Behind the Scenes and On the Screens with Spider-Man: Homecoming

first_imgYou might not know this, but Dell technology has powered five of the last seven Academy Award-winning films for visual effects.It takes a lot of behind-the-scenes computing power to not only create those effects, but also to transfer the assets across properties and systems, and ultimately store them.Dell on the Big ScreenBut sometimes we get to be in front of the camera, too!Dell products were seen in 52 films and 100 television shows last year, but we’re especially excited to be in one of this summer’s “most anticipated” movies.When Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7, keep an eye out for our Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming Laptop and the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1.As a young Peter Parker tries to become familiar with a new Spider-Man suit his mentor Tony Stark made him, his best friend Ned helps tap into the suit by connecting it to his Inspiron Gaming laptop. And the XPS 13 2-in-1 is the tech of choice for Stark’s friend and confidant, Happy Hogan.You’ll also see Dell in much of the Spider-Man creative across television, cinema, online video, social media and more this summer.“I’m really excited about the TV spot as we had an opportunity to work with Jon Watts, the director of the Spider-Man: Homecoming film, and Digital Domain, the VFX house on the film to bring to life our vision and create a bonus scene in the film,” said Gerri Tunnell, senior vice president of Dell Consumer and Small Business Marketing.Dell Behind the CameraThat kind of collaboration is exciting, indeed, but for Dell this integration goes much deeper than marketing. Every single frame of Spider-Man: Homecoming has been built on a Dell Precision workstation, rendered on a Dell EMC PowerEdge server and a good portion stored on Dell EMC storage.It’s not the first time Dell has played a part in the Spidey legacy. Our customer Pixomondo helped develop some of the more intricate VFX shots in the “Amazing Spider-Man” movie in 2012.We’ve had a long standing relationship with Sony Imageworks as a customer and as a partner. We’re working closely with them to understand and forecast the future of their industry to ensure we equip them with what they need not only today, but also in the future.Did you know a petabyte — 1,000,000 gigabytes (GB) — of total capacity is required to feed both the render servers and artists’ workstations at any given moment? That’s the equivalent of enough songs to last more than 2,000 years playing continuously notes ComputerWeekly!As audiences demand more, directors’ creative ideas get bigger, and producers want the process to be faster and cheaper, innovation in filmmaking will continue to demand more and faster technology solutions.That’s why Dell will continue to work closely with studios and develop powerful technology that help create, manage and store these projects seamlessly.Dell on the Red CarpetWe also look forward to more immediate opportunities to support the media and entertainment industry.Dell is a sponsor of the Spider-Man: Homecoming World Premiere June 28 in Los Angeles – helping to present a red carpet event that will truly be powered by Dell.We’ll bring a mobile experience directly to the celebrities and VIPs to enjoy virtual reality (VR), gaming and other Dell tech demos along with behind the scenes Spider-Man: Homecoming content. Sony has created a Spider-Man VR experience on VR-ready Dell technology that will be powered by the new Ready-for-VR Dell Inspiron Gaming desktop.The VR Experience allows users to put on the Spider-Man suit in a virtual world and through Tony Stark’s instructions, use the suit to spin web and fly around New York City. It launches at the premiere event, but will be available publicly, for free, on June 30 through Oculus, HTC and Playstation VR.If you’re in the real New York City next weekend (6/30) or the following (7/7), you can join in the fun with an interactive game in Times Square that we’re calling the Spider-Man Scramble. It’s a massive video game where fans can go head-to-head as Spider-Man and race up to the top of a digital skyscraper – all powered by Dell Precision workstations, of course.You can keep up with all of the red carpet and Times Square action on social media by following Dell on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.Dell in Real-Life ReviewAnd while on the topic of Spider-Man… the team at TechnoBuffalo is working with Sony and Dell Reconnect partner Goodwill Industries on a “create your own Spider-Man suit” contest and used our XPS 13 2-in-1 during a video shoot at YouTube. If you’re interested in how it performed for them, here’s the review:last_img read more

Austin Argonauts Study Climate Change in the Field as Citizen Scientists

first_imgSixth-grade teacher Megan McDonald and 14-year-old student Matthew are all about bug counting.They can tell you all about why soapy water is best for collecting bugs in a cup – and how to use a microscope and a dichotomous key to identify each of the insects in your sample.If you’re into looking at bugs – McDonald and Matt are your people.Bug collecting, berry counting, and green crab catching. These are just some of the skills these “citizen scientists” developed during their five-day research adventure in Acadia National Park, as part of a unique science education program.McDonald and Matthew and their fellow JASON Learning Argonauts. The program—named after the band of explorers in Greek mythology who accompanied Jason in his quest to find the Golden Fleece—sends students and teachers to locations around the globe to work side-by-side with scientists on cutting-edge field research.McDonald and Matthew – both from Austin, Texas – were selected as JASON National Argonauts and recently joined a group of students, educators and scientists from around the world in a weeklong expedition in the park, located in Maine.Since 1989, the JASON National Argonaut program has provided hands-on, scientific field work to more than 1,000 students and educators worldwide, many of whom have gone on to pursue degrees and careers in science. The annual Argonaut program trip puts the selected students and educators to work directly with the world’s leading scientists and engineers. Past Argonauts have studied the rainforests in Peru, volcanoes in Hawaii, ecosystems in Florida, and much more.Dell and JASON work together as part of Dell’s Youth Learning program. The partnership has provided free access to JASON’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning materials to students of the Greater Austin Area’s public schools – including digital labs, content and activities, to utilize in the classroom and on their own. Dell’s support also included the sponsorship of two Austin area Argonauts to enter this year’s Argonaut program. McDonald and Matthew were selected for these spots after submitting their personal essays, reference letters and academic records as part of the application process. An enthusiasm for science is key.Matthew documents his observations while conducting field research in Acadia National Park.A ninth grader from Texas, Matthew has always been drawn to science. His selection as a student Argonaut allowed him to pursue it in ways he never imagined.“I’ve always liked science – but I had never done anything like this before. I really enjoyed being out in the forest and collecting all the data,” Matthew says. “We looked at eight different species of plants and collected a lot of bugs.”So why all the bugs and berries?This year’s Argonauts helped on a project named “Climate Change Seas to Trees,” arranged by Earthwatch at the Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park. By counting the berries and insects in certain areas of the park, Megan and Matthew and their fellow scientists helped examine if migrating birds will find enough food in order to fuel their journey south for the winter.Acadia is on a bird “superhighway,” a route heavily traveled by birds that migrate between Canada and South America. Researchers have recorded 23 species of warblers alone here. As Megan learned on her trip, things are changing in Acadia.“I was surprised to learn that spring is occurring about 17 days earlier than in previous years, and that is expanding the growing season within Acadia National Park by about 66 days,” says Megan. “This has made the park more hospitable to invasive plant species typically adapted for lower latitudes and longer growing seasons. The park has a recorded 500 new insect species previously not seen before!”Acadia’s scientists have over 120 years of detailed natural history observations to compare to current patterns. Few places in the country have such a rich pool of observations to draw from. The work by Megan and Matthew will help scientists tell the story of how humans are reshaping Acadia. They hope their work will inspire policies to help safeguard this iconic American habitat.Through her travel blog, McDonald shares more about her Argonaut experience. You can watch her set a bug trap and “push through the willy wags” to carefully inspect what’s crawling on tree branches. the forest of Acadia National Park, Megan shares how to set a bug trap using a cup.McDonald and Matthew agree, the Acadia Park was a beautiful setting for their adventures – with the Atlantic Ocean sea spray and moss-covered forest. It’s all enough to entice the entire McHorse family back next summer – a vacation Matthew is already planning. His mom, Carol, is proud of her son’s accomplishments.“This really was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Matthew. Having Dell sponsor him was icing on the cake,” she says. “Matthew has always been our son that wants to know how things work, so for him this really fed his curiosity and love of the outdoors.”Megan and Matthew collect data in the field by counting and observing. Back at the lab, the Argonauts input the data into a computer program.All Argonauts are encouraged to be peer role models for their students and teachers back home. “By working side-by-side with our scientist role models and engaging in real hands-on research, they show how interesting and accessible science can be,” says Patrick Shea, executive vice president of JASON Learning.Matthew plans to share his experience with his classmates and younger students with a few upcoming presentations. McDonald will share her experience with her sixth-grade students at Kealing Middle School in Austin, by guiding them on a phenology walk as part of the Texas Pollinator BioBlitz.After studying geography at the University of Texas at Austin, McDonald worked at the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. As a teacher, she enjoys showing students how science works in the real world.“My expedition to Acadia National Park with JASON Learning was an amazing experience! I was able to really reconnect with my passion for field work and the environment – and I’m excited to bring these experiences back to my school community,” says McDonald.Explore more information on the JASON Learning Argonaut program.This article shares one example of how Dell is committed to driving human progress by putting our technology and expertise to work where it can do the most good for people and the planet. We call this our Legacy of Good.Explore our FY17 Annual update on our 2020 Legacy of Good Plan at more about Dell’s Youth Learning program at read more

IDC Vendor Spotlight Underlines IT Modernization Opportunities for Dell EMC Partners

first_imgTake advantage of top advice from industry analyst firm IDC on how to best pitch IT modernization to your prospects and customersAre all of your prospects and customers considering how IT modernization can benefit their business? They should be, because they’re in danger of being left behind if they don’t find a way to remain agile and efficient in today’s fast-moving, digitally driven world.As a Dell EMC partner, you’re ideally placed to assume the role of trusted advisor, consulting with key stakeholders and offering guidance on the best technology solutions to suit their specific business needs.IDC identifies clear opportunities for Dell EMC partnersIn a new IDC Vendor Spotlight[1], influential analyst firm IDC noted that “Dell EMC holds the market share leadership across across most of the offerings it considers foundational to IT modernization.”This leadership position, combined with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions spanning infrastructure from endpoint to data center, makes Dell EMC the ideal technology partner to enable organizations of any size to modernize their IT environment.The analyst outlines the company’s fully integrated and forward-looking IT modernization strategy and details the substantial opportunities that this presents for Dell EMC partners.Insider advice on how best to bring strategy to lifeThe IDC Vendor Spotlight contains plenty of guidance for partners on maximizing the opportunities around modernizing IT.It states that customers need help in assessing how best to modernize their IT and that they’re looking for expert technology partners to address this need. However, the report also stresses that capturing and realizing the significant opportunities open to partners “requires a deep understanding of customer priorities”.In particular, the IDC Vendor Spotlight is advising Dell EMC partners to focus on three key requirements:The ability to clearly explain the importance and scope of IT modernization: You need to be able to articulate to customers the benefits of IT modernization and the essential role it plays as a necessary first step and best path towards wider digital transformation.The ability to adopt a consultative, solutions-focused sales approach: Deep understanding of the customer’s environment will enable you to offer trusted advice on IT modernization solutions that will deliver specific business outcomes, not just tick technology boxes.The ability to appeal to and engage with different types of buyers: More and more IT decisions are being made outside of the IT department, so you need to be able to tailor your sales approaches to C-suite level and LOB buyers, as well as traditional IT personas.Get these three aspects right, IDC says, and you’ll be able to win IT modernization business while also earning long-term customer respect and loyalty.Partners “well positioned” to become trusted advisorsAll of these inherent challenges feed into one of the fundamental points made within the report. This is the assertion by the IDC Vendor Spotlight that partners “play a critical role in helping Dell EMC bring IT modernization to its customers at the scale and pace that customers are demanding it.”That’s because technology providers need to shift the conversation from generic product features to how a particular solution can meet specific business needs. To succeed, they have to be able to deliver complete, often bespoke, solutions to customers – solutions that create value and meet desired targeted outcomes. And that, of course is dictated by business need, not technology.This drives many business-led IT purchases into very specific use case scenarios, where each solution is slightly different from the next. The best way to assess, advise on, sell, and ultimately implement these solutions is for technology providers to work with expert partners who are ‘on the ground’ – partners like you.The IDC Vendor Spotlight emphasizes that Dell EMC partners are “well positioned” to act as trusted advisors who can guide their customers through the complex journey required for IT modernization, from awareness and exploration through to decision-making.Get up to speed today with all the ways you can be helping your prospects and customer…Read the full IDC Vendor Spotlight nowExplore our dedicated Modernize IT campaign and marketing toolsAnd if you’re heading to the Global Partner Summit in Las Vegas at the end of April, make sure you head over and “Plug In” to the Dell EMC Partner Zone at the Dell Technologies World Expo to find out more about the Modernize IT campaign.[1] IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by Dell EMC, ‘Modernize IT: The Opportunity for Dell EMC Partners, April 2019.last_img read more

Judge refuses to toss case against defiant Louisiana pastor

first_imgBATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — A judge has refused to toss out six criminal complaints filed against a Louisiana pastor charged with violating coronavirus gathering capacity rules put in place during the early days of the pandemic. A judge on Monday dismissed pastor Tony Spell’s motion to have the case against him dropped. Prosecutors allege Spell violated public gathering capacity limits six times last spring by continuing to host worship services with hundreds in attendance. Spell contends the First Amendment protected his right to gather in large groups. Spell has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charges and is set to appear in court again in March.last_img read more

Maryland Episcopal church commits $500,000 to reparations

first_imgA historic Episcopal church in Baltimore has committed to setting aside $100,000 to reparations, an initiative that will contribute to local racial justice causes. Memorial Episcopal Church also pledged to contribute an additional $400,000 for reparations and justice over five years. The funds will come from its endowment and its operating budget. St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, a smaller congregation in Annapolis, has pledged to contribute at least $785 from its operating budget. Both are responding to the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland, which has asked churches to add to a new $1million “seed fund for reparations.”last_img read more