Talking about the strategy and means of website promotion

After the completion of the

website, now have a propaganda enterprise website platform, the website after we should how to let more people know their own website, which requires the website promotion. A successful website promotion process is also the process of branding and product promotion.

implementation of website promotion, we should take into account:

Potential users of

‘s product or service is what kind of user;


analysis of the company’s products or services using the object what are the characteristics of what kind of Internet habits;

The main target group

, website promotion;

how to achieve the best effect of promotion, promotion promotion may even eliminate invalid negative effect;


can consider the use of traditional media such as newspapers, television and other promotion;

learning competition promotion method;

, reduce promotional costs.

can be promoted by means of:

‘s search engine optimization; I was in Shanghai, I chose the Shanghai Jia Li Information Technology Co., Ltd technology is very good.


exchange Links;

The use of

mail promotion;


of soft Wen promotion through the online forum, BBS;

the publicity through the news group;

, company name card and other external data indicate the site;

is appropriate with traditional media publicity.

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