Teach you how to look at the overall strength of an DC

webmaster brothers and sisters: teach you how to see a comprehensive strength of IDC. Buy space, the heart has a number

now to buy a good space is the webmaster is a headache, online selling space more, now is not what rare double mainframe products, the size of IDC are double space. Then how to choose the space business? You can refer to the following aspects:

1. to see if the space dealer has a telecommunications license:

Beijing: Beijing ICP license 020123 general Beijing B2-20080123 two documents. This area is referred to as the other basic +B2-20080111 (for example: Shandong: Lu B2-20080111 Henan: Henan B2-20081111). The general business card with space ICP is relatively safe, at least this company is a qualified operator. Stronger than the undocumented.

this B2-XXXXXX card. There are categories inside. The webmaster should keep his eyes wide open. See the scope of the documents:

business scope is: business information services (Internet information services) this kind of business card is ICP do not have Internet access qualifications, according to the formal is do not have access to the network services to other companies, such as hosting server.

business scope: such as Internet access services in http://s.www.xrnic.cn/htdocs/store/images/isp.jpg is also B2-2007XXXX Beijing but this card is a strong power of IDC, the certificate of IDC all have their own room, can access network services to other companies, formal service providers hosting qualified service providers. The strongest.

2. to www.123cha.com input IDC’s domain name check to see if IP. IP IP belongs to the company’s own interest. Such as: www.xrnic.cn in the www.123cha.com check, the geographical position of IP will display:

[query results] your query: [domain name] www.xrnic.cn =>

· the main data: Beijing city (the central television tower with a layer of network data center) net flux

·: local data: no one has yet submitted data

· a reference data: Beijing xirang network

· reference data; two: Beijing city xirang network

[query provides]www.123cha.com

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