How to avoid the new station in the revision of the right to drop

no map, no truth, I attached to the above diagram, and share my change program after SEO method. One of my small stations, on-line in late November, the web site will not be sent out, there are pictures.

station is Taobao’s API call station, no ranking, no right heavy! In 2011 December, every day spider crawling traffic is greater than 3G, my space flow is 30G. Flow is not enough, and the last ten days are to buy traffic to maintain, 1G=5 yuan, a day on the 15 bar. For a Taobao’s new station, the previous period is no money earned. Someone asked me why I didn’t turn off the station until after this month. Everyone knows SEO, spider is very annoying, web site can not open or open slowly. One time can not open, the second time, but also can not open, the 3 and 4 will be K station, so I can not help. Later, want to maintain the premise of not changing the IP upgrade space, but other service providers do not support, upgrade, you must change IP. Well, the plan died again. Change procedures, but, for the program, the site must be punished easily, resulting in the right to drop.

finally, I 29 made a decision, since change space also have risk, and now API is not unfriendly to Baidu, simply change program, use Dede to do a non API site. In this way, the flow will be enough.

first attached to the program before the site included, the weight situation. Album: (Figure 1)


weight rank query: (Figure 2)


above is the basic situation of the site before 30.

followed by screenshots from December 30th to January 7th.

collection and weight map: (Figure 3)


(Figure 4)


, as you can see from figures 1 and 3, 29 changed the program number 30 and fell from 41000 to 3 in the evening, and has been resisting until January 2nd. The miracle is, there are rankings, there are 2 key words, has been in eighth place.

the next 2 days, 3, 4 included in the K light. At this time, a lot of friendship link station can not sit, and I told them to give me 2 days. Most of the webmaster or promised, only 3 stations under the link.

continue to see Figure 3, after 3, 4, two days of effort, included back. Although only the home page, ranking followed. To today, January 7, included in the 272 page. 2 key words, ranking home sixth and seventh respectively. Although the index is not very high keywords, but there is no right to one

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