Can you spot the lie in these NFL Draft scouting reports for the top 2020 prospects?

first_img (Getty Images) Jerry Jeudy scouting report (weaknesses)— NFL Draft projection: No. 13 overall to San Francisco 49ersA. Notable vision problems during night gamesB. Rarely challenged by quality pressC. Playing style is more linear than fluidD. High-cut and leggy (Getty Images) Joe Burrow scouting report (strengths)— NFL Draft projection: No. 1 overall to Cincinnati BengalsA. Rapid ascension to chess master who can beat up coverages thrown at himB. Strong decisiveness and internal clock to avoid detonation in the pocketC. Initial field glances are often lies being told to safetiesD. Unexpected wiggle to elude when scrambling Justin Herbert scouting report (weaknesses)— NFL Draft projection: No. 9 overall to Jacksonville JaguarsA. Play is more mechanical than maestroB. Struck by rigor mortis when facing zone blitzesC. Toggles between caution and worry attacking first two levels D. Has issues finding touch on his tool belt (Getty Images) (Getty Images) CeeDee Lamb scouting report (strengths)— NFL Draft projection: No. 12 overall to Las Vegas RaidersA. Havoc-wreaker with the ball in his handsB. Bouncy hops for jump ballsC. Changes route tempo and speeds to rock coverage to sleepD. Uses go-go-gadget arm extension on deep catches (Getty Images) NFL MOCK DRAFT: Projections for all seven roundsSo here’s a pre-draft challenge from Sporting News: We’ve gathered notes from scouting reports for eight of the biggest names in this year’s class. In the quiz below, there are three truths and a lie for each prospect based on listed strengths or weaknesses. (Yes, despite how ridiculous some of these descriptions may sound, at least three are actually from the scouting reports.)Test your knowledge of NFL Draft jargon below, then check your answers at the bottom. If you go 8-for-8, congratulations! You are the new general manager of your favorite team!*(*This is also a lie.)center_img (Getty Images) Around NFL Draft time, we tend to rely on the experts for information about the top prospects, potential busts and sleeper picks. There is no shame in admitting you need a little help to keep track of all these new players.However, interpreting what the hell these football folks are saying can be its own challenge. All of the conversations about reading coverages, technique at the point of attack and change of direction can leave even the most avid NFL fans shaking their heads — and that’s without mentioning Mike Mayock’s fascination with “bubble butts.” Same, buddy. (Getty Images) Jordan Love scouting report (weaknesses)— NFL Draft projection: No. 37 overall to Los Angeles ChargersA. Needs to mind meld and hold safeties in place longerB. Looping windup part of slower operation timeC. Allowed coverage to swarm due to lack of anticipationD. Will void viable pockets at times Jalen Hurts scouting report (weaknesses)— NFL Draft projection: No. 80 overall to Las Vegas RaidersA. More likely to void pocket than climb, scan and throw from itB. Deep arm dip into elongated releaseC. Slow recognition of gravitational forces on intermediate throwsD. Quick to drop his eyes when pressure mounts Tua Tagovailoa​ scouting report (strengths)— NFL Draft projection: No. 5 overall to Miami DolphinsA. Feathery soft bucket throws to the deep boundaryB. Play-action salesman on bootlegs and deep dropsC. Rare upper-body twitch allows for fast releaseD. Deft magician with RPO fakes (Getty Images) Chase Young scouting report (strengths)— NFL Draft projection: No. 2 overall to Washington RedskinsA. Rare physical specimen with long, chiseled, pliable frameB. Heat-seeking missile with exceptional change-of-direction talentC. Power and size to play through big, meaty blockersD. Once he sinks his hooks in, it’s over for the ball-carrierAnd here are the lies …— Joe Burrow: B— Justin Herbert: B— Jalen Hurts: C— Jerry Jeudy: A— CeeDee Lamb: D— Jordan Love: A— Tua Tagovailoa: D— Chase Young: Clast_img read more