Watch Thor Ragnarok For Free Thanks to VUDU

first_imgStay on target We, at Geek, LOVED Thor: Ragnarok. Before I went to see the film, I made sure to check out our very own MovieBob for his review. It comes highly recommended to get the hottest take on the latest take of our favorite Asgardians and the loveliest giant green guy on the planet (I just really love Hulk, okay?).That being said (and after you read/watch), you may want to check out what VUDU has up its sleeves for the digital release of Thor: Ragnarok. VUDU is assembling Marvel fans watch, chat and conquer an awesome #VuduViewingParty. VUDU would love for fans to participate in their upcoming viewing party of Thor: Ragnarok that will be fun, enjoyable and downright marvelous (HEH).This Friday, February 23rd, VUDU will be hosting a live viewing of Thor: Ragnarok with all the true believers. This comes just before the DVD/Blu-Ray release of Thor: Ragnarok, but don’t worry, VUDU has got you covered. You can pre-order the digital on VUDU now just in time for the screening. Once you do that, you can sync your screening up to the live event. Hundreds of fans will be participating in trivia, banter, live chats and reactions and so much more.via VUDUIf you aren’t familiar with VUDU, I can give you the details pretty fast. On VUDU, you can watch movies and TV shows, anywhere and anytime and on any device that you regularly use. Vudu allows you to watch them digitally before the Blu-Ray/DVD comes out and before Netflix has it. Vudu isn’t a subscription service or offers contracts. You just pay for the movie you want, it’s uploaded to your library, and you start watching. Easy, right? They also offer a TON of free films that you can watch anytime. Now, let’s get back to the good stuff.During the screening, there will also be a giveaway with insane prizes that a Thor fan can only dream of getting. These prizes include a PS4 bundle, a replica of Thor’s hammer, Thor action figures, a Thor comic signed by Stan Lee, a 4K TV and, something I wouldn’t mind trying for, autographed movie posters.via VUDUIf you’d love to join in on the dopest event to jump start your weekend, you can RSVP on VUDU here. Follow @vudufans on twitter and follow the tag #VuduViewingParty for contest info, live tweets, and trivia. You can find more information on their hosting page for the screening and more about VUDU on their website.Here are today’s codes for your viewing pleasure:V̶R̶G̶K̶V̶T̶F̶M̶X̶H̶C̶F̶6̶Z̶H̶A̶V̶R̶G̶K̶T̶U̶F̶K̶Z̶H̶E̶F̶9̶S̶C̶K̶V̶R̶G̶K̶W̶S̶H̶R̶Y̶G̶H̶G̶8̶T̶G̶L̶V̶R̶G̶K̶Y̶U̶G̶M̶X̶E̶B̶E̶7̶Y̶T̶B̶VRGKXUFKXGCFQWTBVRGKSSENXEFGPYWCVRGKUVEKZEAHRVUMVRGKZSFRYEAERSXKVRGKZVFPXEEH8WBC What to Expect From the Marvel Cinematic Universe at SDCC 2019The Cinematic Sex of Marvel’s Netflix Universe last_img read more