From hyenas sister to see the title of the site selection

said the blog has been established for almost four months, although not much traffic, but also learned a lot of things, make some like-minded friends, every time I see someone left the sincere comments, my heart was touched. Today, I want to introduce myself a little bit about my blog. Maybe it’s not good. Please forgive me.

begins by talking about the choice of blog titles. In today’s Internet era, the role of search engines believe that everyone is very clear, especially those who rely on the survival of the site most seriously, after all, we all want to be more attention. So am I。 When setting up a blog purely out of interest, "the coyote sister" this blog title so many of my friends are very puzzled, many people first came to my blog will ask: "why is Coyote sister?" my answer is: I love the hyenas in the wild and in trouble, I also continue to break the spirit. I hope women unique gentle, also is the combination of yin and Yang. In a word, I didn’t think about the influence in the future. Now I find that if I really make money on the website, the name of the website or blog can not be called casually. For example, "hyenas sister", this synthetic word, my blog every day on 100 IP, of which 90% of the traffic comes from Baidu, keywords are "sister."". It’s really a bit of a laugh. It’s bad for those who are looking for a sister. Here’s an apology to those friends. I don’t really have a sister here. Therefore, we should choose carefully when choosing a website topic. Instead of focusing on investment and financing like me, the result is always visited by the older brother who is looking for his sister. But fortunately, I like the word very much, and it doesn’t matter.


scared me more was my virtual space provider. The day before yesterday my blog had been closed from noon until six in the evening. I quickly landing space business website, check to know, there is not harmonious article, is temporarily out of service, I immediately to their online technology in the online message, reply soon, they immediately gave me open space, but let me put the key word sensitive blog immediately deleted immediately. Of course I did, or will be turned off. Of the four key words, three of which I quoted from three others, are not here. The most ridiculous thing is that an agent who drives a "float" releases AD on my message board. I didn’t notice it and the result was warned by the space dealer. Therefore, we must pay attention to the website or blog in the very period of the message, if found inconsistent words, it is best to delete immediately, so as not to be closed station.

for the search engine, my biggest feeling is: as long as people are more diligent, more original, it will take special care of you. Although my blog flow less pity, but because I update every day, Baidu and Google snapshot is almost the next day, I don’t know SEO, but search engine included really fast.

I also want to remind you that when you build a blog, there are some space providers that usually let you record it first. In that case, >

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