Al Schnier Says moe. Is Planning New Year’s Eve Show In ‘Remote Location’

first_imgmoe. guitarist Al Schnier sat down with Made In Utica for an extensive interview earlier today, talking about the band, upstate New York, upcoming festivals like Summer Camp, sit-ins and contemporary musicians throughout the lengthy discussion. One tidbit that happened to catch fans off guard was the mention of New Year’s Eve plans, which Schnier said would be in a remote location.The band has played the Palace Theatre in Albany, NY for the last three years consecutively, so this would be a dramatic shift for fans. Schnier said in the interview, “We have something really out of the ordinary planned for New Year’s this year. We’ve been talking about doing something in a random location for a while, and somebody actually brought something to us. The thing with New Year’s is, and it’s kind of like the Halloween show thing, there’s so much competition on those event nights – especially New Years.”He continued, discussing how competitive the Halloween and NYE markets can be. “Halloween – where are you gonna play? Phish is playing Vegas, Lettuce is playing New York City, Warren’s playing everywhere – so you have to pick some place else. That’s why the Palace was good for us, nobody’s playing Albany. We’ll be Upstate New york, that’s what we do. But then we thought, what if we did something that’s completely random and out of the way.” Schnier continued to say that, although he can’t say specifically where just yet, the New Years show will be in a “remote location.”“If you want to come, come, and if not, it doesn’t matter… It’s not quite Alaska, but we talked about Alaska.”You can watch Made In Utica’s video below, with the discussion of NYE coming in around the 32 minute mark:[H/T NYS Music]last_img read more