Giants replace injured slugger with Triple-A strikeout percentage leader

first_imgPHILADELPHIA — After joining the Giants in Phoenix on June 21, slugger Alex Dickerson played a leading role in the team’s remarkable resurgence.If the Giants hope to remain a factor in the National League Wild Card race, they’ll have to make do without Dickerson for at least the next 10 days.Dickerson was placed on the injured list Thursday after a MRI revealed the outfielder has a mild right oblique strain. Instead of replacing him with another outfielder, the Giants promoted reliever Sam …last_img read more

‘Hominids’ Were Gender Binary

first_img(Visited 427 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 Political activists will have more trouble arguing for gender fluidity, now that binary sex roles go way back.Nobody ever heard of gender fluidity before LGBT activists decided it was possible to divorce gender from biological sex. Now that scientists at the University of Seville have found evidence of “gender inequality” as far back as the Stone Age (, will the activists find themselves fighting evolutionists in their claim that we humans should be different? If evolution made people look and act in two ways based on biological sex, and if people have behaved as such for thousands of years, on what basis can activists introduce a new concept like gender fluidity?None of the following should be misconstrued to support mistreatment of one sex by the other. The thing to look for is whether people have always behaved in a gender binary manner, and thought of themselves only in those terms. People can be equal in value, even if they play different roles in the culture.The Neolithic precedents of gender inequality (University of Seville via Examining ‘bioarchaeology and funerary archaeology,’ the researchers found evidence for gender differences in the Neolithic age (Stone Age), 7,000 years ago. They claim this “meant male domination in later periods of history.” The authors go beyond what the evidence itself suggests.It is precisely this last aspect that is most evident in this study. The arrow wounds on male bodies, the depositing of projectiles in their tombs or the pictorial representations (cave paintings) of men hunting and fighting have no equivalent parallel in women. Therefore, the authors point to the birth of an ideology that connected men with the exercise of force. In this sense, they highlight that the creation of different roles according to gender and other forms of gender inequality played a fundamental role in the growth of social complexity, a factor that has not always been well understood in previous research projects.The conclusions, though, do not follow from the evidence. Arrow wounds, hunting and other signs could be interpreted as indicators of the high value those cultures placed on women. Cultures might have rewarded men who would sacrifice their own safety to provide for and protect their women and children. Certainly (on average) males are endowed with an extra measure of strength to fulfill those roles.Even if that interpretation is doubted, evolutionists would have to admit that whatever is, is right. What are today’s activists going to do—build a time machine and tell the men of that period to stop acting macho? Nowhere in the study is there evidence for a third, fourth, or 72nd gender. Everybody was male or female. Men had roles that were different than those for women, but if that is what evolution produced (according to materialist philosophy), so be it.The editors of Live Science claim that “Inequality Existed Since the Stone Age.” Once again, though, inequality does not necessarily follow from sexual dimorphism, any more (in evolutionary thinking) than it does for peacocks or gorillas. Whatever strategy evolution comes up with to pass on the genes of a population cannot be considered “wrong” by today’s attitudes. Otherwise, LGBT activists will be found fighting against evolutionists. That would be a contest to watch.Other News on Sex and GenderPositive Aspects of Masculinity Helps Improve Boys’ Attitudes Toward Relationship Violence (Rutgers University). This article runs counter to the PC talk about “toxic masculinity” and the need for boys to deny their natures. In a pilot program for middle school boys that affirmed masculinity, researchers found positive results. Contrary to expectations, boys learned to become gentlemen in dating and less violent when they were allowed to be boys, while learning also to question unhealthy assumptions from peers. A workshop was developed by “Maine Boys to Men,” a nonprofit.It includes four, one-hour sessions that explore the normalization, pervasiveness, and harmful nature of gender role assumptions. The boys involved in the program learn about empathy, healthy relationships, gender-based violence and receive bystander intervention training through physical activity, peer-to-peer dialogue, storytelling, role play, multimedia and group discussions.“By focusing on positive expressions of masculinity, such as the ability to be respectful in relationships, this program helps boys find positive ways to prevent violence and to cope with violence to which they may already have been exposed,” Banyard said.By aiming boys to be men (good men, gentlemen, respectful men), they were clearly not saying to the boys, “You can be any gender you want to be, even imaginary ones.”Mustaches are more than just manly, they guard against sun’s rays (Medical Xpress). Well, OK. Take this claim advisedly. The study looked at 200 men for signs of skin cancer and found that a mustache afforded some protection.“Obviously, there are a lot of variables, including the baseline skin type of the individual, how thick and big the mustache is, your genetic make-up and your family history of skin cancer,” Wang said.“But, interestingly, I have previously looked at how good hair is in terms of protecting the scalp,” said Wang, who is also chair of the Skin Cancer Foundation’s photobiology committee. “And it turns out when someone has a lot of hair, it’s a perfect shield. It actually works very well. So when it comes to covering [the] lip, this isn’t too much of a surprise.”The question naturally arises, if a mustache’s role is to prevent skin cancer, why didn’t women evolve them, too? And why did they evolve to give protection just on the upper lip and not all over the face? At best, it might indicate that men are made to spend more time in the sun working and hunting. Perhaps more so, it is another strong symbol that men and women are different, with different endowments of hair to go along with their different roles.Why do women live longer than men? (The Conversation). Melinda Martin-Khan explores this long-noticed difference. In short, there is no clear answer.While women may always live longer than men, by a year or two, men can try to make some lifestyle changes to reduce this gap. That being said, women should work towards these goals for a long and healthy life, too.But if a man wants to transition to a women, it’s probably not going to add years to his life.Attitudes to gender and sexual diversity: changing global trends (The Conversation). In this piece, Michael Sean Pepper, a specialist in molecular medicine from the University of Pretoria tries to separate gender identity from biological sex. He mentions cases of disorders of sexual development, but fails to indicate how rare they are. The UN, as usual, follows PC trends:Identifying as transgender has previously been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “gender identity disorder”. On May 25 of this year, in the most recent International Classification of Diseases manual, the WHO reclassified transgenderism as “gender incongruence” rather than as a mental health disorder. Gender incongruence has now been moved to a new chapter dedicated to sexual health, which it is believed will reduce stigma while ensuring access to healthcare.Bowing to the LGBT agenda, Pepper says, “Embracing human gender and sexual diversity requires acceptance of the fact that alignment between physical sex, gender identity and sexual orientation does not necessarily adhere to heteronormative rules.” But who makes the rules? Pepper fails to acknowledge that all cultures have been binary since the Stone Age! Why should anyone believe that elitists and advocates since 2008 suddenly became enlightened? Stepping outside of science entirely and acting as a self-appointed ethical judge, he says, “Self-expression is a fundamental human right” and indicates that no one has a right to judge or impose their beliefs on others. Does that apply to individuals who refuse to go along with the current pop psych? Does it apply to individuals wishing to debate with Sgt Pepper?Real scientific research ignores LGBT. Scientists, like everyone else, deal with reality, not with politically-correct trends driven by advocacy groups. One exception is psychology, which never finds a PC trend it doesn’t embrace and reward with the crown of science. There’s a long train of mental illnesses that dropped from that category once they became PC: homosexuality, sexual addiction, and now gender dysphoria. Anybody who trusts secular psychologists should get his head examined… by a pastor.last_img read more

It’s an ugly display of money and muscle power by BJP: Prithviraj Chavan

first_imgCampaigning in Karad South Assembly segment in Satara district, former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan is fighting a lone battle. All his trusted aides — there were few to begin with — have left the Congress either for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) or the Shiv Sena. In a triangular fight, he is pitted against Atul Bhosle of the BJP, an education and sugar baron, and independent candidate Udaysinh Patil, son of Mr. Chavan’s arch rival, former MLA Vilaskaka Undalkar-Patil. In a conversation with The Hindu on the campaign trail, Mr. Chavan talks about how the lure of money has overpowered loyalties, why Congress leaders are unable to set a poll agenda and how former prime minister Manmohan Singh advised him not to snatch scientists’ glory after Chandrayaan I.You seem to be concentrating solely on your seat. Are you facing a tough battle on your home turf? What you are seeing today in western Maharashtra is an ugly display of money and muscle power by the BJP. The people who were with us are suddenly going to the other camp. It is turning into a joke now. Even the voters are realising that those who are shifting loyalties are doing it for the sake of money or under some threat. I am facing difficulties as well due to this. But I have not lost touch with my constituency in the last five years and I am confident that despite all the talk, I will win.Why are so many people leaving Congress and NCP? I will limit myself to western Maharashtra. Loyalty to a party or an ideology is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. What the BJP is doing is systematic destruction of democratic and constitutional values with a single aim of eliminating the opposition completely. It aims at one party dictatorship. The amount of money that is being spent is unimaginable. It is extremely difficult to match and naturally, this will lead to politics being limited to a certain few. Will the old guard quitting the party mean that new faces are given opportunities of importance? Yes, new leadership will come. But it will take time. It cannot happen overnight. We have to face the brunt of this systematic destruction of political system by the BJP till then. The BJP is trying to make Article 370 an election issue in Maharashtra. Do you think the State polls will revolve around it?The BJP wants it to happen and I am sure that once [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi and [BJP national president Amit] Shah start addressing rallies, they will rake up this issue. But I do not think that Article 370 is an election issue any more in western Maharashtra. The polls are about ground issues, such as sugar cane price from mills. These are State polls. We are fighting on State issues. There are issues like unemployment, economic slowdown and the agrarian crisis. But the BJP does not seem to be suffering electorally. Is the Opposition unable to provide a credible alternative?The same farmers who are suffering due to the destruction of the rural economy are voting for the BJP. That’s the reality. The urban voter is yet to realise the dangers and future implications of the economic slowdown. At the same time, voters’ attention is being diverted using issues such as Balakot, like it happened in Lok Sabha polls. Scientific achievements like Chandrayaan are painted in different colours and [turned into] PR events. I remember when Dr. Manmohan Singh was the prime minister and I was handling the PM Office, Chandrayaan I was successfully launched. Dr. Singh stopped me from going to the ISRO headquarters. He told me it is the scientists of ISRO who should get all the fame and limelight, not us. Look, where we have come now. The Maharashtra Congress seems to be in a dormant mode. It is neither raking up aggressive issues nor launching an impressive poll campaign. What has gone wrong? All our senior leaders are contesting elections. Be it me, Balasaheb Thorat, Ashok Chavan or Vijay Vadettiwar in Vidarbha — the exodus from our party isn’t a secret to anyone — every leader is being forced to carry out multiple responsibilities. The circumstances are extraordinary. One may feel that leaders are not seen on the front line. But I am sure that the real picture will be different on the day of poll results. The Supreme Court has given the go-ahead to prosecute Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, which is an extremely rare case. How do you see it playing out?The apex court’s order proves that Fadnavis hid criminal cases. The trial is about whether he will face punishment or not. It is up to his conscience to take the next decision.last_img read more

Broken fire hydrant floods Mission Valley apartment complex

first_imgBroken fire hydrant floods Mission Valley apartment complex July 21, 2017 Jessica Ranck, Jessica Ranck Posted: July 21, 2017 SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A vehicle knocked over a fire hydrant at a large Mission Valley apartment complex Friday, causing a several-story-high geyser that flooded residences and garages on the property and displaced dozens of residents.The accident in the 900 block of Camino de la Reina occurred about 11 a.m., according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department.It took crews about a half-hour to halt the overflow, city spokesman Arian Collins said.The flooding affected 16 apartments, SDFRD spokeswoman Monica Munoz said. The American Red Cross was called in to help arrange for alternate lodging for 23 adults and three children pending completion of cleanup and repairs, she said. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more