LEGO master creates ridiculously cool Game Boy Transformer

first_imgI know that the Inception jokes have been way overplayed, but I have never seen anything that fits the bill more than this piece of awesomeness depicted above. You’re looking at a LEGO Gameboy Transformer.Created by Julius Von Brunk, a self proclaimed “badass geek”, his model combines three of the coolest things we all played with when we were micro-geeks (well, maybe that we still play with) into one nice and tight package. Yes indeed, this sucker does transform to a robot and back!Called the Domaster (Dot Matrix with Stereo Sound), the SoundWave lookalike is a masterpiece of geeky genius. It comes complete with batteries that not only turn into the Domaster’s weapons, but also fit into the back of the model just like a pair of double A batteries would. The Tetris game pictured above also transforms into Tetrawing, faithful sidekick to the Domaster. If you haven’t gotten up to wipe the drool off your chin yet, you may want to take a break before your keyboard shorts out.Von Brunk isn’t a newcomer to creating pop-culture icons out of LEGO bricks, he’s also created a replica of one of the Airships from Super Mario Bros. 3 that “hovers” over a six foot long table. It’s equally as impressive as his Domaster model.As for the development time that went into his Gameboy robot, Von Brunk mentions on his site that it took about a month or so to plan the model out. The aspect that took him the longest was getting the Tetris cartridge to transform into a semblance of a bird. As for the labels and stickers, he used a laser printer as well as water-slide decals to create the polished look you saw above. Despite some hiccups, Von Brunk had to have enjoyed the process just as much as we do by just looking at it.MOC pages, via I Heart Chaos.last_img read more