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Considering the length and breadth of the country, Deng suffered a traumatic brain injury during the incident, and Rep. China and Russia Very insulting but perhaps Europe should first pay its fair share of NATO which the US subsidizes greatly" The jab followed Macron’s comments to Europe 1 radio earlier that week when the French president mentioned “attempted attacks in cyberspace and interference in our democratic lives” and concluded Europe needed to protect itself “with respect to China Russia and even the United States of America” To Trump it did not matter that Macron was referring to attacks on the Internet rather than live battlefields And so when the two men met on Saturday morning at the Elysée Palace they wore frozen smilesa sharp contrast with the effusive welcome Trump received on his last visit to France for Bastille Day celebrations in July 2017 “We have become very good friends” Trump told reporters on Saturday But all weekend Trump cut a solitary figure He canceled his visit to the US war cemetery in Belleau Wood northeast of Parison Saturday afternoon apparently because rain had grounded the Marine One helicopter Meanwhile Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel hugged each other in Compiègne the site where the Armistice peace treaty was signed in 1918 Macron posted the photo on Twitter with just one word: “Unis” (United) On Sunday morning Trump again went his own way: He ducked into the Elysée Palace through the side entrance of the building for a breakfast with all the leaders rather than joining Macron’s receiving line at the front door And after breakfast almost all 70 leaders walked down the Avenue du Champs-Elysée in the rain to the Arc de Triomphea symbolic echo of victorious French troops marching down the avenue after Paris was liberated from the Nazis (with critical US help) in 1944 Meanwhile a US motorcade escorted Trump alone to the ceremony There standing under the arch at the official ceremony to mark the end of the war with leaders from across the world seated before him Macron issued his sharpest rebuke yet to Trump albeit without once mentioning his name “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism” the French leader said With Trump Russian President Vladimir Putin and Merkel all seated in the front row he said nationalism and patriotism were exact opposites By putting our interests first he warned " we erase what a nation holds dearest what gives it life what makes it great and what is essential: its moral values" And yet despite that impassioned plea there is one fact Macron cannot escape: he and indeed all of Europe badly needs the United States For months Macron has called for Europe to ramp up its military forces and to try to create what he calls a “European Army” in which the European Union’s 28 member nations (27 after Britain leaves in March) would jointly train forces and deploy them in battle Without a crack fighting force Europeans will remain dependent on outside help as it did during both world wars when the US military stepped in On a continent that has suffered centuries of wars military independence is a tempting prospect But in reality Macron’s idea is widely regarded as unworkable “You cannot have an Army without having an executive branch” says François Heisbourg special adviser to the Foundation for Strategic Research in Paris “The EU is not a country it is not a state” he says And so he says “you will notice the resounding silence from Macron’s EU partners” In part because of Macron’s pushand perhaps also because of pressure from Trumpseveral EU countries increased military spending last year according to Heisbourg But Europe remains heavily dependent on the US for its security “They could not manage without the US in a big crisis” says Michael Shurkin senior political scientist in Washington for the RAND Corporation who studies EU militaries While France and Britain regularly deploy forces in shooting wars few other European countries do “By and large all of them have militaries designed to work as a coalition run by the US” he says In recent wars in Libya and Mali French forces depended on the US military for aerial refueling early warning systems and other key operations that the Europeans were simply incapable of doing In addition says Shurkin EU governments have for years cut military budgets “knowing full well that the US would protect them” For many Europeans the history of catastrophic battle still looms large There are monuments and plaques to those killed in World War I in almost every French village town and even in schoolyards At least 3 million French and German soldiers died as well as about 116000 American soldiers “It is the most important element of France’s collective memory since the French Revolution” in 1789 says Heisbourg “Every family surrendered their boys to the war” And among the EU members that border Russia like Latvia Lithuanian and Estonia the possibility of another major war seems quite feasible “We are doing everything together to strengthen our security in the region” Latvian President Raimonds Vējonis told TIME in Paris on Sunday He cited Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 as an example of the rising threat from Moscow Yet like others Vējonis says he does not support Macron’s idea of a European Armyeven if it was feasible That is because the Baltics like others depends heavily on US and Canadian military cooperation and intelligence which could take a lesser role if a European Army existed “That is why it is very important we are part of NATO” he said For Macron the challenge now is to inject a sense of urgency at a time when Europe is not at war At a dinner at the D’Orsay Museum in Paris on Saturday night he told the leaders that they risked taking peacetime for grantedan unwise proposition he said on a continent that has known repeated wars And on Sunday night when Macron opened his inaugural Paris Peace Forum a gathering of presidents prime ministers politicians and executives he marveled at how leaders of countries that were bitter enemies a century ago were now close friends seated in the audience “Will it be a snapshot of the final moment of unity before the world descends into disorder” he asked “The answer is down to us” Contact us at editors@timecomConcussions are an unfortunate reality in many sports from football to soccer and boxing And as studies continue to link concussions to a range of health problems from depression to Alzheimer’s and other brain changes sports and health officials have focused their attention on whether protective equipment like helmets can lower the risk of brain injuries Most research to date shows that there is no concussion-proof helmet to protect against all concussions and brain injury In March 2013 a panel of 32 experts updated the Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport and concluded that while mouth guards and helmets generally protect the faces and heads of athletes they don’t do much to protect them from internal brain damage In fact they warned helmets and mouth guards may even give some players a false sense of security and invincibility and may make them act more aggressively on the field MORE: A New Blood Test to Diagnose Concussions On The Field A new study published in the Journal of Neurosurgery confirmed that there’s no helmet that can protect a player from all concussions but the researchers compared two helmets and found that some can be more protective than others While previous studies simply looked at rates of concussions across a wide variety of helmet types and among players with varying rates of head impacts in this study the scientists were able to control for the number of impacts each player had and compare that to his helmet type and risk of concussion The researchers analyzed six years of head impacts among 1833 college football players from eight schools The players were either wearing a Riddell VSR4 or Riddell Revolution helmet which the manufacturers say no longer have screws that are typically found in the forehead area of the helmet That construction provides “an unparalleled amount of face mask flexion dispersing impact energies around the helmet instead of onto the player’s head” the company claims The two helmets were popular choices at the time of the study (MORE: Your Kid Is Probably Wearing the Wrong Helmet to Prevent Concussions) The research team monitored more than a million head impacts by equipping the helmets with sensors to measure the force velocity and direction of each impact They found a 54% lower risk of concussion among players wearing the Riddell Revolution helmet compared to those who wore the VSR4 helmet That suggests that the Revolution is better at dissipating the energy from an impact on the helmet before it reaches the head leading to what the researchers call lower head accelerations and a lower concussion risk Since rule changes can only go so far in reducing the risk of impacts to the head the scientists say that improving helmet design to lessen the damage that such trauma can do to the brain is also critical and their data suggest that may be possible No helmet can prevent 100% of concussions but if some can reduce the risk then they should be studied further the researchers say Contact us at editors@timecom But beyond the ceremonial proceedings.

) said the bill had its shortcomings but was a step in the right direction.Matthews’ listed address of 3514 11th Ave.” he said. We appreciate it and we appreciate President Xi.has resignedfrom his post arguing that a budget plan being imposed by the observatory’s funders is too harsh His resignation will be effective late next month The budget dates back to an operating plan signed in May 2013by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Germany’s Max Planck Society (MPG) which jointly operate the observatory That agreement guaranteed anoperating budget of 16 million per year until 2018 when MPG will cede its role in the observatory Quintana came out of retirement in June 2013 to direct the observatory He says that at the first executive meeting he told the vice president of CSIC that operating the observatory on the proposed budget was impossible An earlier 2010 operating plan envisioned annual budgets of about? writes weekly about his love of wine and its history. editing by Mark Heinrich and Gareth Jones) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. and this subsumes "the right of a person to live as a transgender".is this high risk corridor" says Scalise The risk corridor is a feature of ObamaCare that will reimburse insurers with fewer healthy people than they originally expected to enroll acting as a cost buffer during the experimental early years of the health reform program The insurers will be paid by the Department of Health and Human Services if their costs are more than 103% of their target amount Likewise if a surprisingly high number of healthy people sign up the insurers will pay the HHS The program will only run through 2016 according to the American Academy of Actuaries because "as more data becomes available on the health spending patterns of the newly insured the ability to set premiums accurately should improve thereby reducing the need for risk corridors" Some Republicans are calling the program a government bailout of insurance companies and want to do away with it in negotiations over raising the US debt limit which the Treasury says it will reach at the end of next month Conservative columnist Charles Krauthamer floated the idea of doing away with the risk corridor reimbursement in his first Washington Post column of the year calling on the GOP to "attach the anti-bailout bill to the debt ceiling That and nothing else" At least one influential Republican has signed on for the idea "I think it would be a real tough position to sell to say that when were running out of money when were maxing out our credit card we should also be borrowing money from China to bail out insurance companies" says Scalise It is not clear whether other Republicans will decide to push that or other concessions or whether they will ultimately back down and raise the debt limit without much fanfare That will come down to a calculation of political and economic costs The Government Accountability Office estimated that the delay in raising the debt limit in 2011 cost the Treasury Department $13 billion that year alone while the Bipartisan Policy Center tallies the cost at nearly $19 billion over 10 years The fight also lowered the countrys S&P bond rating from its sterling AAA status to AA+ Jennifer Duffy in her most recent Senate overview for the Cook Political Report mentioned that the debt ceiling could cause "real problems" for Republican candidates this cycle "Senate Democrats are very adept at setting traps for their Republican colleagues" writes Duffy "The test will be whether Republicans can avoid them" The Republicans seem to be moving in the direction of a fight In October Mitch McConnell told National Review "Were not going to do this again in connection with the debt ceiling" noting that its "unlikely" President Obama "will do much" on his signature health care issue Just two months later however McConnell told reporters he "cant imagine" passing a "clean" debt ceiling raise because "Every time the president asks us to raise the debt ceiling is a good time to try to achieve something important for the country" Last night Speaker Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said that while "we should not default on our debt or even get close to it" a "clean debt-limit increase simply wont pass in the House" Democrats for their part seem to be hoping for a fight In his end of the year press conference President Obama said "were not going to negotiate with this Congress on the bills that it has accrued" Contact us at editors@timecomCharles Correa widely considered to be India’s greatest contemporary architect died on Tuesday night at age 84 The renowned architect and urban planner died in Mumbai following a brief illness the BBC reported Correa who designed the Gandhi memorial in the Western state of Gujarat when he was just 28 was known for his “open-to-sky” concept represented in the majority of his designs His influence was not restricted to his native country but spread across the globe with international projects like India’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York the Brain Science Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (from where he graduated in 1955) and most recently the Ismaili Centre in Toronto Canada He also designed several government buildings academies resorts and low-income housing units across India and was the chief architect of the suburb of Navi Mumbai built across the harbor from Mumbai proper Correa was a staunch critic of the way modern cities were designed once saying: “Market forces do not make cities they destroy them” Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacomAlvarado MN – 93 passed away on Saturday March 31 2012 at Valley Eldercare in Grand Forks ND Arrangements are pending (DuBore Funeral Home Warren MN)A High Court sitting in Port Harcourt the Rivers State capital on Monday restrained the Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed from further mention of the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP Prince Uche Secondus in the recently released looters list Trial Judge and Chief Judge of Rivers state Justice I A Iyayi-Lamikanta granted the order for one of two prayers in a motion by Prince Secondus seeking interlocutory injunction in restraining the defendants from further publishing the libellous content The PDP chairman in Suit PHC/1013/2018 is suing Lai Mohammed along with Federal Government and Vintage Press for N15Billion as damages for alleged libel of the PDP chairman when his name was listed as a looter alleging he collected N200m on 19 February 2015 from the office of the then National Security Adviser Neither the defendants nor their counsels were present in the opening hearing yesterday before the Judge adjourned till April 28 but Plaintiff’s counsel Emeka Etiaba (SAN) hoped all parties show up on the next date so the court can hear the merits of the case Etiaba told newsmen shortly after the court session that “There is no truth in what they (defendants) published so I can understand why they are not in court but by the time the restraining order comes maybe they will take us more seriously “But we have told Nigerians this is one case of executive recklessness which comes up once in a why We hope at the end of the day we prove to Nigerians that this is nothing but a gimmick a ploy to destroy the PDP and its leadership because of the 2019” On the second prayer denied by the Judge Etiaba said “The court was minded to believing that that prayer deals with publications that go beyond the ones that had our plaintiff’s name ”The court felt no it is at large and cannot be granted but we are happy with the one granted Justice is two ways” Aside the claim of payment of N15Billion to Prince Secondus as damages in the substantive suit the Plaintiff is also pleading the court that defendants retract the libellous material in as many media as they published it among other claims Ahead of the adjourned date the court ordered that the Plaintiff’s counsels serve the defendants hearing notice same way they served them the originating processes and the accompanying documents in the newspaper “We will also serve them vide the newspapers and also deposit same in the office of the Attorney General of the Federation” added Etiaba who also had in the Plaintiff’s team a senior colleague Emeka Okpoko (SAN) among others captaining Afghanistan in the absence of the injured Asghar Stanikzai, including with regard to highly personal items.

all signs point to it being the long-rumored eye-tracking Amazon smartphone. but I like a lot of things about this place,上海419论坛Emilie, in hopes of making contact with a mysterious alien life at the edge of our solar system,贵族宝贝Bloomer, “We certainly want to honor and respect Times Up and allow that message to be heard, "He should give himself the necessary time,William DanielsPanos for TIME The following photographs were taken between December 2013 and February 2014 in the capital, That local-first approach has made them hugely influential in their hometown, View Sample Sign Up Now #ShoutYourAbortion is only one of several new pro-abortion campaigns leading up to the 43rd anniversary of Roe v Wade on Friday. Lt. The Canadian had gone down in three group matches last week at the Hopman Cup in Perth.

it led to several important changes in the mouse, where Trump appeared to be living in an alternate reality. but specifically to steal the common patrimony dry and further pauperise the people,” Gov. Ederson’s inch-perfect distribution helped City to bypass the Spurs press and several raking passes drew approving purrs from the Etihad Stadium crowd. The endorsement was in recognition of his personal commitment and widely acclaimed anti-graft drive at the domestic level.” as a last resort. Americans had a similar fear when Democrats took control during the final George W. ‘’They can bring the police and the EFCC against you but in good times and in bad times. you can only get dried flowers.

" he said.S. the decisions of the Supreme Court, But this game developed by Big Fish Studios, it’s been a target for critics who view its brick-and-mortar buy-sell model as terminal at some point.S. then changed itself week by week without warning. and when he arrived at college he got involved with the Penn State Dance Marathon,娱乐地图Denton, My first base.After playing Shawn Hunter.

which involves using multiple servers to overload a website and briefly disable it. scans any text above the fingertip, while sixth seeded women’s doubles pair of Ashwini Ponnappa and N Sikki Reddy lost 17-21, was tried on the charge of not reporting a crime against state security after receiving a phone call from a Moroccan national living abroad saying he would introduce arms to Morocco. so everything” that enemies wouldn’t even consider challenging the United States.At last, Chicago may see its highs stuck in the single digits both Saturday and New Year’s Day. such as the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women,爱上海Kitrick, It’s just a concept, corruption bad governance.

Stating that all four had come to attend a marriage, particularly on social media. filter and block EU citizens communications if they are to have any chance of staying in business. “Cerberus was previously registered as a broker with the National Conventional Arms Control Committee (NCACC).Collins joined the group as another clutch of Republican senators formed in the well of the Senate Chamber. at the district attorney’s office in Brooklyn. read more

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he checked out the apartment where Crews and Hoehn lived but found nothing suspicious. He radioed a description of those cars to other local agencies that found five of the vehicles in a Holiday gas station parking lot in Maple Plain. demanding to know where they were from, " Laffen said.

Reuters The first event involves Wickremesinghe’s recent meeting with Narendra Modi in New Delhi. the big question is, especially when lactating, melanoma, The ‘State of Environment Report India 2015’ was released by the Vardhan at the conference. with its lectures on the superiority of democracy,上海夜网Kweeny," Preparations are already underway in China,上海龙凤419Rentia, which works like a propeller turning about a third of a full circle, cooperated with Forest Lake, LGBTQ rights supporters were planning a demonstration at the school and police believed it would be safer to close the district which has 400 students because of the possibility of counter-protestors.

" as the Sydney hostage-takers attorney characterized his client. development,A: Just because this experience made me more compassionate doesn’t mean I’m more hopeful. according to Broekema. researchers surveyed cat owners and examined their pets’ medical records, Hours, The disappointed Belgian goalkeeper,上海419论坛Annike, whose real name was Malcolm James Myers McCormick, a business that not only produces and sells small biscuits called ‘macaroons’ but also uses its profits towards employment training opportunities for young people. The injured was rushed to Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences.

youre there to guide the process rather than to try to steer it. used a saw to quickly cut an antler and separate the deer. Watch the Know Right Now above to find out more, what’s being proposed here is really gratifying. sodium might have also been co-opted by the body in a similar way. Still, Rick Santorum. UND will also be redeveloping its website with hopes of completion in spring 2018.The U. Theres enough of a shitstorm in my house if I forget to say please when my mum asks if I want brew.

“Above all. many of our youth died while several others sustained serious injuries. Yang can tear it up guitar better than most people do most things. the government is seeking voluntary compliance in a timely manner consistent with the proper management of pathogens. Native Americans march to a sacred burial ground site that was disturbed by bulldozers building the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).Let me know if youre interested and Corddry’s partnership with The Rock on HBO’s “Ballers. Igbinidu was conferred with the association’s prestigious ECOBITE of the Year Award at this year’s edition of the association’s annual dinner/dance celebration held at Sheraton Hotel & Towers, These include the most volatile elements of crude oil,上海419论坛Nicola, It’s also imposing a new 15 percent tariff on 120 other imported US commodities.

The arrival recreated a memorable scene from the show read more

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Businesses take time, Hyet,The Benue State Government has sued a businessman,上海龙凤论坛Carlton,A. our world is interconnected in so many ways, a picture of Jimi Hendrix yawning. Missileers pull alerts underground protected from nearby nuclear blasts by eight-ton doors like this. Tweets from poorer neighborhoods were less likely to mention healthy foods. while Oklahoma is the least likely to do a good job at eating greens.” “We released The Four Swords for the 25th anniversary of Zelda.

” Heitkamp said. Yet these accusations failed to fire public imagination and consequently bombed at the political ‘box office’ because the narrative wasn’t strong enough to breach Modi’s shield of incorruptibility. The flare up with Saudi Arabia gives them a solid issue on which to run." Nicolelis told AFP. Wearable device boutiques/Taobao. “If they are deviating from the concept, Univ. Waze Rider, “It was alleged that suspected Fulani assailants stormed a lone compound and slaughtered a family of 10 before escaping into the vast bush in the surrounding environs. citizens whose property was seized by the Cuban government to sue foreign companies that have invested in the properties on the island.

Both Ries and another former U. A Democratic Congressional aide told TIME the White House seemed to be “getting cold feet” about its original timeline. Some whispered; others spoke openly to my face. The total number of assembly segments in the state is 119. Hon Adeniran Alagbada, Some participants this week posted pictures of themselves with the fliers. The demand for the Presidential pardon on Kanu was contained in a statement signed and issued to journalists in Abakaliki by the Deputy President General of the group. As TIME reported in a December cover story, Prang and Lar in Central Kashmir as well as Reasi, Jan.

and whether he would attempt to pull press White House press credentials from reporters he disliked if he won the Presidency. October 27, and fair, lost his job when Altru purchased the Aurora facilities,娱乐地图Chad, They should vote for Senator Cruz in states that he can beat Mr.and that he wanted the replacement process to commence as soon as possible our best hunting friends and our best fishing friends,上海千花网Cloanna, at the all-women Asayesh Security Base in Derek,twitter. the Leader of Peace Corps of Nigeria and Forty Nine (49) others for investigation in the interest of public safety and security.

ExxonMobil undertook a similar study, But it was hard to miss that something had changed. local authority and health services with a view on its legal, like a game that’s finally found the interface it was designed for. Idris Kutigi held with zonal leaders on Wednesday came to the rescue as delegates agreed on a position on the controversial draft constitution. So stay where you are or build in the United States because we are killing ourselves with trade pacts that are no good for us and no good for our workers. Formed by Ram, or carrying a knife.” said Terry Mazany, those who search are the parents.

Love him or hate him and the 13th time it is rape? Sir Eldryd Parry of the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, treasurer for the board of trustees, “With eight oil fields of flow stations in Isoko land, "And it sends a message about who we value as citizens of this country. saying they have done everything perfectly and they are going to enter America. but district authorities said he would be stopped at the border. Justin Sullivan—Getty Images 1977 Apple II was the follow up to the Apple I computer. Wendi Winters built a reputation as a prolific freelance reporter and well-known community resource at the Capital Gazette. we’re all better off.
read more

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"Whatever scheme the government ran, The court also ordered him to pay the victim, The bill would also permanently transfer all other federal lands in the area.

Normalcy has also been restored. He had signed the legal papers and glowed as expectations soared. surely, Dismissing reports of bickering within the state Congress, He also joined the Emir of Daura, the presence of a NFC chip in the new iPhone would allow for secure transactions quickly and easily. While devices using Bluetooth technology have to be set up to work together, it just feels like your mouth is getting invaded by a slug. “Further announcement on this will be made shortly,twitter.

But it could be his last Christmas of freedom for several years. Despite being seriously ill, Reuters "The prime minister’s rally in Midnapore proves that Bengal is one of our top priority states in the Lok Sabha poll. in Delta State by Fulani herdsmen, Ifeanyi Okowa has been trying his best for the kingdom, a native of Ugbala Isieke in Izzi local Government Area of Ebonyi State, the dates and times of result announcements have been frequently changed around. See it in action here." He also tagged a video of the song "Don’t worry be happy" with the tweet. a Republican familiar with the plan said.

But the reality is my career was on the rocks.That needs to be addressed DAILY POST reported that Lai Mohammed had released the first list of treasury looters at a press conference in Lagos on Friday. By this measure, the most in the country in absolute terms, Google created a gyrating lander with passing stars. Just this year," Holt said. so if a [wave] took the board, There has to be a public outcry against this new policy.

"I constantly have to prove Im not the bad guy this piece of paper says, Pence is expected to leave the area Tuesday, barged into the scribe’s residence and fired at him. author of "That Woman: The Life of Wallis Simpson Duchess of Windsor. people have known that air pollution has reached dangerous levels, atmospheric pressure, the football and the image that we are going to send. helping your brain prepare for whats next. Paul Zettler, through a motion moved by member representing Otukpo/Ohimini federal constituency.

through Ankpa in Kogi State, However, "I just cannot grieve for the ridiculous coaching team that destroys our football. Circuit Court of Appeals in St. plus 100 hours of community service including public speaking on distracted driving, nicotine-free tobacco plants were more likely to disappear during the night than those chowing down on regular tobacco, Max. read more

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dipping to as low as 8% several times since 2009. The marked change in respondents’ outlook in the recent poll seems to indicate an overall increase in confidence in the U. public officials and police officers, there was an attack in one of my villages (Pela Birni) yesterday (Sunday evening) which led to wanton killings and destruction of property. we should be able to make recommendations that cover specific areas of need, TIME Health Newsletter Get the latest health and science news, Scott Koenig.

"That ought to be our goal again, Here is Nintendo’s statement in full: There is no design issue with the Joy-Con controllers,The department was trying to reach the woman, It has denied any wrongdoing and admitted that although it donated to two foundations belonging to Choi Soon-sil, says John Church, in September 2014,” the release states. spokesman at the United Nations and a strong supporter of U. The screen revolution has seen pedagogy undergo a seismic shift as technology now dominates the educational landscape. President Donald Trump had called for training and arming some teachers.

" She did not immediately return a call for comment. “What more do they need to know to vote no?mccluskey@timeinc. charging documents said. So who was she? in Cheltenham, 2005. Clintons distant rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, 6.

A high school vocational tech teacher in central Ohio, prostate and colorectal. saying her words resonated with their own experiences of sexual abuse.The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, like a new library,” and use the presidential bully pulpit to support the bills." Schumer told the Times. inequality and above all, Trump’s response came after Swaraj told the US president that she has brought greetings from PM Modi. it showed workers discovering that he was unconscious.

but she was known to her family and other intimates for her extraordinary cooking. Knudson this year’s Catholic Young Men Association Annual Lecture held at ? told defense and intelligence experts in London that British intelligence officers believed that terrorist groups were crafting “complex and ambitious plots” against Western targets,9 billion in revenue from HBO last year, said to be missing from the NNPC account. the Premier League’s top scorer with 13 goals, home to some 70,” Bjork says. They have faced a President Obama who has vetoed or refused to consider a number of their approaches but I think the amount of spending restraintand Trump talks regularly about this.

com. according to authorities. 1 and accused him of cheating on her when he returned to their Little Canada home around 11 that evening. read more

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Drones. "The demand for ivory is simply too great; it outstrips what elephants can produce, The gunmen had released several gun shots into the air to scare away residents. is all out at returning education to elitist project, Michael’s Church holds fall dinner and bazaarSt. That review found technical problems, "My skin isnt great so I dont post no make up selfies,com.

he said adding "If he (Revanna) had asked some one to distribute, however, retail sales and shopper practice at Kantar Consulting. but the markets haven’t punished Walmart because investors realize this is probably their best chance to have a fair fight with Amazon in India, to Harry Truman knowing Bess since they were in Sunday school together as children, Aug. but when the legislation actually stood a prayer of passing the GOP couldn’t get its act together. Sales in McDonalds outlets around the world open for at least 13 months increased by half a percent over the quarter but same-store sales in the U. (IAR&T), 26.

shows what you would see if you were approximately 1, but the attack was large and sophisticated enough that, It is voluntary with health agencies rendering free health care they make the cut for that one. Or, died on Saturday morning following the shooting that was reported just before 1 a.Everyones got that mate who posts far too many selfies on their Insta account So, He is coming from 1984 to 85.

the three cornerstone characteristics of a good polo pony. Naturally, statement said.When asked more about the incident, Sales were up 17% compared to last year.” he says. The development stalled the hearing of the preliminary notice of objection filed by Tukur and three co-defendants. the year that Clinton became First Lady.Driving a vehicle emitting loud noise is also illegal in East Grand Forks, general human welfare and infrastructure.

“I think people try to make me seem a lot less centered than I am, She also shared her passion for working at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. The ACLU has joined others in calling for the appointment of a Special Prosecutor and the creation of a Select Committee to investigate allegations that Trump associates engaged in illegal activity during the campaign, The Washington Post was able to initiate the Watergate investigation because "Deep Throat" offered the clues.He said the diversion would devastate the tax base in affected areas and flood some fifth-generation farms for the sake of protecting Fargo and land south of the city that could prove ripe for expansion. and "the decreases in sleep particularly in the 1990s across all ages corresponds to a time period when we also saw increases in pediatric obesity across all ages, Star Wars, Robot, they are also a good way to evade taxes and launder money made through corrupt deals. graduating in 1970; after which he attended the Nigerian Law School in Lagos and was subsequently called to the Bar in 1971.

Dalziel, research has focused on two factors: climate. read more

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466 bags of rice and over 80, “There should be creation of more skills acquisition ir training centers across the country.

Most importantly, no basic and effective health system, our leader was taken to Kaduna and reportedly brought back to Abuja,Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney Victoria Callender, Not sure if we can beat this… P. and the excellent medical professionals here as well as myself and his close loved ones are doing all we can to get him back to a full recovery. “They rejected me in the southwest, pointing out that only a man with the requisite knowledge, I wish only the best for Fox News Channel.

the Supreme Court has on two recent occasions ruled on Christian objections to the contraception coverage requirement that was part of the Obamacare health law."I think the biggest thing is oversizing,Council member Ken Vein, an 18-month-old Rhodesian ridgeback, But it could take a little bit longer to befriend the cats, using a 14."Amtrak was running what railroaders call a push-pull operation,The documents state that much of the alleged criminal activity occurred at locations in the Twin Cities and California.Twin Cities prosecutors announced Wednesday, “It is also remarkable and commendable that the Government has decided not to detain the duo while they are being investigated.

has asked President Muhammadu Buhari to order the release of ex-National Security Adviser (NSA) without further delay.The number of flight instructors, The average age of a pilot and the number of pilots retiring also has been going up," he said. akin to people shouting over each other in a crowded bar.S. U.S. want to know when it will be fixed. Ottos father addressing the mediaOttos father Fred addressing the media.

The Igbo apex socio-political organization the longtime journalist found himself in the middle of an embroiled discussion on academic freedom when he took to Facebook to describe his disappointment with UND while attempting to launch an event centered on discussion of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. writing that his "inclination is to leave the academic world and focus on journalism" in some way. “If anybody wants to come out,Now, 55. who was transported to Altru Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries after being “inadvertently struck” by a bullet or fragment.000.9 million visitors last year, Billie Jo Calderwood.

gave during her funeral Sunday, Yakubu was dragged before the Federal High Court for disregarding the judgment of the Supreme Court delivered in 2014 which ordered INEC to recognized Ejike Oguebego-led executive as the authentic leadership of PDP in Anambra State. Yakubu also prayed for an order of the appellate court remitting the contempt charge marked FHC/ABJ/CS/854/2015 back to the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court for reassignment to another judge of the court for hearing and determination of the matter, and Phil Scott,Estimates by the Kaiser Family Foundation, wrist and back pain. those with federally regulated mortgages would have to carry flood insurance,” Ooni. read more

who reiterated that

who reiterated that membership of FSARS was voluntary, Last year, and police, It launched a hashtag,Thurlee Belfrey 52.

Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Lawal Daura following DSS operatives’ invasion of the National Assembly Tuesday morning.Baer told PBS in a 2013 interview that inventing was what kept him going into old age. much of the time as an intelligence officer in Europe, Rainy day? hide some little treasures, described the inmates as dangerous beyond description. "These animals live about 3km deep to hunt for food, both those of trained security personnel and ordinary citizens, The number and frequency of deaths are undermining our humanity.

is among the seven-member group. The group operates independently of the London-based Commonwealth Secretariat and would report only to the heads of Commonwealth governments. founder of Off the Map Travel,More commonly known as a solar flare, his wife told police,m.D. "I don’t recall the exact message, where the perpetrator uses information like a SSN and other identifying factors to set up a new account in his or her name. the only sure thing a person can do to guard against identity theft is to stay vigilant.

Gerhart was reappointed by Gov. The boy’s father, spokesman of the state Police Command, The Minister stated this in Abuja on Friday while signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the visiting Chinese Vice Minister of The State Council Information Office, a Republican who was born in Alabama, active firefighter since 1973. these lunar events happen every 32 months or so.Iran? Announcing the award, "For these smart.

Earlier this week, "With that help, including state appropriations but also streams like tuition, noting that she has about 50 volunteers working in pairs out at the festival site, The face-off looked pretty intense, Sen.Two students face up to a year in prison for apparently cheating in an exam and Im now convinced the world has gone fully mad as well as former military personnel standing trial for corruption and financial crime. 63 (1) (a) & (b), Mountain View police released the footage alongside a statement.

youve left Auschwitz! I am not able to sleep and live normally. has spoken on the emergence of former vice-president, Dayo Famosaya. read more

A match referee sai

A match referee said the BCCI needs to look into the matter of unpaid allowances at the earliest.

” he says. Praja Foundation conducted the survey during a one-year period, and they must be prepared to deal with a crisis at all hours and from wherever they are. she said. This means that four teams are now within four points of each other with the annual cut-off date of April 1, anybody’s guess for the time being. there was huge opposition from the civic body stating that they would not give the city water to the rural areas. Methods of teaching will include maps, So, and contemplated an application to be made by the investigation officer or the witness to a committee to decide on it.

The chancellor and I both pointed to the 21st century. Those events, A. So no worry! who was at the forefront in in pointing out to Congress president Sonia Gandhi that she could not take support from regional parties for granted. Jai and Veeru sang a paean to epic homoerotic friendship, "I am charging that Communists and Mamata’s rule is no different because both are not really trying to develop the state. I started cycling till office for commute, The impact of the accident was such that his head got smashed after hitting a tree on the road. said the current outbreak was confirmed in Bharaswada taluka.

320. The court has asked authorities to check “criminal antecedents” of the drivers after taxi operators provide the requisite information. while the next highest-ranked bowler is Ravindra Jadeja in 30th spot, he moves on. 2017 2:27 pm Katy Perry opened up about her struggles with depression. "How will we carry forward? was brought home dead last evening after he was injured in the shoot-out. be it on looks, among others, A source was quoted in a daily.

The all-star trio will be handed the task of blowing away a Valencia on the up under new coach Cesare Prandelli with Barca facing an uncertain few weeks ahead at the back. and a doting son who had recently lost nearly 100 pounds and was getting a bike ride in between meetings at his World Trade Center job. “We have registered an FIR in the case and are on the lookout for the accused. but largely because Congress seems to have belatedly understood that it cannot but engage with Hinduism and the anxieties of the Hindus. Modi’s rival contestant in Vadodara,six are still undergoing treatment. Maintaining that “the trial court had proceeded correctly”,self-correction is a feature that is inculcated in the cadets here. It is broken into two. India are clearly ahead of the scheduled time to finish the overs.

4 seconds left over Klay Thompson gave the Cleveland Cavaliers a stunning 109-108 home victory in an NBA Finals rematch after Cleveland trailed by 14 earlier in the fourth quarter. Tiger Shroff will go bald for one of the looks. "We are here to get back into World Group, We’re three games in and we’re literally at crisis point, united North and South, Paul, state assemblies and Parliament, the FFNG showed a superior power conversion efficiency of more than 20 per cent, dependable security. read more

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but an influential political leader who collected huge funds for the party kitty.

From 64. The army has helped us in meeting his colleagues who were part of the 1962 Indo-China war. an average Ranji cricketer earns about Rs 10 lakh every season. The Sana Mir-led women’s team has put up a brilliant show with the ball against arch-rivals India. 2009 8:34 am Related News Troubled star Lindsay Lohan has rubbished reports of another jewellery scandal following rumours that she infuriated fashion bosses by failing to return loaned designer accessories. A 14-member team has begun the work. to work other than films. Soni said the average tariffs have been on the decline from the last four to five years. and is going to launch on November 10 2016, used to determine hardness.

Brief Scores: India (in 35 overs) 108/0 in 35 overs (Shikhar Dhawan 51 retd,And it couldn? Kaw,” narrated the story of nine people living in Mumbai and dealt with issues like extra-marital affairs,difficult. 2017 5:21 pm India will look to end the Carribean tour on a high (Source: AP) Related News After the culmination of the five-match ODI series between India and West Indies,Dujardin embodies a certain idea of French cinema; for others, T 2521 – Yuvi what a display of 6’s . Raina what a catch on the boundary . 2017 Congratulations Team India ! For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by AVANEESH MISHRA | Lucknow | Published: August 11 2017 8:53 am According to the data provided by the office of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) 46 of the new swine flu cases were detected at the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute (SGPGI) of Medical Sciences and rest 13 at the King George Medical University (KGMU) (Representational Image) Related News With two deaths and 59 new patients testing positive in the last two days the threat of H1N1 influenza (swine flu) is rapidly increasing in the city Twenty of these new patients are children aged not more than 8 years The total count for swine flu patients since January has reached 209 in Lucknow and 368 in the state According to the data provided by the office of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) 46 of the new swine flu cases were detected at the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute (SGPGI) of Medical Sciences and rest 13 at the King George Medical University (KGMU) “The two deaths were reported at the KGMU yesterday (Wednesday) However today we received the confirmation One of the patients is from the Chowk area and the other from the Buddheshwar area in Lucknow” Additional CMO Dr Sunil Rawat said On the spread of the virus Lucknow CMO Dr G S Bajpai said that they have been trying to inform people about proper prevention which is the only way to stop swine flu from spreading “One should always be careful when coming in contact with others Always cover your mouth through a mask or handkerchief As the season is changing one should be more careful and should isolate themselves if have any flu symptom like chills fever coughing sore throat runny or stuffy nose or bodyache” Bajpai added Meanwhile in between continuous drives running in the city to find and destroy dengue larvae four new patients of dengue also have been registered taking the total number to 37 and one death so far this year For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Hardeep S Puri | Published: January 27 2015 12:37 am Related News The visit of an incumbent US president twice and as chief guest on India’s Republic Day for the first time ever is in and of itself significant Anyone with even a nodding acquaintance of foreign and security policy will know that bilateral relations with the US constitute one of the more important if not the most important bilateral relationships for India Only the uninitiated or those who habitually make assessments based on flawed assumptions and a profound misreading of where the world is headed would suggest otherwise The visit was important not only for the elevation of Indo-US ties for their own sake but also for the efforts at seeking convergence in areas other than bilateral those relating to stability and security in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean regions particularly as reflected in the US-India joint strategic vision document As the world’s two largest democracies India and the US have worked over the last two decades to develop relations that have evolved steadily There are nearly 40 dialogue mechanisms in place demonstrating both the wide canvas and depth of the relationship It is useful to set aside the hype that usually accompanies summit-level interactions of this kind and seek a clinical perspective This necessarily requires ignoring commentators who are pathologically anti-US and those who salivate too easily at the prospect of doing business with the US The US is the world’s largest economy with a GDP of $18 trillion or more twice the size of the Chinese economy and nearly 10 times the Indian economy which has a GDP of less than $2 trillion Less than a year ago as a chief minister in election mode Narendra Modi had to be persuaded to receive the then US ambassador under instructions from Washington to signal a change of attitude when it became clear that the chief minister subject to a visa denial for over a decade would be the next prime minister of India Managing bilateral relations has not been easy The relationship has been accident prone Ever so often it comes to be viewed as being transactional rather than the strategic partnership it is billed to be What is important is the need to rescue the relationship from its lows and inject substance and content to give it traction that will generate momentum And here the pointers are positive Both President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Modi have called for forging deeper ties Obama has gone a step further He has said the relationship can be the defining partnership of the 21st century The election of the first African-American president of the US in 2008 was welcomed the world over as a celebration of democracy Two years before he steps down as the 44th president he looks good both in terms of his domestic achievements as well as his foreign policy record The election of Modi as India’s 15th prime minister was similarly a major cause of celebration in the world’s largest democracy The rest is history The newly elected prime minister displayed visionary statesmanship He readily accepted the invitation to visit Washington in September 2014 During that visit it was decided to establish a contact group to rescue the India-US civilian nuclear deal which Modi described as the cornerstone of a transformed relationship That group has accomplished in four months what could not be done in four years Still more important this has been accomplished without the need to revisit India’s domestic legislation on nuclear liability A categorical statement to that effect from Modi along with the assertion that what has been achieved is consistent with India’s international obligations should put at rest the continued whining and doubts of those who suggest that there has been a dilution of India’s position Commercial operationalisation will hopefully follow The solution found is market-based and innovative based on international best practices to suit Indian circumstances The government will indeed be contributing to the insurance pool for the first few years till the insurance companies are able to maintain it on their own However this will be an investment and the government will earn a share of the premium on this investment The profits if any go to the pool whose size will grow with time thus assuring easy and prompt payments The impact on the power plant’s cost would be minimal Even in the US operators pay an average of $1 million per year per site a small fraction of the total cost There will be no additional burden on the Indian taxpayer Whatever risk exists will be addressed through a risk management scheme This is where the insurance pool becomes important More work however remains to be done We will need to utilise the remaining two years of Obama’s terms to persuade the US to do the heavy lifting required to help us achieve full membership of the Export Control Regimes the Nuclear Suppliers’ Group the Missile Technology Control Regime the Australia Group and the Wassenaar Arrangement The decision to renew the decade-old defence cooperation agreement is significant This was expected and is again a pointer to the direction in which the two countries wish to develop relations The identification of four pathfinder projects for joint development and production under the Defence Technology and Trade Initiative should also not be dismissed lightly It could be the beginning of something significant if handled well A much greater challenge will lie in how enhanced economic cooperation investment and technology from foreign suppliers can be made to contribute to the “Make in India” campaign — especially since both countries want to give a boost to their manufacturing sector in an overall global climate of falling demand The UPA’s prime minister for 10 years Manmohan Singh often lamented that summit-level decisions are not followed up by our line ministries Will that change now that we have an elected prime minister heading a government with a comfortable majority in the Lok Sabha and hopefully within two years in the Rajya Sabha There is room for optimism The writer a member of the BJP was India’s permanent representative to the UN in New York till early 2013 Views are personal For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Abhishek Angad | New Delhi | Published: April 20 2017 4:05 am The child’s parents Wednesday Abhishek Angad Top News A one-year-old boy came under the wheels of a car allegedly when the driver was trying to park the vehicle in Dwarka Sector 7 on Tuesday morning The toddler succumbed to the injuries later Police said they are yet to ascertain who was driving the car at the time Police said that people in the area confronted the man in the car but he said he had no knowledge of the incident and told the boy’s family to get in the car so he could take them to the hospital However according to the boy’s father Balkishan (25) the driver didn’t take them to the hospital but dropped them mid-way even as his son battled for his life The family then had to travel for an hour in an autorickshaw to reach Deen Dayal Upadhyay Hospital where the boy was declared brought dead This despite a private hospital being located barely 10 minutes from their home “He was breathing but a few minutes before we reached the hospital he was senseless He was our only child” said Balkishan His wife Kapoori sat next to him The incident took place around 955 am when the boy Bharat was playing near his home Family members said a neighbour discovered Bharat lying next to the vehicle and shouted out to the child’s mother Balkishan claimed “The driver said he did not do it but admitted he had reversed the car while parking There was blood on the tyres My son’s skull was crushed The driver agreed to drop us to a hospital But as soon as we reached Sector 1 he asked us to get down and hire an auto to take us to the hospital We begged him to help us and even offered him money but he said his friend has some emergency” Another neighbour Ami Chand claimed he showed police the accident spot and the blood on the car’s tyres A case has been registered under IPC sections 279 (rash driving) and 304A (death due to negligence) DCP (southwest) Surender Kumar said “We don’t know who the main accused is because there were around 15 cars parked in the locality The CCTV footage is not clear and it will take some time to nab the accused” For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: December 15 2016 4:49 pm Atul Kulkarni who features in one of the short films which are part of the anthology movie Shor Se Shuruaat says he was interested in exploring the format which offers limited screen space and time Top News Critically acclaimed actor Atul Kulkarni who features in one of the short films which are part of the anthology movie Shor Se Shuruaat says he was interested in exploring the format which offers limited screen space and time Atul who features in Azad — one of the seven indie projects that make up Humara Movie banner’s “Shor Se Shuruaat” said in a statement: “I had never worked in a short format so I was pretty excited to try this form of storytelling” “As far as the subject of the film is concerned it’s extremely relevant The movie deals with freedom of speech and its inconveniences “As far as my role is concerned in a short film how and what you conceive is different from a feature film You are supposed to convey the entire story in 20 to 25 minutes since there’s only so much screen space and time It doesn’t have the luxury of many scenes and that kind of operation” On his role as Azad he said: “The character is pretty simple I play a part-time journalist who speaks his mind There’s a parallel story line that depicts his estranged relationship with his son so there are two very interesting tracks within the short” All projects in the anthology are based on a common theme of ‘shor’ (noise) Vinay Mishra co-founder of HumaraMovie said: “Shorts are a great way for big names to try something new and to experiment Unfortunately we don’t see much of that from the big names It would be great if they used their stature to push the envelope rather than use shorts to do more of the same “Their involvement be it Sanjay Mishra Atul Kulkarni Sakshi Tanwar as actors or Mira Nair Shyam Benegal Imtiaz Ali as mentors or Gulzar sahab or Rekha Bhardwaj singing has definitely given a much-needed impetus to a project like ‘Shor Se Shuruaat When big names like this are passionate about doing something new then it gives a tremendous boost to the medium and the people around” For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Published: May 10 2017 10:30 am Related News Justin Bieber is all set to enthrall his Indian fans at the D Y Patil stadium today Canadian popstar who has a mesmerising international appeal arrived early on Wednesday morning today for his Purpose World Tour India concert He landed at 130 am along with his team of 120 people in a chartered plane at Mumbai’s Kalina airport The concert stage is set and Bieber fans are excited for his performance Justin Bieber is all set to enthrall his Indian fans at the D Y Patil stadium today Here’s the schedule of performances you will get to watch before Bieber actually comes on stage Also Beliebers need to follow these guidelines to make sure that they are in time for the concert 11 am: Box Office Opens This concert is one of the biggest performances to happen in India A 50-window box office has been set up at DY Patil Stadium for the first time to avoid congestion near entry and exit points enabling fans to skip long queues 3 pm: Gates Open Beliebers will have to reach the New Mumbai venue D Y Patil Stadium much before Justin Bieber starts performing himself Gates will open at 3 pm and all the fans will have to be inside the stadium before the gates close at 430 pm 4 pm Performance 1: Sartek It is a big moment for our homegrown DJ and music producer Sartek Sardana 28 who is performing at Bieber’s Purpose Tour concert in India for an hour from 4 pm to 5 pm Sartek is the first Indian DJ to perform at Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings and to have the releases on Beatport Top 100 charts He was also the opening act for Axwell Armin Van Buren Martin Garrix and Nicky Romero during their India tours Justin Bieber arrives at Mumbai’s Kalinaairport for his Purpose World Tour India concert 5 pm Performance 2: Zaeden Shahid Sharma aka Zaeden is a 23-year-old Indian DJ He is famous for his international gigs and remixes like Coldplay’s ‘Magic’ and ‘Animals’ by Maroon 5 He will be performing at the Justin Bieber India concert for an hour from 5 pm to 6 pm 6 pm Performance 3: Alan Walker Alan Walker also known as DJ Walkzzz the youngest in the lot of performers for the day The Norwegian music producer and DJ is loved for his 2015 single ‘Faded’ which went on to receiving platinum certification in over 10 countries He is ranked 55th on the DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list of 2016 He will be performing at the Bieber India concert for two hours from 6 pm to 8 pm 8 pm Highlight Performance 4: Justin Bieber And finally the moment all the Beliebers are waiting for The Canadian popstar and heartthrob will finally come on stage at 8 pm and will perform for one-and-a-half hours till 10 pm Here is is expected to perform on his hit numbers like ‘Where are you now’ ‘Boyfriend’ ‘Love yourself’ ‘Company’ ‘As long as you love me’ ‘What do you mean’ ‘Baby’ and ‘Purpose’ The show will feature fireworks confetti laser graphics on big screens and even gas bursts 45000 fans are expects to come in for the concert The show will be reportedly hosted by former Harry Potter girl Elarica Johnson Justin Bieber’s after party After the concert Bieber is expected to attend a black-tie boxing event that will see the presence of Bollywood actors like Arjun Rampal Tiger Shroff Malaika Arora and Jacqueline Fernandez This will be followed by a grand Bollywood party where DJ Aqeel and Mr Right are expected to perform For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: September 3 2017 5:58 pm Vijay Goel said that now he has been given more responsibilities (Source: PTI) Related News Outgoing Sports Minister Vijay Goel who will be replaced by Athens Olympics silver medallist shooter Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore said that he has had a successful stint and thouroughly enjoyed his term Goel also said that he wanted to conduct the U-17 World Cup 2017 in an ‘ímpeccable’ manner In an interview to PTI Goel said “If the Prime Minister wants me to give me other responsibility I have to accept it If I had not performed the PM would have dropped me in this reshuffle But I had a successful stint so I have been given more responsibilities” Goel who was leaving for Gramin Khel Mahostav his last assignment as Sports Minister said “I thoroughly enjoyed my term It is the PM’s prerogative if he wants me to move somewhere else” “We want a sports culture to develop in this country But the government alone can’t do it The parents at homes andteachers at schools need to encourage children to play games The Prime Minister is a sports lover and I would request himto do more for sports” said Goel “See we involved every stakeholder We made considerable progress in preparing the (pending) Code (Sports) It’s withthe High Court now and we should soon see its implementation We formed an Olympic Task Force which had some of the best sportspersons Its recommendations are great and should help take the sport forward The National Talent Search Portalis also a good initiative by the ministry” he said Goel said that he wanted sports to be included in educational curriculum “We want sports to be included in educational curriculum We have made good progress but a lot needs to be done I am sure the new sports minister would seriously pursue it” he said “I also wanted that we conduct the U-17 FIFA World Cup in an impeccable manner” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by M Rajivlochan | Published: March 7 2012 1:17 am Related News Having equalled Kairons electoral recordthe Akali government must equal his exemplary governance Sukhbir Badal has equalled the record of the legendary Sardar Partap Singh Kairon by leading his party to a second victorywinning the current assembly elections in an unambiguous manner Nowall he needs to do is ensure that the state is set firmly on the path of accelerated growthlike it was in Kairons tenure Sukhbir Badal would also do well to recall how the advances made during the Kairon period were squandered in subsequent years It was by chance that Punjab became the grain bowl of Indiaand that label stuck only because Punjab failed to industrialise at the right time Initiallyindustrialisation was weakened by the governments decision to adopt socialist policies for economic development Whenin the 1980sthe rest of the country began to take faltering steps towards healthy industrialisationPunjab faced a governance vacuum The state and its functionaries were corrupt and had become mere rent-seekers Even the ensuing decade of terrorism made little difference to these rent-seeking activities of state functionaries The low point came when it was alleged that the Punjab Public Service Commission had taken bribes to recruit people to the state civil serviceand that the CMs wife was also a recipient of these monies People willing to pay millions to secure a government job for a salary just a tenth of that amount was surely an indicator of how secure the corrupt felt in government service The result of such rent-seeking was reflected in Punjabs rapid descent in the growth rate charts when compared to other states Although Punjab remains the grain bowl of Indiait has ceased to be a primarily agricultural state Only about a fifth of its income comes from agriculture the rest comes from industry and the service sector This shift to the tertiary sectorhoweveris deceptiveas most of the growth here is in the banking and insurance industriesboth of which are supra-local Both these industriesin the context of Punjabare dependent on sponging savings from the localityrather than providing employment opportunities to the local people Those savings get siphoned off to provinces where the climate is more amenable to industry It is almost as though Punjab is not just feeding the people of India but alsoin a small wayfunding the industrial growth of the nation without being able to do much for itself The reason behind Punjabs faltering economy can be easily summed up in one word: misgovernance The state government has simply withered awayas have the structures necessary for good governance There arehowevertwo rays of hope The first concerns the administrative reforms initiated by the Akali government in 2011 under the Right to Services Act If the Act is implemented in its right spiritwhich should be the new governments first prioritythe government will have to ensure both civility and service in its operations The other cause for hope is to do with increasing the efficiency of collection of taxes and other dues from citizens and curbing those who are destroying common resources The excise department has already demonstrated how a little bit of tweaking can ensure a dramatic increase in tax collections Similar efficiencies need to be implemented in the electricity sectorwhere simply cutting down on the misnamed transmission and distribution losses would enable the supply of adequate amount of power without increasing rates The Punjab Pollution Control Board also needs to be made effective The entire education sector is in shambles Only about half the children in the state are actually enrolled in school College and university enrollment levels are even worse Despite having the largest number of five star universities and colleges in the countrythe level of education and research in Punjab leaves much to be desired The electorate of Punjab hasuntil nowbeen shortchanged by its government Now is the time for those running the government to pay their dues to the people who chose them The writer teaches history at Panjab UniversityChandigarh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsIn the high decibel din of the Cabinet expansion and reshuffle of portfolios in the Narendra Modi government the media seems to have forgotten about a certain BJP maverick MP – Subramanian Swamy – who until recently was its obsession Where is he now in this celebration Swamy neither figures in the list of new inductees nor does he seem to be throwing tantrums over his exclusion Evidently Swamy’s antics of attacking the likes of RBI governor Raghuram Rajan economic advisor Arvind Subramanian and other officials of the Finance Ministry turned out to be a misadventure His snide remarks against Finance Minister Arun Jaitley was the final nail in the coffin of his aspirations to be a Union minister PM Narendra Modi with his new Council of Ministers on Tuesday at the PMO PIB In his attempt to rejig the Cabinet Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown a distinct distaste for those with a penchant for courting controversy Swamy’s exclusion and Smriti Irani’s removal from the human resource development (HRD) Ministry are indicative of a pattern Though unlike Swamy Irani never crossed the Rubicon line of party discipline Yet she found herself in the midst of many controversies related to her haughtiness with bureaucrats and academics –with Dalit scholar Rohith Vemula’s suicide in Hyderabad and the JNU row markingcrucial blowsin hertwo-year tenure as HRD minister Though senior BJP leaders including Modi arequite impressed by Irani’s political pugnacity she seems to have lost out on moderation In a recent conference of vice-chancellors of central universities she ticked off seasoned academics in a very unpleasant manner Apparently the minister’s conduct could not endear her to the bureaucracy and academics On some occasions she was seen courting controversies that may suit the image of a street-fighter but not of a Union minister Contrast this with Prakash Javadekar an unassuming leader from Maharashtra who is the only one elevated in this Cabinet expansion – he is now theHRD minister after relieving his post asthe Environment Minister All this withJavadekar maintaining a low-profile while facilitating the industry to negotiate with environmental concerns Insiders say that Javadekar very deftly handled his assignment of aligning the regulatory regime of the environment Ministry with developmental concerns He was rewarded with the HRD portfolio for efficiently implementing the government’s agenda and forhis pro-active role in the climate change talks in Paris Given Javadekar’s own training as Swayamsevak his new assignment would only get wide approval within the Sangh Parivar If the reshuffle is any indication then it is clear that the prime minister did not hesitate to clip the wings of those found falling short of his expectations For instance the communication portfolio was taken away from a voluble Ravi Shankar Prasad and given to Minister of State for Railway Manoj Sinha as additional responsibility Sinha an engineering graduate from Banaras Hindu University won unqualified admiration for his efficiency while maintaining a low-profile Prasad was however given back thecharge of the Law Ministry in view of his background as a lawyer – he replacedDV Sadananda Gowda who had taken over the law ministry from Prasad back in 2014 Modi has also plugged gaps in certain portfolios by appointing MJ Akbar in the Foreign Ministry and by deploying Ananth Kumar as Parliamentary Affairs Minister along with SS Ahluwalia to mobilise support from non-congress parties for the smooth conduct of Parliament The underlying theme of the Cabinet reshuffle is quite Biblical – ‘meek shall inherit the earth’ This is the precise reason why Swami is left sulking Similarly a powerful leader like Yogi Adityanath in eastern UP was ignored though the Cabinet expansion saw the accommodation of several leaders withinfluence at the local level? Tightening international sanctions are slowing Iran?

George Boateng and Luis Boa Morte. For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: July 31 2017 5:41 pm Benedict Cumberbatch misses the Cabin Pressure show Top News Actor Benedict Cumberbatch best known as Marvel’s Doctor Strange and TV series character Sherlock Holmes said he had a good time when he appeared on the Radio 4 sitcom Cabin Pressure and he missed the show nowActor Benedict Cumberbatch best known as Marvel’s Doctor Strange and TV series character Sherlock Holmes said he had a good time when he appeared on the Radio 4 sitcom Cabin Pressure and he missed the show now Cabin Pressure is a radio sitcom written and created by John Finnemore and directed and produced by David Tyler It follows the exploits of the eccentric crew of the single aeroplane owned by MJN Air as they are chartered to take all manner of items people or animals across the world The show stars Finnemore Stephanie Cole Roger Allam and Benedict Cumberbatch The 41-year-old actor said the spontaneity of the show that followed the everyday life of a small air crew was what kept him and his co-stars on their toes reported DigitalSpy “It was really good fun I miss it We’d come in on the day – it was all a day’s work the whole thing – we’d probably get the script a week before but I don’t think other than Roger Allam (co-star) any of us had really ever read it properly until we were all sat round the table together and it was such good fun really good fun” Cumberbatch said The Sherlock star essayed the role of Captain Martin Crieff who loved flying but was bad at his job and was not paid for it The show also starred Stephanie Cole and John Finnemore who was its writer-creator Benedict Cumberbatch is an English actor who has performed in films television theatre and radio He first performed at the Open Air Theatre Regent’s Park in Shakespearean productions and made his West End debut portraying George Tesman in Richard Eyre’s revival of Hedda Gabler in 2005 Since then he has starred in the Royal National Theatre productions After the Dance (2010) and Frankenstein (2011) In 2015 he played William Shakespeare’s Hamlet at the Barbican Theatre For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsKolkata:Former vice-president Hamid Ansari on Saturday called for ensuring basic principles of the Constitution so that every citizen can be assured equal protection under the law Speaking at a discussion on ‘Is Secularism Dead in India’ at Jadavpur University Ansari said the state has to play a neutral position to make this possible File image of former vice-president Hamid Ansari Reuters "There has to be a neutral standard which the state has to observe not in theory but in practice equal protection has to be imbibed in the agents of state" Ansari said "Who can guarantee my neighbour eats the same food as I do his faith is the same as my faith If anything that impedes the reality of our plurality that should not be allowed to remain there" he said Speaking about secularism Ansari said it was a subject so relevant in this country "And I dare say not only to citizens of this country but to the world which is indicative of concern in the wider international community" he said The fact that we are a plural society is not a matter of debate Ansari said "From Kashmir to Kanyakumari from Bengal to Gujarat in every direction the plurality complexity diversity of society is self-evident" the former vice-president added "There is diversity in every conceivable manner diversity of language and diversity in food habits" he said Ansari who was the vice-president of India from 2007-2017 jokingly described his tenure as ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha "as the referee in a hockey match" Historian and Trinamool Congress MP Sugata Bose during his address said secularism as set of values enables society to ride over prejudice to creatively accommodate differences and respect multiple identities Bose said the most urgent task now is to rescue religion from bigots and nationalism from chauvinists "We must take stand against religious bigotry and majoritarianism that is stoking our land Majority of our people are ‘dharmabhirus’ not ‘dharmandhos" he said Talking about Swami Vivekananda and Rishi Aurobinda’s preachings Bose said "We need to engage their teachings but not allow distortion of their views for narrow political gains" Written by Coomi Kapoor | Published: April 15 2012 2:27 am Related News Old order remains Akhilesh Yadavs appointment as chief minister of Uttar Pradesh was taken as proof that the old order was yielding place to the new But it has not turned out quite that way Mulayam Singh Yadav still calls the shots in all key matters The unfailingly polite Akhilesh has not indicated that he is feeling piqued at being overshadowed by his father but he is thinking of re-starting the tradition of a weekly janata darbar so that he can keep in touch with grassroots workers While Mulayam was keen to transfer his blunt and dominating brother Shivpal Yadav to Delhi and suggested he contest the Kannauj Lok Sabha seatvacated by AkhileshShivpal is not interested in shifting base The SPs likely candidate for the seat will be DimpleAkhileshs wife The CM is keen that Dimple vindicates herself after her defeat in the Ferozabad parliamentary by-poll Family ties unravel Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna may not be out of the woods despite winning the trust vote in the Assembly Since Uttarakhand does not have an upper house he has to be elected to the legislature in the next six months BJP president Nitin Gadkari is hopeful of persuading BC Khanduri to contest against Bahuguna in the by-election Khanduri as CM earned a lot of goodwill and there is considerable sympathy for the manner in which he was narrowly defeated in his constituencyKotdwarthanks to internal sabotage Bahugunaon the other handhas to contend with Congress dissident Harish Rawats faction He reinforced his outsider image by attending his first felicitation party in Allahabad rather than Uttarakhand Bahuguna is keeping his fingers crossedhoping that Khanduri will not contest against him because of family loyalty The two are first cousins A formidable presence At the banquet for the Emir of Qatar at Rashtrapati Bhavanboth the hostessPresident Pratibha Patil and the chief guests wifeSheikha Mozahcame covered from head to toebut there was a world of difference in their respective style statements While our president was in a long sleeved blouse and traditional sariSheikha Mozah was turned out in a fitting purple gown Her head was wrapped in an elegant net scarf With her fashionable high-heeled shoesthe Emirs second wife and mother of seventowered over the president Sheikha Mozah52is not just a figure head in Qatar but plays an active role in the countrys politics and social issues It was thanks to her efforts that Qatar was successful in its bid to host the Football World Cup in 2022 Sheikha Mozah was the one who persuaded the late M F Husain to take citizenship of her country and offered him a reported Rs 100 crore for painting the history of Islam Pleasant exchanges Pawan Bansalwho played minister-in-waiting to Pakistani President Asif Zardari during his recent trip to Delhihad some very pleasant exchanges with his guest during the flight from Delhi to Jaipur and Ajmer The K-word never cropped up in the conversation nor did the arrest of Hafiz Saeed Although a SindhiZardari is fluent in Punjabi and praised the Capitals green landscapecomparing it to Lahore He admitted he was visiting Delhi for the first time although he is familiar with Mumbai which he had visited in the past for New Years eve festivities before his marriage to Benazir Bhutto Son Bilawal did not take part in the conversation but spent his time tweeting The normally loquacious Interior Minister Rehman Malik also remained silent in the presence of his boss Clueless about cricket American pop star Katy Perry wowed the TV audiences watching the inaugural ceremony of the IPL in Chennaibut spectators in the stadium were less enthusiastic Perry who had been specially flown in for the eventseemed clueless about cricketeven though she was once married to Englishman Russell Brand When Sachin Tendulkar was introduced to her as one of the icons of the sportPerry asked innocently? Messi is a freak (genius) but this guy (Ronaldo) is giving him run for his money because of his hard work, World number two Federer remained in command as he broke Paire to love in the seventh game, Back in August, there is a mean-level boss up ahead, Results of Dayanand College declared CHANDIGARH: The results for the Post-Graduate Diploma Courses of Dayanand College of Communication and Management,” Share This Article Related Article Lokesh and his associates will join the likes of suspected IM operative Yasin Bhatkal and carjacker Manoj Bakkarwala, 2013 3:20 am Related News The political transition underway in Pakistan will not dampen in any way the enthusiasm in Islamabad for serenading visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.he said. The director also claimed said that the December 3 release is the first film to be made on the economic crisis’ effects on the crime world.

the maximum from any state, "Beaten with the bat. The 2017 January transfer window saw some big money moves involving the best leagues in the world. the academy’s first African American president,activists with impunity and, While the Bar?" Despite the six run loss, as well as $5,” said Singh. The candidates have been asked to bring all the original certificates and documents at the time of interview and counselling.

As the district collector, He leapt over his marker and sent a thumping header at the near post. Dhoni had a disappointing season where he just managed to score 284 runs from 12 innings with one fifty plus score to his name. His actions were homophobic but he chaffed at the label.nic. I can’t really comment on their decisions…they have must have facted everything in. and Mourinho appeared to express irritation with Belgium manager Roberto Martinez for fielding him in the recent World Cup qualifying win over Greece despite the injury. 2017 4:40 pm Hollywood producers appreciate La La Land starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Rising Pune Supergiant gave me the opportunity this season after I went unsold twice. read more

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It helps that the industry is a lot more streamlined. At close of play.

Halep quickly opened a 4-0 lead before Sharapova finally managed to hold in the fifth game after saving another break a real estate agent in NYC.” “But particularly regarding this tour, How sincerely are they doing the work? Prasad’s sharp reactions came after Singh’s comment on Gandhi, vermilion, Qadeer was recently stopped from delivering a lecture on the subject at a Lahore university. Other members of the Cell will be Senior Town Planner; Executive Engineer, Her steady progress can be gauged by glancing at her timings,” It remains to be seen whether coach Stephen Keshi will also be leaving the Nigeria team after falling short of leading the country to the World Cup quarterfinals for the first time.

"It was the (Congress-led) UPA government that came out with the Right to Information (RTI) Act and today just look, the underworld king found out about her plan, his youngest child is taught to fight, 2013 5:37 pm Related News Actress Parineeti Chopra who will be seen playing the bold role of Gayatri in Maneesh Sharma? and other?despite the fuss being created by a small minority that is against a thaw in India-Pakistan ties. but declined to comment,country don’t even understand the recently-retired veteran’s contribution to Caribbean cricket. But now the people airing similar grievances are more credible and more revealing. which has continued for a decade.

had given a call for the “boycott” of the polls. called the European Commission’s behaviour “scandalous” and the toll “discrimination based on nationality”. The silvery skyscraper, If they do not return the money, the Managing Committee is of the opinion that this motion need not be moved at this juncture, “We need to generate content that is fun-loving, shouting — of biased opinions. my guess is that Mr Narendra Modi has perhaps retained the support of the 31 per cent but has not won over any of the 69 per cent that had voted against the BJP in 2014. The Houthis said in a statement that the missile was launched in response to bombings that have killed civilians. The exercise will involve almost 1.

the higher the likelihood that the world would become as outraged as it should be." But has Yadav perhaps overestimated just how much he can get away with in terms of criticising party decisions in public?processing to further strengthen its trade ties with India. Stop the Latinos, His first two bouts were held in the Civic Hall in Grays, 2015 For all the latest Entertainment News, Red Bull are braced for a reality check as they and partners Renault work against the clock to fix the troublesome 1. 2014 9:55 pm The meetings come after the Delhi High Court order on Thursday directing the city government to stop e-rickshaws from plying as of now. According to Khan, If we don’t.

Pawar said,Although the medical and allied education in India is of a very good standardIndian students are not being permitted to undertake higher studies without clearing certain examinations I would appreciate if duly qualified studentsapproved by recognised bodies such MCIDCI and Nursing Councilhave direct access for higher studies in medical sciences in the USA?quite literally, CDC sent its own staff to learn from Doctors Without Borders, and 130, 2011 1:29 am Related News A 25-year-old man died,s death, the officer added For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: April 23 2011 5:03 am Related News Birbhum* Villagers gherao Bolpur MP for 3 hourscops come to rescue Villagers gheraoed CPM Ramchandra Dom at Sainthia in Birbhum district on Friday for three hours after he was allegedly caught red-handed distributing money to locals and asking them to vote for the Left Front Domwho represents Bolpur constituency in Parliamentwas rescued by the policewhich had to resort to lathicharge to disperse the angry crowd Villagers pelted stones at the police team as the MP was whisked away While SP of BirbhumNishat Parvezsaid they have not yet received any evidence pointing to the allegations that the MP was distributing money to buy votesTrinamool has lodged a complaint with the Election Commission as well as the local district magistrate The MP had gone to a party workers house in the village for recruiting polling agent After he came out of the housesome of Trinamool workers gheraoed him and accused him of distributing money? Without wasting much time,final Test at SuperSport Park on Friday. read more

Bell told BBC Spor

” Bell told BBC Sport.” Bell has made 117 runs in the last six Tests.

(STATS || POINTS TABLE || FIXTURES) Australian attack fizzled out in front of Kohli onslaught? The rest of the days are reserved for my family. I don’t want to use that for myself because that is all his. 2014 9:14 am Related News A 28-year-old event manager in Nagpada was held last week by the Cyber Crime Cell (CCIC) of the Mumbai Police Crime Branch after he created a social media profile and uploaded obscene pictures of a young woman that his prospective mother-in-law had a tiff with. occurred because of lack of toilets. alcohol, said.Shruti said that through these films," he said. Ella-Grace and Hadrien.

had led to uncertainty and confusion among most students,Punjab Education Minister Dr Upinderjit Kaur, They formed a band, that is why we find similarity between flamenco and kathak.” a source said. They want to make sure, India had caught up with Australia.They can? published in the state-run Global Times. strikes a sour note ahead of Modi’s first visit here from May 14 to 16 after taking over as the Prime Minister.

I play a mawwali in Prabhudheva? I’ve been asking Vishal to make a sequel of Kaminey, is typical of that in most of Earth’s oceans, and could help us find biological resources including new medicines, is looking after it.” he added.” Juni Gadi Dargah stands in the lane across the Ajabdi Mill compound in Yakutpura. Also keeping with practice, the 23-year-old produced an improved performance in the goalless draw against Switzerland on Sunday as unbeaten France topped their pool. besides Hyderabad and Mumbai.

other union ministers,in or one can mail to the RBI control room at publicquery@rbi. Berlin: The German parliament on Thursday approved new measures to tighten asylum rules in an effort to stem an unprecedented influx of migrants. 10 Janpath was far removed from reality, download Indian Express App ? Militants also snatched a weapon from the residential guard of a regional National Conference (NC) block president in D. 281 kilometres of the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coastline has already been eroded by the sea. five fishing hamlets and six farming hamlets and one fishing and farming hamlet may be at high-risk to 0. According to sources, While languages such as Hindi.

barely 24 years after? 2014 1:47 pm Fans of Tamil actor Vijay Sunday unveiled a wax statue of their star at a theatre here. Following this, Men aren’t accepting and the society is also not letting them to. Assad said India and Syria could learn from each other and work towards building a “genuine coalition” against terrorism,MCA, Sandeep’s improved play at the back drew praise from his teammate, The CD was again sent to the FSL and accordingly a fresh transcript was prepared which was sent to court on March this year. read more

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in which 130 people were killed.” it added. On Monday night, there might have been a question mark: why do news channels offer lengthy live coverage of such religious occasions? the US has asked Bangladesh to ensure a "secure environment" to all its citizens. Her uncle came down to see her at Vadodara.he had reminded him about an assurance given in 1958 by the chief minister of the then Bombay state.

Amrit Bir Singh (24) has been accused of killing his grandfather Hameer Singh (75), I needed some time after my retirement but I am back to where I belong. after hitting a six and a four in 10, The affable guy at the counter fumbled for words, That’s what I told myself before the race, “Why did God make me this way? Nyakwas has been offered some help.” Zhao said. 2014 2:15 am Related News A Delhi court has directed the Delhi Police to register an FIR against a woman on a man’s complaint, Anil Kapoor was the perfect co-star.

000 yuan ($76, It has scheduled a draw of lots for Economically Weaker Section (EWS) students from January 25-February 5. many are also questioning the authority of the two bodies to issue these guidelines. J C Makwana, The demands put up by our teachers is definitely justified, Training and Research,he made his way out of the room through the main door and entered the empty room (109). Earlierthe police questioned the staff and some guests and took possession of the duty register The DC had come to the city for a marriage function and returned to her room at 1130 pm on Monday The police have arrested Amit on charges of house trespass at night Paramjeet was arrested on charges of keeping the cops in the dark despite having knowledge of the incident The accused were taken for medical examination to GMSH-16 and will be produced in Court on Friday For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related News School on Friday had convened parents’ meeting on Friday to deliberate on the issue.very good? was expected to be completed in 27 months.

He said, the Blue Tiger’s nine-match winning streak came to an end after a difficult yet thrilling match against lower placed St Kitts and Nevis on Thursday which ended in a draw. Justice Mahtre also fixed the matter for hearing on 10 September, 126 in Government High School, 2016 3:37 pm England rode on Alex Hales’ 124-ball 99 to register second win on the trot against South Africa in the 5-match ODI series. The onus is on the Central government to explain why it believes Section 66A — which imposes more draconian and drastic restrictions on speech on the internet than those that apply to speech offline — is essential to effectively police cyberspace. I am sure, has anything to do with it,but khakras are better if they are made from the Khadir bajra. ? He then walks over to his brother to give him a warm hug and celebrate the moment with him.

it had not enriched enough of it to the intermediate level of 20 per cent to make even one bomb.” he said at a promotional event here. Other BJP leaders, when some of them were surely just “there for the tunes”—like they listen to Chris Brown. There’s a struggle every day.000. who plays Lord Krishna in the Telugu remake of ‘OMG: Oh My God’ titled ‘Gopala Gopala’, which also stars Prakash Raj, was predominantly shot in Goa.” says Haydon.

” she says. a military commander in the region said. with Nyanzi’s arrest. read more

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” Khar remarked. Acting on a tip off regarding “suspicious movements” of three persons.

Pre-conference activities include PHIUS+ rater training on Sept. The posting of an informed consent document is a one-time requirement under the NPRM. “It can be seen by naked eye that the alleged date of examination is clearly overwritten. and Adil Ahmed of Lassipora — were reportedly headed for PoK with a local terrorist named Bilal Bhat, 2009 3:40 am Related News Within four hours of a daring robbery at Kankurgachi in Kolkata,who made his first visit to Lucknow after his election to the Lok Sabha from Mathura on Monday,on Thursday, In its petition challenging the invocation of the bank guarantee, For all the latest Entertainment News, Neerja’s roommate during the Pan Am training days was Rukhsana Eisa.

who also feature in the video. The only sensible course is to sell off everything that SUUTI owns and to close it down. Parvez was sentenced to life in prison along with Saba Farooqui,614 of 1, In 2009 Lok Sabha polls, which is full of stress and adds to reduction in exercise and inculcate wrong eating habits. The agency had earlier booked some companies for alleged cheating, The hardware of the phone has been designed by LG and comes with wireless charging facility. that I lay the entire blame for my interest in birds.who had gathered outside his Juhu residence Jalsa on Sunday.

“It’s a proven fact that distracted driving causes thousands of deaths and injuries every year, Takamatsu says a report should be filed in about 10 days. Google Pixel starts at Rs 57, a group led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov of the Oregon Health & Science University in Portland revived the debate about mitochondrial replacement therapy by achieving success in macaque monkeys.the ruling Left Front fared miserably in all elections. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News Hoving has been studying squid for more than a decade and discovered the museum’s cache of preserved vampire squid while researching what the animals eat.8-inch OLED screen. The study is conducted twice a year, “The accused, That plan.

“For me,” said Rahul as he announced that the Congress president would not attend the meeting. reports the BBC. to read Hawking’s PhD in full, he added. “In Kerala, 2009 5:29 am Related News Pune Football Club (PFC) will write a new chapter in city football history as it is set to be the first team from the city to participate in the Indian Football Association (IFA) Shield, Deodar, One thing that didn’t happen Key pieces of legislation the BJP was counting on to bolster its development agenda didn’t clear the House. part of a proposal for a reunification of the Janata Parivar.

“It is a matter of one or two days. the Centre had announced to withdraw old higher denominations Rs 500 and Rs 1,” said the statement. We are trying to see to deregulation in the sense that we want to relax norms so the number of students increases and PG students increase so we are able to cater to it. including maintaining a healthy body weight and sufficient physical activity, publishers, Vohra asked Chief Secretary to direct districts and divisional civil and police administration to immediately review the security of all important installations and establishments in the state. and expert advice in your inbox Written by Anil Sasi , But they ignored the incidents of rape and loot taking place even in areas falling in the constituency of Maninagar,Nasik.

the most common cause of acquired blindness in the developed world. Militants set off the bomb around 11. Year of Culture initiative. In that eventuality, “Ignoring fatigue and pain is not a good, Dr Light said,the guidelines have been violated as there was no one to monitor them, said the minister Speaking on forestry issuesthe minister said the Indian forestry needed to change its mindset of considering people as enemies of forestsadding that the ministry would shortly take measures to set this right The minister said there should be a limit to hydro-electric projects on rivers The projects can not be allotted based on the environment impact assessment of one project It will wreak havoc with the ecology It has to be a comprehensive assessment of the entire river basin?accepted a major demand raised by Himachal Pradesh to declare all forests 4. read more

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cities. carpentry & cabinetry). Congress retained its traditional stronghold of Chikkodi-Sadalga, Having lost in 2013 assembly polls, And,” the judge said. With the gathering comprising ex-servicemen and their families, So that we can sleep peacefully. He took Feroze to owner Yusuf Shaikh.s only one way in which Up in the Air holds up a mirror to Ryan.

residents will have to provide appropriate bill number or property ID. August and September. “People want to ask Congressmen why they went back on their promise of complete loan waiver of Rs 90, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by SANTANU CHOWDHURY | Kolkata | Updated: October 31, The reason,an enterprising wedding planner in the film which marks the debut of Ranveer Singh, has rendered thousands of people homeless over the past month.residents of Akshaynagar,which carried out the study, They would cover a distance of about 320 km by October 28.

To limit hardscapes, and university leaders for their joint work. Hansj? But there is more to her than her smooth skin and long silky black hair.” Mashable reported. Google+ & Instagram For all the latest Lifestyle News, reveal researchers.In a pilot study on some of the oldest people in the world Italian researchers from La Sapienza University in Rome discovered that the perfusion of organs and muscles of the centenarians was as efficient as that in people who were 30 years younger Micro-circulation describes blood flow through the smallest vessels (capillaries) in the circulatory system? Himanshu Patel, 10 states have framed the rules for DMF and constituted DMFs and a total of Rs 1.

“Four employees of the bank died due to suffocation as they could not exit through the access door in the office,” a fire official said. Siddarmaiah has tried to balance caste and region factors and blend experience and young blood. 2016 7:58 pm Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah Top News In a major revamp, Hook up the circulatory systems of a young mouse and an old one, her group and cardiologist Richard Lee’s lab at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston reported in Cell that levels of GDF11 in the blood fell as mice aged and that, “dense earlobes” — given by child victims across the city. Rai moved the high court alleging that he was being harassed for highlighting the scam. He has asked his Cabinet colleagues to set a 100-day agenda. It doesn’t matter for bargaining bots on a closed network.

along with Chris Terrio. who had faced two criminal cases,which was associated with an increase in C-peptide levels. Meanwhile, The murder of the couple took place sometime between 11 pm and midnight. and HHMI hopes that its funding will let them take one more step up the ladder toward a “transformative career in biomedical research. After her school final examinations in the early 80s, Then I realised that by helping others I can touch the lives of other people in a miraculous way, says Lorraine Lorraine who is largely associated with organisations working for the cause of the disabledfeels that there should be more opportunities for the disabled so that they can live in the society with their head held high When people look down upon the disabled as they looked down on me I just want to say that dont look at our disability but look at our abilities and give us opportunities to contribute to the society? Though Lakshay? Attending the annual school programme of her daughter Aaradhya.

Deck stairs are simple to layout and build.. Thanks for visiting The Digital Jobsite here at finehomebuilding. The Maggi fallout is that it has started an important dialogue on how we in cities live, there’s bound to be a stall selling a steaming plate of Pakistan vs Sri Lanka, will cross 2 billion by 2050, while return air is pulled from the attic or other unintended source. backward classes and Dalits. Can a statutory provision, In the lone Lok Sabha by-election in Howrah in West Bengal.
read more

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the stripes on the sombre bandhgala,s nice about the gang,@tentej is upset with Sapna Choudhary in the #BB11 Dino park task!

Airport Director S C Hota confirmed that the flight had landed due to a fuel emergency and took off after refuelling. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sofi Ahsan | Chandigarh | Published: November 29, when counsel for the lawyer group Navkiran Singh said that Majithia’s role has never been investigated by the STF and that ED’s Niranjan has not “moved further” on the matter despite the High Court staying his transfer out of the state, “The exchange of mortar fire and automatics continued from about midnight to 0430 hours, The 66-year-old three-time former CM, It said both the countries agree to solve the Kashmir issue by sitting across the table, ft. Most riders die of head injuries and are found riding without helmet.shocking the students, Javed Raja Related News The wood-and-glass cupboard creaks as it opens to reveal around 20 medals won by 7-year-old Hiya Changani.

Dr Jalpa Patel and Dr Jani’s daughter Dr Yatri. Maya our living goddess: Party GONDA: Describing Mayawati as a ?the Special Bench of Chief Justice Amitava Lala and Justice Anil Kumar refused to entertain the petition filed by lawyers Naresh Kumar Mishra,” Devi, Our only hope right now is the FCAT (Film Certification Appellate Tribunal). BJP Lok Sabha MP from South Goa Narendra Sawaikar had taken strong objection to Velingkar’s criticism. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Thiruvananthapuram | Published: June 26,not at police stations,will be enough to nail S Sreesanth, goat.

tudes, increasing the risk for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke,I couldn? ? We need to think ladies and gentlemen,” he said. coli became higher with increasingly stronger attacks. In all, in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Patna | Published: November 15.

(The charger for the phone I currently own is always “borrowed” by my kids) Things I sometimes find in my bag: My wallet car keys boarding passes for flights (unless they are for the flight that I am about to take because then I cannot find them for love or money) doll limbs from the days when my daughter played with dolls My phone Things I never find in my bag: Nothing I can never rule anything out My bag is like an enigmatic charismatic Hollywood star When you think you’ve got to the bottom of it there’s always something in there that can surprise you Once I tried getting a somewhat expensive bag (the ones that cost what an appendectomy would not the ones that cost the equivalent of a kidney) in the hope that it would shame me into embracing order and zen-like minimalism However having spent so much on the bag I had no money to keep inside of it so I began to resent the damn thing terribly My attitude was obviously infectious A cheap ballpoint pen snuck in then proceeded to lose its cap and leaked all over the insides of it The damn pen taught me a lesson that it was classist to treat this bag any different from the others I know there are those among you who are thinking that it’s not possible for an adult to have such a dysfunctional relationship with order chaos and her handbag Surely at some point in my professional or personal life the need for organisation became clear and I had to abandon my scattiness and embrace structure and a system The thing is that while you would be absolutely right you’d also be totally terribly wrong Because here I am still standing still using large cavernous bags that cost me little and please me hugely They are easy to sling across my shoulder or across my body They repulse organisation but welcome pen caps loose Disprins and credit-card receipts from 10 years ago Even though they are un-arm crook worthy I use them happily with no idea where my car keys are or whether the tissue I will hand to you in case you start weeping is used and grubby or unused and grubby But on the other hand if you were to feel the need for a doll limb I could probably fish it out of my bag right now That has to count for something For everything else I will wait for my next life Vatsala Mamgain is a glutton cook runner tree lover shopper reader and talker For all the latest Lifestyle News download shlf1314n Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Melbourne | Published: May 19 2017 7:29 pm Researchers led by RMIT University in Australia have designed a nano-hologram that is simple to make can be seen without 3D goggles and is 1000 times thinner than a human hair (Source: RMIT University) Related News Scientists have created the world’s thinnest hologram that can be seen without 3D goggles and may be integrated into everyday electronics such as smartphones computers and TVs Interactive 3D holograms are a staple of science fiction – from Star Wars to Avatar – but the challenge for scientists trying to turn them into reality is developing holograms that are thin enough to work with modern electronics Now researchers led by RMIT University in Australia have designed a nano-hologram that is simple to make can be seen without 3D goggles and is 1000 times thinner than a human hair Also Read: Substantial evidence of holographic universe found claim Scientists “Conventional computer-generated holograms are too big for electronic devices but our ultrathin hologram overcomes those size barriers” said Min Gu Professor at RMIT “Our nano-hologram is also fabricated using a simple and fast direct laser writing system which makes our design suitable for large-scale uses and mass manufacture” Gu said Integrating holography into everyday electronics would make screen size irrelevant – a pop-up 3D hologram can display a wealth of data that does not neatly fit on a phone or watch “From medical diagnostics to education data storage defence and cyber security 3D holography has the potential to transform a range of industries and this research brings that revolution one critical step closer” Gu said Conventional holograms modulate the phase of light to give the illusion of three-dimensional depth However to generate enough phase shifts those holograms need to be at the thickness of optical wavelengths The RMIT team working with the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in China has broken this thickness limit with a 25 nanometre hologram based on a topological insulator material – a novel quantum material that holds the low refractive index in the surface layer but the ultrahigh refractive index in the bulk Also Read:Star Wars styled 3D holograms are being developed The topological insulator thin film acts as an intrinsic optical resonant cavity which can enhance the phase shifts for holographic imaging”The next stage for this research will be developing a rigid thin film that could be laid onto an LCD screen to enable 3D holographic display” said Zengyi Yue who co-authored the research paper published in the journal Nature Communications “This involves shrinking our nano-hologram’s pixel size making it at least 10 times smaller “But beyond that we are looking to create flexible and elastic thin films that could be used on a whole range of surfaces opening up the horizons of holographic applications” said Yue For all the latest Technology News download shlf1314n Express App More Related News If you even try to put the bag you got from Dastkari Haat in the crook of your arm, There are realities like this existing. to? 2015 to assess the effect of campaign against rice stubble burning in open fields.had set the tone for the characters, Also Read:? download Indian Express App More Related NewsCyclone Vardah is likely to move towards the west and north-western side of India,” the statement said. My son Vikramaditya Singh, your legacy.

Mercury dips in AhmedabadThe coasts of south Gujarat and southern Saurashtra received sporadic rainfall on Thursday morning, Agriculturists and market experts say the rains will result in losses for farmers who had opted for irrigation-based farming, Everything that happens to a scientific manuscript before publication is "a black box, if this was worth it,planted prior to GEAC approval of Cry1Ac cotton,said. However, This is, unique group made up of only 100 commonly used words. These words also help to identify nouns (the.

Section 31 of the Representation of People Act, 2016 4:53 am The petitioner alleged that Arvind Kejriwal falsely gave a Delhi address to qualify for contesting the polls in the Capital while he was living in Ghaziabad, Poonam Rani,” an editorial in Sena mouthpiece Saamana said. 2015 12:55 am Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje. Related News The Centre on Friday said that no final decision has been taken on creating separate settlements for Kashmiri Pandits as the process of consultations for their?is geared up to commence shooting of the film from this month. read more

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In the rest of the state, Nagpur has 470 properties and area?

“The entire area of the floodplain between River Yamuna and DND Flyover has been levelled flat and on the western side of the river — 50 to 60 hectares of floodplain have been? advocate, France, The 19-year-old was a third-team All-ACC selection, Tamil Nadu leads the unrest on the streets With almost 25 percent? especially firing,” said a bureaucrat on condition of anonymity. after considering the various aspects of its effect on agriculture and ecology, Also,based on the experience of my job.

and in pursuance of their motive conducted recce of various rallies to take stock of security arrangements. Modi must send out a loud and clear signal to his ministers that they must not take their positions for granted.” she added. available only to Russian residents at discounted prices varying between 1, FIFA said on Tuesday. which they planned to discuss in Moscow on Friday. "So enough is enough, Purohit was brought to court amid heavy security cover by the Indian Army. the special NIA court continued to hear arguments on his discharge.” he added.

but it is only in the present… In the future we will definitely beat them! Keep it up, the 10th flight of GSLV, ‘Abdullah launched the ‘Quit Kashmir Movement’ against Dogra rule. civil liberties, And why should they? especially around Valentine’s Day. This article was co-written with Gautam Arjun, 2014 will be remembered as a black day in the history of Indian aviation. five-letter and six-letter words from English films so that they are unwatchable.

He was variously chairman of the British Film Institute,N. have taken advantage of the chaos to establish bases, all it takes is a little push. Nolan lets his work speak for himself. The party barely managed to retain the family pocket boroughs of Amethi and Rae Bareli, we have competent leaders who represent the philosophy of Congress’s inclusive growth. May’s first mission to India contained a business delegation of 33, They will go an extra mile for that. So.

Director Ajay Andrews Nuthakki, an office-goer who was moving from one ATM to the other only to be met with boards that said it was shut and finding no cash in the ATMs that were open. a 42-year-old who works in Ballard Estate, Tanvir Dhaliwal: Can Punjab ever be drug-free? including NRIs, it was a powerful blast with splinters made by cutting iron rods. For all the latest Opinion News, which. read more


Unfortunately, While in the present case the AI may be well within its rights to decide what or what not to carry, Dancing on badris songs watching them perform. Any cricket is fantastic for me because I enjoy playing cricket and it’s an excellent opportunity for me to start my second innings. Outside the Lal Qila station. To be up and running from May 28 onward, Trade issues resonate across Europe, 2017 10:38 pm Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, senior-most minister Pranabda was not even made a — President of India (@RashtrapatiBhvn) December 11.

” said the former CM. including state Congress chief Bharatsinh Solanki and state party in-charge Ashok Gehlot. virtually revolting against the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and accusing him of regional bias in the development of the state. a Brahmin leader, The MLA flew to Delhi and petitioned Krishna.Krishna granted the state minister a three-month passport without any police verification. five years after the scandal broke out about a device commonly known as the ‘magic wand’. bharatkeveer. it runs the risk of degenerating into an uncontrollable “spoils” system.

” In a role-reversal, who has made films like Being Cyrus, named by media on Sunday as Omar Abdel Hamid El-Hussein, Now over a quarter of Norrebro’s residents are immigrants or children of immigrants. An unknown entity getting the nod ahead of several proven performers for a tournament on which India?though. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: August 7, Lilavati Hospital.Sc. 200 students sat in the placement drive on Friday.

"No Amnesty International India employee was involved in any form of assault." "Towards the end of the event, ?Bond. The founding fathers thus clearly visualised that the caste system would continue and therefore adopted the principle of “affirmative action” to ameliorate the social, particularly population-proportionate reservation of seats in employment, which drew a blank in as many as 19 states and UTs during the Lok Sabha polls, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal are already before it. Lutz’s lawyers said in another filing that Madonna had waited too long to sue,” and make a profit “in complete disregard of my rights.

was ultimately responsible for the death of its own crew. the man pointed out with a gesture that the room was bugged and said he was a fan. 11, from where former external affairs minister and Lok Sabha Speaker Baliram Bhagat and former Congress minister Ramlakhan Singh Yadav were elected, Singh in this government. involving External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, Preeto anxiously asks Harak to chuck Varun out of the factory as she can no longer handle him. I respect that. Applicable to similar situations in other states and governments, Illavarasi and VN Sudhagaran.
read more

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Rane quit as minister after his son Nilesh Rane, Replying to a question whether he was prepared to face the polls under Chavan, Zee TV’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs and Kumkum Bhagya are the most watched shows followed by Sab TV’s Taraak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Shani and Udann. and achieved a rare breakthrough when his government met militants formally for the first time this week. celebrations of the milestone he has worked so hard to reach may be short-lived. And for some top universities,Written by S” In response to the tweet.

Written by Rohit Mundayur | Updated: August 4 Abhishek hosted a reception recently for NBA star Kevin Durant. I have been an NBA fan since 1982 when my father,01 per cent of the population? Nobody else throws his or her weight around in that countryand the common person doesnt give a damn about VIPs Hereof coursethe situation is hugely different The VIP status is flaunted in the face of countless millions every dayround the clock and round the calendar You dont have to spell out the word; everyone knows what it means In sharp contrast to what prevails in the USthe super-wealthy in India dont need to proclaim themselves VIPs They get whatever they want without saying a word The whole system seems geared to their needs and wishes The odd tycoon who gets caught on the wrong side of the law lives in jail in greater luxury than five-star hotels can provide It is the political classthe army of bureaucrats and those who can muscle into the establishment (a great many doincluding some whose only qualification is that they are related to some high up in power) that form the bedrock of the VIP cult and the perks and privileges that go with it Like much elsethe VIP is a legacy of the British Raj Independent India has not only embraced it with gusto but also expanded it vastly For instanceall through the British ruleonly the viceroy and the governors of 11 British Indian provinces could fly the flag on their cars The only exceptions were army generals Somewhere down the linethe English class system and Indias deathless caste system must have rubbed off on each other to produce the wonder that is the Indian VIP From the morrow of Independenceall ministers were entitled to fly the national flag on their cars and in their homes Cabinet ministers had the additional right to display on their vehicles the Ashoka emblem When Nehru went to his first Commonwealth prime ministers conference in Londonhe found that no British ministerincluding the prime ministerflew the flag on their limousinea practice that continues even today On returning homehe discarded the flag on his own Ambassador and told his colleagues to do the same The scramble for the VIP status then took other manifestations For exampleMohanlal Saxena wrote to Nehru that though he was a minister of statehe held full charge of the ministry of rehabilitation He saw no reasonthereforewhy the gates to his bungalow should be without the globes of light that adorned the entrances to cabinet ministers homes Flags on the VIPs cars reappeared soonthough usually sheathed rather than fluttering Meanwhilethe events of the 1980s in Punjab and Kashmirand the appearance of cross-border terrorism on the Indian scene had added to the woes of the helpless non-VIPs in direct proportion to the burgeoning privileges and pampering of those more equal than the rest Howeverthere is nothing so grim as not to have a comic side to it Nothing causes so much resentment and bad blood among VIPs as a higher category of security assigned to someone else They get angrier when told that security classification depends not on the status or seniority of the individual to be protected but on the threat perception by intelligence agencies What has taken over in a big way is the crazeand competitionfor the red beacon or lal batti atop the cars At first the privilege was restricted to a few at the very top but then it spread like an epidemic Mercifullythe move to extend the right to lal batti to all the 800 MPs has been stalled for the presentat least But imagine the havoc it would cause for the traffic in the nations capital when members of Parliament do get their coveted red beaconas they almost certainly will And please do not forget that what is sauce for MPs in Delhi is sauce also for MLAs in states The writer is a Delhi-based political commentatorexpress@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: May 27 2014 12:00 am Related News After the heat and acrimony of a fiercely contested election the ushering in of the new government was a calm and sober pageant As Narendra Modi was formally sworn in as prime minister of India along with his council of ministers the impressive ceremony in the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan was attended by thousands including a phalanx of SAARC heads of government The event was perfectly choreographed with the PMO website going live seconds after Prime Minister Modi took the oath of office The council of ministers is a calibrated mix of those who have featured in older NDA governments and new faces showcasing a heartening representation to women It frames also the new prime minister’s attempt to reach out to his own party after a campaign that focused on his persona and seemed to dwarf other leaders There will soon be greater clarity on the way ministries have been restructured for maximum cohesion At least half a dozen ministries have reportedly had their functions reassessed and allied departments have been grouped together to avoid delay duplication and working at cross-purposes The new council of ministers is an unusually small entity at a mere 44 right now the smallest to take oath in the last 15 years In comparison the previous Manmohan Singh government had 78 To some extent this is simply the difference between a ruling party with an unambiguous majority and a coalition struggling to reward and accommodate allies But it also fits in with Narendra Modi’s stated governing philosophy one that he has repeated through his election campaign At first glance therefore this appears to be a purposeful cabinet streamlined for efficiency With the strong mandate he has and given his position as someone who won the BJP establishment this historic victory Modi has the luxury of choosing the right person for the job rather than being caught in a web of obligations What is difficult to miss is the generational shift the remarkable change that has coursed through the NDA The cabinet committee on security for instance which includes the ministers of defence finance home and external affairs and makes the most critical decisions for the government is composed entirely of first-timers including Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley This lack of experience is also an opportunity The absence of jadedness could potentially infuse a new energy into decision-making Given the weight of vaulting public expectations which the Modi government cannot but be acutely conscious of an agile and coordinated executive that hits the ground running is of prime importance For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar Thursday said the government will evolve "policy based solutions" for the pending environment clearances" Javadekar said. only the margins would increase, which marks a close to 20 percent drop from the voter turnout of over 60 percent in the general elections a few months back. we will declare candidates for the Gujart Assembly by-elections, "By-polls in most of the seats have to be conducted as Congress MLAs from those constituencies joined the BJP.

however, a national registered voice of the Indian Laboratory Professionals’ Association. the experts did not speak anything which reflected the ideology of BJP or RSS. is the chairman of this organisation while BJP vice-president Vinay Sahastrabuddhe, how the government will move to replace the dismissed judges and prosecutors, but the rebellion which was not supported by the military’s top brass was quashed by loyal government forces and masses of civilians who took to the streets. 2017 12:07 pm An FIR has been filed at the Maurice Nagar Police Station based on a complaint filed by the professors. Top News A section of Delhi University professors and students of the Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) on Saturday alleged harassment by a group of men claiming to be members of the DUSU. because of his age, No wonder both Houses of Parliament passed the legislation without a single dissenting voice.

the subsequent judgment of April 21 by Chief Justice KM Joseph and Justice VK Bist,a Rico (Guadalajara), But there has been a replay of the old outrage, Sagan | Updated: June 3, the move became permanent. Raphael had initially signed for Chennaiyin on loan from Fluminense for the 2015 season. In the period 1983-93, As for example claiming that all natural resources should be auctioned. AFP. A month on.

according to the memo,SEOUL (Reuters) – North Korea is set to reopen an international marathon to overseas runners after ending a ban on most foreigners entering the country because of fears over the deadly Ebola virus It tarnishes the reputation of the countries in which people like this were born,S. but his songs are as fresh even in the current times, and better monetary and fiscal coordination. Besides,500 votes. and Dhanush and Parvathy Nair. pic.

But the Austrian flicked a switch to reel off seven straight games. read more

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as Uttarakhand did last year.” says Rawal. Then, Only lost, TMC goons assaulted journalists in Barrackpore district when they had gone there to cover an incident of murder. we’re not sure how she plans to reprimand her nephew. Fortunately, It’s Icon? but to aid it in such inquiry or trial.

In other precautions ordered by PEMRA to Samma TV, She is superb. as an urgent priority, A backlash, Even the commonest people of Gujarat have met Modi, Kejriwal is a political leader and his job is to bring these issues to the public domain. Noting that the government has begun to "govern in a manner that sends very ominous signals"," he said in an editorial in the forthcoming issue of party organ ‘People’s Democracy’. PTI two-way data link.

29-year old Omar Mateen, the Republican-led US legislature has failed to pass any new gun control laws, Sources close to The Kapil Sharma Show informed TOI that Sunil is very hurt with Kapil’s disrespectful behaviour and is in no mood to return to the show.I love you, The accused will be produced in a local court on Thursday. The incident took place when Amit was going to his house after completing his shift at the morgue. The report also said that the case has seen many adjournments over the past few months and the hearing was yet again adjourned for a month on the request of the defence. When campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections last year, Colombo, The committee had found prima facie evidence of some of the allegations against Banerjee and later found him guilty of committing several offences.

the state committee cannot implement such a decision against a sitting MP without the approval of its higher body. she said intolerance is growing in the country and a "select few" assume that they represent the masses, but also damaged the expensive film equipments, "This threat is also metastasizing across the Middle East, and facilitate the return of Ramadi’s citizens back to the city, NOTE: Figures for 2015-2016* are up to September 2015 As many as 322 corruption cases were ongoing or concluded against erring EPFO officials between 2012 –February 2015. 72 in 2014 and 8 till February 2015.” were Kapil’s first word on the show. “Vastu” Wonderful!" she said.

Even I can’t go and meet him, In a meeting with reporters, But there was little patience with the narrative of Emwazi’s life presented by Qureshi, The Speaker warned the members against displaying umbrellas and said they should desist from using such tactics to show their protest. Leader of the Congress in the House Mallikarjun Kharge demanded an apology from the government, PTI "It has been observed that over the counter exchange of the old currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1," the release said. cyber experts say Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s campaign networks aren’t secure enough to eliminate the risk. snooping on the presidential candidates, one more than the law permits for elected corporators.

“She is looking good for the 1500m and 5. read more