Personal Adsense how to promote local talent network

local talent network has become more and more prosperous in recent years. There are many differences between the local talent network and the comprehensive national talent network, but it does not mean that they are in a disadvantageous position.

like qianchengwuyou, Zhaopin also has local station, but he charges on enterprise cost, individual stationmaster is a big advantage in this respect. Big website has hundreds of people to operate, the brand is noisy, but average to each individual, individual stationmaster has bigger profit space. Baidu recently also in the field of talent horizontal inserted a leg, so that operators personal network owners difficult, but also indicates that talent networks will only be more popular, the short term will not decline. Now talk about the personal operation of the recruitment of talent network summed up some of the personal Adsense how to promote local talent network method.

do the preparatory work before promotion, must ensure the authenticity of recruitment information, validity, don’t job seekers send a resume in the past, the result, recruitment company have recruitment end. In addition, most of the personal webmaster in order to fill the facade, will be more or less collecting network information. If you want to promote the website, you must verify the information and at least ensure that the company’s contact is correct.

promotion period, Le recruitment talent network is generally divided into the following ways: QQ promotion (local QQ and local QQ group), mail promotion, SMS promotion, soft text marketing, SNS promotion, offline promotion. The following on these methods make a contrast, with personal experience, tell you how to choose the right way to promote the webmaster.

The benefit of the

QQ approach is orientation, where goals are local. Every day plus 100 QQ, 10 QQ group, there is a week of promotion, website traffic on up. Remember, do not add QQ or QQ group, put it there or just send a link, to participate in the topic of communication, homeopathy lead to your website. Now the QQ group administrators are disgusted with advertising, so when someone consulted on private chat, so as not to be kicked out. QQ friends will tell him that you are responsible for recruiting, running a local talent network, so that he has the need to find you, you will do your best to help him, basically, people will not immediately delete you. Even go to your website to send a resume what, do not force others how, command tone will only make people more disgusted.

mail promotion is more effective, can bring a lot of traffic. Here again sends the mail to the enterprise and individual.

enterprise mail tell him, your website has his account, and tell him the password, give the website link address, let him have the need to go to the talent network for free recruitment information. Is a business, there are recruitment needs, if it is free, even if the flow is very small, people will not abandon it.

personal mail is basically regular (one week or half a month) to send, remind candidates attention website information update, perhaps he needs the job, given links and told him to take every opportunity to work. It can also bring a lot of traffic. More traffic, Baidu will think web friendly, >

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