his charges as they have had such volatile, tumultuous lives. So each week, he showed up.He says, “For some of the boys, the project has also meant feeling more at home. There are stories of neglect, abuse, being orphaned. Abandoned in different ways by the families and systems that give children the love, support and nurturing they need. Iwasshotin Joburg is a way to claim something back, to make something of value, to be of value.”Sandile Mdlalose says, “I used to eat out of rubbish dumps and beg. [Now] When people talk to me, they speak to me as if I am a big person. Everyone can do something for themselves; it doesn’t matter where you are from. I believe in myself now, I have a strength that I never had before.”“I tell them the cameras are like our little AK47s,” says Viljoen. “They give us permission to walk the street. If you keep it in your hand it elevates you above the everyday street life.”The project’s success has allowed the team to move into a permanent space at Arts on Main in the Maboneng Precinct in Johannesburg’s teeming central business district (Images: iwasshot in joburg team)To Viljoen, Johannesburg is the most interesting, textured city in South Africa.“I’m lucky enough to work almost solely in the heart of the city, and over the years it’s become more striking to me. It’s the synergy of history, drive for success, passion and interesting, warm people that give Joburg a buzz of energy.“If you walk around and experience the space – new and old – you’re always treated to a visual overload. Suburban dwellers, who don’t hit the streets of Joburg, never really see or understand its beauty. They’re blind-shot by unjustified fear.”The snapshots, he says, capture the beauty, intriguing spaces, textures layers, and diverse people of Johannesburg.“Hillbrow is an assault on the senses … the towering blocks of flats draw your eyes upwards and you’re mesmerised by the rainbow-coloured clothing hanging on practically every balcony, the rowdy sounds of street vendors bargaining and schoolchildren laughing and chatting.“There are contrasts … the countless broken window panes glistening in the sun and the vivid colours of the fresh fruit sold by the vendors … the boys see photo opportunities lurking on every corner. Over the years, they’ve produced really powerful images.”Pritchard Ndlovu manages the studio at Arts on Main. He says that the iwasshot space has changed his life; he now has a future and it’s thanks to the lens; “The photos allow the boys to tell stories. It is an incredible initiative that brings joy to the boys and inspires a sense of belonging.”Viljoen adds: “I have succeeded in this if every kid is able to tell a story with their photos – their own – if I can make them feel worthy of sharing it with the world, visually documenting their stories, their observations, their hopes and dreams.”First published on Media Club South Africa – Brand South Africa’s library of quality images and articles, available for free.last_img read more

Airport House: Choosing and Installing an ERV

first_imgRough electrical work was delayed until the ductwork for the ERV was completed (so that the ductwork would not need to be routed around wiring). I am glad the work was done in that order because it was difficult to find a route for the ERV ductwork even without the wiring. I downloaded the ERV installation instructions online and asked the HVAC contractor to do the ERV ductwork at the time of the other rough-in using these instructions. That would have prevented the delay from cascading and delaying the entire project. However, he was not willing to do that. Designing a Good Ventilation SystemHRV or ERV?Are HRVs Costs-Effective?Green Basics: Balanced VentilationFive Ways To Do Balanced VentilationMisconceptions About HRVs and ERVsDoes a Home with an HRV Also Need Bath Fans? Ducting HRVs and ERVs BLOGS BY REID BALDWIN Heating and CoolingWalls and Insulation Energy Efficiency and Garage Space for an Airplane Why a RenewAire EV130?There are many manufacturers of HRVs and ERVs. They use a few different methods of transferring heat and, for ERVs, moisture between the airstreams. They range widely in price and in heat and moisture transfer effectiveness. One issue that comes up in cold climates is a tendency of outgoing warm moist air to form frost as it loses heat to the incoming air. Manufacturers deal with this in various ways. I chose a Renewaire ERV for the following reasons:The balance between price and efficiency fits my goals.RenewAire has been making ERVs for a long time.Its design does not require any special defrost modes.RenewAire supports using the ERV to replace bathroom fans.Experts disagree on exactly how to calculate the required amount of ventilation. Several formulas are available. The highest quantity using any of these formulas for our house is about 125 cubic feet per minute (cfm), so I wanted a unit that would provide at least that much. When replacing bathroom fans, RenewAire recommends at least 50 cfm per bathroom. Since we have four bathrooms, I initially selected the EV200. However, when I changed retailers, I was told the EV130 would ship about a week sooner than the EV200, so I changed plans and decided to replace only some of the bath fans. InstallationRenewAire supports several different ducting arrangements. I elected to draw air from three of the four bathrooms and supply fresh air to the return air ductwork. (The bathroom without a shower doesn’t need a full 50 cfm). A control next to the thermostat sets the percentage of each hour that the ERV will run. A control in each of the bathrooms forces the ERV to run in circumstances in which a bathroom fan would be operated. RELATED ARTICLES center_img Why do we need a ventilation system?Building science professionals bristle at the old saying that houses need to breathe. However, they recognize the need for adequate ventilation and the need to avoid excessive ventilation.Occupant activities within a house, such a breathing, cooking, etc., produce various types of pollutants. A ventilation system exchanges the polluted indoor air for less polluted outdoor air. During much of the year, the incoming outdoor air must be conditioned, which increases heating and cooling loads, so over-ventilating is a problem.Traditionally, houses had enough random leaks to provide adequate ventilation. Even with a leaky house, some force must push air through the holes. In winter, a force called the stack effect tends to pull outdoor air into the house through holes and gaps near the bottom of the building, and expel it through holes near the top of the building. In summer, the stack effect reverses.Also, wind causes pressure differences around the house that pull air in through some holes and out through others. Unfortunately, cold, hot, or windy weather does not necessarily occur at the times when ventilation is needed. For a typical new construction house, the result is excessive ventilation sometimes and insufficient ventilation at other times. For a leaky house, like many older homes, the result is slightly excessive ventilation sometimes and way too much at other times.A mantra among building science professionals is “build tight and ventilate right.” The goal is to control the amount of ventilation, control the source of the indoor air that is expelled (since it is not equally polluted), and control where the incoming outdoor air is drawn from (since it is not equally fresh). Editor’s note: This is one of a series of guest blogs by Reid Baldwin about the construction of his house in Linden, Michigan. For a list of previous blog posts on GBA by Reid Baldwin, see the “Related Articles” sidebar below. You can read his entire blog here. Why an ERV?There are various methods of providing forced ventilation in houses. Most houses have exhaust fans, such as bath fans or range hoods, to expel air during periodic activities that cause localized pollution. One method to ensure adequate ventilation, called exhaust-only ventilation, is to run a bath fan on a timer so that it runs a fraction of every hour. Outdoor air then flows in through whatever holes exist in the enclosure.This method provides control of the amount of ventilation and controls the source of air that is expelled, but it does not control what air comes in. Another method, called supply ventilation, is based on having the furnace fan draw in some outside air through a dedicated duct. This provides control of where the fresh air comes from. With a damper and appropriate controls, it also provides control of the amount of ventilation. Air leaves through whatever holes there are in the building. This is the type of system that the HVAC contractor proposed, although he did not plan to install the damper and controls.The third type of ventilation system is a balanced ventilation system. One fan brings air in through a dedicated duct while another fan expels the same quantity of air through another dedicated duct.This approach provides control of the quantity, the source of the fresh air, and the source of the expelled air. Additionally, there is an opportunity to run the incoming and outgoing airstreams through a heat exchanger to precondition the incoming air. This reduces the heating and cooling energy use. Systems that exchange only heat are called heat recovery ventilators, or HRVs. Some systems also transfer humidity between the airstreams. These are called enthalpy recovery ventilators or ERVs. Since few people know what enthalpy is, some vendors call them energy recovery ventilators instead. Installing the ventilation system caused a delay of several weeks. For reasons I will discuss below, I insisted on a RenewAire energy recovery ventilator (ERV).Since the HVAC contractor doesn’t handle RenewAire, he asked me to procure the unit. Well before it was required, I found an online retailer that advertised RenewAire, and I asked about delivery time. They replied that a unit would arrive about a week after the order was placed. I placed the order a couple weeks before it would be needed. After a couple weeks, I contacted the retailer to ask why it had not yet arrived. They said they had forwarded the order to RenewAire, which would ship it directly.After another week, I called RenewAire to learn the company had never received an order and that they’d had problems in the past with the retailer I’d used. I canceled the order and placed another through a retailer that was recommended by RenewAire.But just as the unit arrived, the weather turned hot. The HVAC contractor spent the next week responding to service calls from people whose air conditioners weren’t working. Finally, three weeks after finishing the rest of the HVAC rough-in, the contractor was able to return and rough-in the ventilation system.last_img read more

Talking to College Kids About Money – Part 2

first_imgMany of us aren’t comfortable talking about our incomes with our children, but now is a time to disclose. Your child needs to know how much you saved, what assets you have, and how much you can afford to or want to spend. Fill out the FAFSA forms together, and when offers come in, discuss the reality of each one and what it will mean to your student. Help them get their first checking account and their first credit card At this age, the concept of making loan payments for years may be vague and theoretical. Lay out in detail what they can probably expect to be paid at a first job, what expenses might be, and what a monthly loan payment could look like. Make sure they know that there are only a few circumstances in which you can defer or be excused from paying loans, and that serious consequences exist for those who default. Have your student read accounts from young adults living with loans of various sizes. Hopefully, parents started early with this key financial life lesson, but it’s not too late. Talk to children about the basics of budgeting. How much money do they have coming in (from whatever source) every month? How much do they have to spend on fixed costs like rent and cell phone bill? What’s left over? When does the money come in from various sources, and how will they ensure they have enough?Encourage your child to roughly track expenses. He or she isn’t likely to want do this using pen and paper and receipts, but fun and easy-to-use budgeting apps make it simple and allow him or her to categorize spending and find out where the money goes. Talk about your child’s financial future Who is looking into scholarships and grants and what are your expectations there? (There are many for children of service members.) Do you expect your child to get a job? How many hours? What about summers: do you expect him or her to get a paying job, or will unpaid internships be a possibility? How much money is he or she expected to contribute overall? Are you willing to take on any loans, or is he or she expected to be the primary loan-bearer? If school is nearby, can your child live at home rent-free?Research suggest that students may work harder and take school more seriously when they have a little “skin in the game”—that is, when they work to help pay for school. Students who have a completely free ride may tend to party more and study less. However, experts also caution that working too many hours can make it hard to do well and finish a degree. By Carol ChurchIn part 1 of this series, we talked about how tricky it can be to navigate the costs of higher education today with young adults. Today we’ll list some concrete suggestions that can help families work through the “money issue” while students are in school. Photospin/MonkeyBusiness ImagesBefore selecting a school: Talk about what you can afford and what your child will need to cover. Talk about where the money is coming from Your child is probably just starting out with a credit score, a number that will follow them forever. Make sure they understand that employers, landlords, credit card companies, banks, and all kinds of other people will have access to and will use this number, and that it can take a long time to fix mistakes. Have your child visit MyFICO or this basic page from Indiana University to learn more. Yes, they still need a checkbook, though they will probably prefer to do their banking online. With that in mind, though they may appear sophisticated, don’t forget to go over the importance of secure passwords and how to avoid phishing. Remind them never to share financial information or a debit card with anyone.New laws prevent young people under 21 from opening their own credit cards, though they can be an authorized user on your account or use a prepaid credit card. The authorized user approach may be a good set of credit card “training wheels,” since parents can check the balance, but they also need to learn to handle it on their own. Teach your child how to budget If you are still largely or partly supporting your college student, you have every right to set spending limits and to make your expectations clear about the amount he or she can spend on incidentals. There are various ways to work this out, from prepaid credit cards to new prepaid ID card systems on campus to the simple route of periodically depositing set amounts into your child’s checking account, which you monitor. Don’t obsessively monitor spending, since he or she won’t learn much about how to control temptation if you call every day to scold. But at the end of the month, if the money’s gone, it’s gone. Teach your child about credit scores Sit down with your student and write out all the expenses he or she will likely encounter. Consider all factors: tuition, room and board (if using campus housing), rent and food (if living and eating off campus), books, car, gas, insurance, health insurance, going out, clothes, and incidentals. (This list will be long!) Discuss who will be responsible for paying for what. Communicate limits Help your child understand what a student loan truly means Discuss who pays for what It can be easy to get stuck on worrying about the “here and now” of college costs, but don’t forget the bigger financial picture. Talk to students about the long term: making and reaching financial goals. One of the most important things a young adult needs to learn is to start saving early. Thanks to the power of compound interest, putting money away starting young can make a huge difference to his or her future, even if it’s just a small amount. Students should start with a small emergency fund as soon as they’re on their own and graduate to putting money into savings every month, even while paying off loans.College is a major life milestone for parents and students both, and it can be intimidating. However, higher education is the key to so many amazing opportunities. With help, parents can help their students gain the understanding they need to graduate from college with a firm financial footing.References:Chatz, J. (2014). How to talk money before they go off to college. Retrieved from, G. (2016). How to Keep Your College Kid Out of Money Trouble. Retrieved from, G. (2016). Time to talk about money with your college student. Retrieved from, G. (2015). 70 percent of college students stressed about finances. Retrieved from, L. M., Nelson, L. J., Carroll, J. S. (2012). Affording emerging adulthood: parental financial assistance of their college-aged children. Journal of Adult Development, 19, 50-58. doi: 10.1007/s10804-011-9134-y360 Degrees of Financial Literacy. (n.d.) Teaching Your College-Age Child About Money. Retrieved from read more

Fajardo on pace for another PBA MVP award

first_img#KicksStalker: James debuts LeBron 15 ‘Cavs’ on NBA Media Day The 27-year-old Fajardo, who already holds the league record by being named MVP the past three years, owns an average of 38.4 statistical points in the season with teammate Alex Cabagnot a distant second with 33.5 points.Fajardo is also primed to win his sixth Best Player of the Conference, averaging 18.5 points, 10 rebounds and 2.0 blocks.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutGlobalPort guard Terrence Romeo is in third with 32.0, San Miguel forward Arwind Santos is in fourth (31.5) while TNT guard Jayson Castro completes the top five (31.11).Phoenix sharpshooter Matthew Wright, meanwhile, leads all first-year players in the statistical race with 26.07 SPs average. LATEST STORIES Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:42Despite decorated career, June Mar Fajardo is not yet done: ‘I don’t want to be stagnant’01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PBA IMAGESJune Mar Fajardo is tipped to have another MVP season after leading the league in statistical points through the end of the 2017 PBA Governors’ Cup elimination round.The San Miguel Beer center is showing no signs of slowing down as he moves toward earning his fourth MVP award to tie legends Ramon Fernandez and Alvin Patrimonio with the most number of plums.ADVERTISEMENT Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC MOST READ Read Next BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fightcenter_img Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary View comments The fight for the Rookie of the Year award, however, is considered a three-man race with Star playmaker Jio Jalalon and TNT swingman Roger Pogoy also strong candidates to win.Not only that Pogoy and Jalalon have the numbers to show with 23.06 and 21.59 points, respectively, just behind Wright, they also played vital roles in helping their teams make deeper runs in the playoffs throughout the season.Phoenix missed out on the Governors’ Cup playoffs while Star entered the semifinals in each of the three conferences this year. TNT, meanwhile, is primed to join the semis cast having secured a twice-to-beat advantage.ADVERTISEMENT E.T. returns to earth, reunites with grown-up Elliott in new ad  Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president Kammuri turning to super typhoon less likely but possible — Pagasalast_img read more