Parrot ARDrone gets ARPursuit game November 26

first_imgThe Parrot AR.Drone is one of the best “peripherals” out there for your iPhone. It may be expensive, but who can resist the ability to remote control a flying drone around your house or neighborhood with an iPhone?The AR.Drone already has a piloting app on the App Store called AR.Freeflight, but the first augmented reality game is set to appear on November 26.AdChoices广告It’s called AR.Pursuit and requires two AR.Drones to play. Each player controls their own drone and attempts to shoot down the other. Augmented reality is used to show gun fire and missiles flying through the air as if shot from your drone.The game lets you select the enemy color, indoor or outdoor play, and a time limit of up to 9 minutes. Guns are fired by pressing a button on the touchscreen and missiles require you to shake the iPhone to launch.If you’re lucky enough to own an AR.Drone, and have a friend who has one too, this could be a lot of fun. Just don’t end up colliding with the enemy and doing some serious damage to your drone.Keep an eye on the AR.Drone game page for the iTunes link which will appear on November 26. The price of AR.Pursuit is expected to be $2.99.Read more at Pocket-lintlast_img read more