Effect evaluation of various promotion methods for new websites

website promotion is the concern of every webmaster. I am on the complex online promotion methods of evaluation, everyone according to their own ability conditions and external environment, choose suitable techniques to use, hope to help novice webmaster, veteran can float.

1 and QQ group website promotion method. With dozens of QQ, each QQ join dozens of groups, send the website once a day. An average of 50 qq*, each QQ join 50 groups * 50 people per group, =75000 people watch. If QQ is more, join more groups, join a large group, and the number of each group is more, then the propaganda effect is better. Even excluding non online QQ users, the effect should not be underestimated. (this section will do, but to wait for the content of the website and then enrich some more attractive to do some, mainly to do traffic and make a turnover rate, probably in two months later to do)

2, soft text website promotion method. Write articles, or cite good articles, and subtly add your own url. (this can be done at the beginning, mainly to find attractive articles, modified, sent to webmaster, Ai Ruiwang, Internet Research Center, etc.)

3, blog website promotion law. Soft Wen should have published place. One is sent to the forum, the article station, one is sent to the blog. Send to the blog has a benefit, will not be deleted. (this is the stage at present focus on the promotion, the establishment of a large number of blogs can increase website external links, very good; to enhance the website weight issued readable articles, can also attract some traffic, but also to find ten best quality, keep the largest blog traffic is updated once every two days. You can receive obvious effect)

4, web site promotion law. Improve the quality of web pages, pictures, post to web station and aggregation websites. If recommended, you can also have a lot of traffic. (there are few people who use it at this time, and the effect is poor, but it can add some external links.)

5, forum website promotion law. Register dozens of hundreds of forums, each forum registered dozens of accounts, the signature as your own website. Publish popular content, oneself top one’s post. Pay attention to changing vests and issue controversial headlines. A good title is the key to the success of the forum. (this part is more and more difficult, the forum management is very strict, the basic link Posts deleted all; however, we post with links, but indicate the source, so in a forum to send several times, users will take the initiative to use Baidu Search our website, still can bring traffic, for us but the effect is certainly not a direct link with the post so well, and this method is very time consuming)

6, QQ and MSN nickname website promotion method. Modify your nickname to url. (this doesn’t work.)

7, mailing list website promotion method. It is to send electronic magazine to the netizen regularly. (this doesn’t work.)

8, unexpected email site promotion >

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