Confessions of a grassroots webmaster

I am a straight man, born in the north, long in the north, the North has a peculiar honest and honest. I hate to miss it, I jiwuruchou, I hate fraud. I am persistent, I am stubborn, I am an ideal, ambitious, want to make achievements. I don’t think I unwilling to remain out of the limelight, unknown to the public, rise head and shoulders above others.

I’m a bad talker again. I have a complaint, just like I said. Honestly, I want to change myself, let oneself learn sophisticated, learn clever talk and an ingratiating manner, flattery, but I really can’t learn some. So I have to hate those bad things, learn a Ah Q, nothing, just put yourself Q a good.

I am a kind person. I sympathize with the weak, treat the unhappy people, respect the old, love the children, honor my parents, unite comrades, and these fine good traditions I have. And I’m a warm-hearted and hospitable person.

feel shy, excuse me, my literary grace is not very good, he said, so a, mainly want to tell everyone how much an awareness and understanding of my own. Well, I mainly want to and you to introduce my site.

I have a stable job, but I don’t live in others under the eaves, so you learn "net", a website built in leisure time (love mom network has been on the line, and Baidu, Google included). I do not taboo the purpose of the establishment of economic factors, but I also want to tell you solemnly, the origin of this site is out of my love for my mother.

The origin of

website is because I have forgotten my mother’s birthday, I feel very ashamed, and it is this sense of guilt that makes me think of the idea of building a love mother website. I realized that modern society is so busy that everyone is running for a living. Forgetting something is probably something for everyone. So I think this should be an opportunity, but also can do a public service for you, to help you remember my mother’s birthday (website: the day before the mother birthday comes in the form of text messages to users love mom love tips, do not charge any fees), the best of both worlds, Why not??

so I started planning, collecting materials online, registering domain names and asking friends for help. After a year of hard work, this site was initially completed and already on the line. She also expanded from the original main love tips function to a fully functional website with "Wishing Wall", "birthday list", "gift room", "about us" and "forum".

website promotion is a very difficult thing, for no strong economic strength of the webmaster, it is difficult. And to net friend can a site recognition, also need webmaster to spend time and effort. My friend told me to go to some large forums and post some "unconventional" posts, but I don’t want to get some so-called Title parties to fool net friends. I said, "I hate fraud, and I can’t do it.". I can only tell the truth, so I can only write >

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