The ultimate way to do business make sure the boss is the only one to leave

last month in a salon in the local electricity supplier Association, in the last part of the question, a colleague has raised the question to the guests: the shop sells digital products are our factory production line out, one explosion rate of return 5% (in the digital category is very high), and in the evaluation of the content, there are a lot of problems is a reflection of the product. The operation is very annoying, because in the face of market data show that the product is unable to meet the needs of consumers, must be improved in order to re launch process. But to change the process, we must change the mold, this cost estimate needs more than 1 million yuan. The operation of communication and tried to find the boss, but the boss not to say yes or no, so it ran aground off.

guests present to the operation of the proposal is: the content of the evaluation are sorted out, analysis of the relevant data, and then give an improved scheme. The result was only two: the boss approved the proposal and agreed to improve the process. The second is that the boss does not agree to improve the process, operating cover, leave.

for many of the traditional ground brand bosses, in their body basically can only see two words: strong. Most of the decisions they make are based on previous experience rather than on data from the electricity supplier. I know a 20 years in the ground brand, the boss made a goal of 5 years planning, 5 years after the requirement to do 5 billion a year, 3 billion 200 million of the ground channel, electricity supplier 1 billion. This five year plan to break down, to every month, the result is the sales target is very high, from the second quarter of 3 months, based on 60% sales targets are not reached (complete sales target of 60%, relevant operational departments can get a bonus, salary and bonus is basically the end of 1:1 proportion). Therefore, many operators complain incessantly, no matter how desperately dry, every month to complete the sales target of 60%. If the data is in accordance with the electricity supplier to develop the sales target, should be through the data cube category last year under the two categories accounted for more than a month this year, corresponding to the analysis of two categories accounted for the growth, such as last suitcase in the luggage category accounted for 8%, the year is 12%, is equal to the market growth of 150% then, combined with the shop location is in the price, the total market share of about 30%. Such a calculation, if the August sales of 20 million yuan last year, the growth rate multiplied by 50%, multiplied by the proportion of 30%, equal to 3 million yuan, plus 20 million yuan, a total of 23 million yuan in August sales target is more scientific. Because Taobao’s market is only so big, since 2013, many categories of growth rate are reduced, and not before several times the growth rate, therefore, it worked out the sales target is perfectly logical and reasonable. Otherwise, these operations even if work 18 hours a day, it is difficult to complete the monthly sales target of 60%, not to mention 100% of the completion.

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