Breakthrough in the dilemma development of two or three tier city community websites 1

in real life, the community is a basic unit of urban structure, the Internet has developed rapidly, and the urban community virtualization has also gone through a period of rapid development, and entered a bottleneck. In a sense, the two different forms of the population will gradually set intersection, the virtual reality and the gap in the process will gradually be filled, the intersection involves a wider range of people’s life in the city, to have more help. As a local community website manager, this is a prediction for the development of urban community websites in the next 10 years.

first-tier cities, or capital city, usually exist in the form of community portal, from ancient times to houshengkewei Xicihutong, 19 floor, Hefei forum, without taking the leading. This kind of community website positioning is often local gateway, they have comprehensive advantages of resources, non two or three line community website comparable. So, how do we go about our community website in our ordinary city? I’m willing to share and discuss it with you.

first, interest groups choice dilemma

I think community web sites serve a community of common needs, that is, to make a profit by offering a variety of services. From this point of view, the interests of community websites must be subdivided, for example, it should have a network of friends, marriage network, classified information network and other professional website functions. "One stop" problem solving websites are undoubtedly popular, but the biggest advantage is often the biggest one – the choice of interest groups.

two or three line city limits to the population and economic development, people’s demand for community website content and function are also different: the service category, to speed up the loss of the popularity of dispersed, less worried by flawed, so open volume became the sites of various types of channel owners cannot solve the trouble.

imitation, in the development of local community websites, occupies a pivotal position. We can’t deny that this is an effective way to quickly develop and promote web running into maturity. The disadvantages of imitation, but also synchronous in the high-speed mature constantly appear: no investigation, no long-term concrete planning, but also the lack of effective innovation. They often cause the popularity of websites to accumulate, and suddenly lose at a particular moment (for example, the emergence of a new popular website).

usually colleagues communicate with Peng off the network, I often emphasize the interest groups design concept, in short: Peng passenger network need to open what channels, to provide services for which groups, must carry out the plan, investigation and research steps. Although the website development emphasizes the winning speed, fast and steady but not contradictory, the investigation and analysis of solid can help sort out ideas, and ultimately achieve the "product that Li Yongxing" effect.

specifically, the core of the choice of interest groups is to fully consider the population facing the web site. According to my observation and understanding, most local community websites have two types of users

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