391 study network minon investment domain needs to understand the rules

Hello, last wrote "six years: how to choose a good domain name minon wise remark of an experienced person" article, many of my friends find I asked some experience in the domain name, but for my recent purchase of 391 digital domain of concern, net was in fact the hearts of the people of the world place is also great, after all, is the international level domain name. Below I still talk about the topic of domain name investment, continue to talk about a few experience of domain name investment to you, hope to be able to help everybody.

domain name transactions

the current way of transaction security stationmaster net transactions, such as domain name trading platform renamed China, CN, love net and so on, and the Taobao deal, the types of transactions. Then choose the kind of trading mode is quite good, so here I understand "has been renamed Chinese, Chinese trading platform, so the domain name other intermediary platform is not very understanding, if you are not at ease, then you have to deal with Taobao, Taobao is a fair trading platform for the earth people know of course, the domain name is to be charged intermediary intermediary costs, the Taobao deal is free, you know, of course I also in the Taobao deal a few domain name, so in the end what the transaction, you can according to your situation. When the domain name transfer needs domain name password, please use Taobao transactions relatively safe, otherwise the domain name money two empty.

domain name promotion method


domain name investment also need a good display platform, so many of my friends are in the name Chinese such as gold, net, net love and other intermediary platform registered members to display their own domain name, then this is a good way of promotion, because we all know that this site is famous in the industry, but also relatively safe effect. But if your own domain name more, you may wish to own an independent website to promote their own domain name, this is your this minon more strength, buyers also trust you, when the big mouth, big, domain name investment can get higher returns. You might as well set up an independent website to promote your domain name.

domain name history

to buy the domain name, to know about the history of the domain name, such as the domain name used in what website what time, check the chain and each big search engine included quantity, so more assured. If the site has not been Baidu included, then how to do, such a situation, I also frequently, don’t be afraid, not included the situation has several, the first is the domain name to the server or not properly resolve the domain name but cannot display this program, is Baidu search engine included empty. Second is cheating on the site, blacklisted by Baidu. The first result not included fear, can develop slowly, for example, can send the chain to the high quality of the site, for example, Admin5 is a good platform for the chain, then have to update the site every day, it is best to the original is original, not the original modification again >

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