PM to address nation Friday evening

first_imgPrime minister Sheikh HasinaPrime minister Sheikh Hasina will address the nation on Friday evening following the formation of her new government through the eleventh parliamentary election.State-owned Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television will simultaneously broadcast the prime minister’s address from 7:30pm, said prime minister’s press secretary Ihsanul Karim on Thursday.Private television channels and radio stations will also air the speech.Sheikh Hasina formed the government for the third consecutive term following her party Awami League’s landslide victory in the 11th parliamentary election.The new cabinet was formed on 7 January last and the maiden session of the 11th parliament will begin on 30 January.last_img read more

How Gamers Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

first_img Sexy Robots Help Cure Erectile DysfunctionApple, Samsung Join FDA’s Digital Health Software Program Stay on target Video gaming is good for a lot of things. There’s science that shows it can improve reflexes, critical thinking, and other super useful stuff. But for the most part it isn’t a real driver for physical fitness. Outliers like Wii Fit and Just Dance excepted, the vast majority of gaming is spent in a fairly motionless position on couch or chair.That’s… not great for your body. From early reports of “joystick thumb” to modern-day eSports athletes getting their aching wrists repaired, gaming at the hardcore level can take its toll. One of the biggest and most important areas for humans to take care of is the back.Lower back pain is a big issue for gamers. When you get absorbed in a digital world, it’s all too easy to forget about good posture. Some of the symptoms you might have noticed include aches and pains, restricted movement and tingling or weakness in the legs.AdChoices广告Even if you haven’t started feeling aches and pains in your lower back, practicing some of these techniques will shore up your core. It will also prevent bad times in the future.via pixabayWhat Causes Back PainThe human body is a remarkable device, capable of performing a wide variety of physical feats. However, it also craves variety. Sitting in the same posture for too long can be harmful to your muscles and joints. And when you’re gaming, it’s a pretty fair bet that you’re not thinking about your posture.Taking a look inside, it’s fairly simple to see how that part of the human body works. The spine runs down the center of your back, a column of separate bones enclosing a bundle of nerves that send sensations and information to and from the brain. In between the bones are disks of cartilage, which allow you to bend and twist your back in a variety of ways. The whole setup is supported and facilitated by a network of muscles.Back pain can result from a number of different issues. The simplest is a strain or sprain in one of those muscles, either through vigorous activity or (more likely for gamers) extended time sitting in bad posture. That is, thankfully, also the easiest to repair on your own.More dangerous is damage to the disks in your spine, which is often caused by bending motions where your back is rounded, not straight. Those disks can push into the nerves of the spinal cord, causing constant pain, paralysis and more. Definitely not what you want to do to your body.via pixabayPause ButtonThe absolute best piece of advice we can give gamers worried about lower back pain is simple: walk away for a little bit. Modern games have pause buttons for a reason, and most of them also come with warnings when you boot them up that explicitly tell you to keep your sessions to a reasonable length of time. Yes, we know that’s not always possible – you can’t pause a raid in an MMORPG, for instance – but it’s very valuable to take five to ten minutes out of at least every hour you play and go for a short walk, rest your eyes, and stretch your muscles.These don’t have to be massive breaks, but your body will thank you for them. And yes, this does reduce your total gaming time on the whole, but it’ll enable you to perform better for longer.via AmazonFix Your SetupConsciously remembering to adjust your posture while you’re caught up in a game is pretty difficult. But you can do a little bit of prep work before you power up your battle station to prevent physical damage. Here are some quick tips.Neck alignment is a big driver of back pain, and the simplest adjustment you can make involves your field of vision. For pretty much any media consumption, you want the top edge of your monitor to be at natural resting eye level. Way too many people, especially if they’re gaming on laptops or portable devices, curl up and hunch over to play. That puts pressure on the neck and spine. By keeping your head perpendicular to the floor, you force your spine to be straight.The second half of this method involves making sure your feet are planted flat on the floor. This helps move your pelvis into a position that supports your core and lower back. The combination of head and feet in proper position will take a little getting used to, especially if you’re a sloucher, but it will pay real dividends.Finally, a little bit of furniture adjustment might be able to help you forestall back pain during marathon sessions. If you think “gaming chairs” are just corny wastes of money, think again. The best of them are designed specifically for long-term usage and help automatically shape your body into the best position. If you can’t afford a good chair, one piece of advice is to insert a rolled up towel between the top of your tailbone and the chair’s back to remind you to keep it straight.via pixabayAfter The InjuryFor some of the geeks out there, it might be too late. You could already be suffering from gaming-related lower back pain. As a caveat before we launch into this next section: we’re not doctors. We’re not even Time Lords. So we can’t dispense medical advice. Before starting any program of exercise, talk to a physician.The absolute best thing you can do for your back is stretch on a daily basis. Stretching increases flexibility, works out strains and strengthens your core muscles, so they support your spine better. Here’s a quick regimen of floor stretches that you can do on any relatively soft surface with no additional equipment.– On your back, bend one knee and plant the foot flat on the floor. With the other leg, bring it straight up above your pelvis (it’s OK to have a slight bend in your knee) and put your hands on your calf. Pull towards your head to stretch your hamstring and lower back. Hold each leg for 30 seconds.– Still, on your back, straighten one leg with your toes pointing towards the ceiling. Bring your other knee to your chest, holding just below the kneecap with both hands, and keep it there for 20 seconds. This helps relax your glutes – the muscles in your butt that you use for sitting.– Staying on your back, rotate your head to one side of the room and your torso to the other side, twisting gently through your spine. Keep the bottom leg straight and bring the top leg out, bent at the hip and knee. Rest the hand of the arm on the torso side on top of the bent knee and hold each side for 20 seconds. This is a great one for sciatic nerve pain.via pixabayAt The GymAn exercise program can also help you build your body to a point where marathon gaming sessions won’t do quite so much damage. Exercises like Pilates or yoga can improve flexibility and long muscle strength, allowing you to naturally pursue better posture.There are even companies looking to gamify back health itself. Valedo is a wearable device consisting of a pair of sensors that attach to your lower back and chest that sync with an iPhone game where you run through an obstacle course. The body movements that the game requires help strengthen lower back muscles, but the downside is that the device costs $359, which is pretty steep.Whatever you decide to do, the first step is recognizing that lower back pain isn’t something any gamer should have to live with. You have the power to get rid of it, so get your stretch on, and we’ll see you back here in a few minutes.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Cultural extravaganza ends

first_imgThe city saw the best of theatre from around the world under one roof when the 18th edition of ‘Bharat Rang Mahotsav’ was held in the national Capital. From international to Indian plays, Delhiites witnessed amazing performances by theatre artists, who brought life into the plays written by renowned playwrights. The 18th edition of ‘Bharat Rang Mahotsav’ came to an end as the valedictory ceremony of the annual international theatre festival of National School of Drama’s was held on Sunday at Kamani Auditorium in the national Capital.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Dr Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State (independent charge), Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Government of India was the Chief Guest for the evening, while Mannu Bhandari, renowned Hindi writer was the Guest of Honour. Famous Pandwani artist Teejan Bai was the special guest and the ceremony was presided over by Ratan Thiyam, Chairman, National School of Drama Society. Prof. Waman Kendre, Director, National School of Drama was also present during the occasion. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixDuring his address, Dr Mahesh Sharma said: “National School of Drama is an institution of great importance to our country. The government has already earmarked a budget of Rs 180 crores for constructing the new building of NSD, and we are also hoping that the institute gets its status as an institute of national importance in the near future. We are very happy to see that the youth at this institution is actively participating to promote theatre.” Mannu Bhandari, renowned Hindi writer shared some wonderful anecdotes related to her experiences with National School of Drama and the theatre field and said that this is the time for the new generation to take forward the legacy.Famous Pandwani artist Teejan Bai said: “I congratulate National School of Drama for celebrating the art of theatre with such splendour. I wish that every artist of this country achieves great heights and promote the culture and heritage of India.”The 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav, which was organised from February 1-21, was held across leading venues in the national Capital where best of plays from around the world were staged. The parallel festivals this year took place in Jammu, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneswar and Thiruvananthapuram from February 3-14. Ratan Thiyam, Chairman, National School of Drama Society said: “It was an unforgettable experience of plays during the 21 days of the 18th Bharat Rang Mahotsav. As it concludes, I thank everyone for their wholehearted participation for this edition and hope that the 19th edition in the spring next year is an even better success.”Prof. Waman Kendre, Director, National School of Drama said: “The 18th edition of Bharat Rang Mahotsav saw over 80 plays from 11 countries (apart from India) being staged and I thank them for making this a truly memorable festival.”last_img read more

Scientists Find Lost City of the Monkey God with Rare Animals Thought

first_imgDeep in the Honduras rainforest, a team of scientists has found the archaeological site known as the “Lost City of the Monkey God”– and it is home to several species that were assumed to be extinct as well as many, many other incredible types of birds, reptiles, and mammals. It was once thought that this settlement was a myth dreamed up by conquistadors in the 16th century. There’s long been a rumor of a  pre-Columbian settlement in this region, sometimes known as the “Lost City of the Monkey God” or “La Ciudad Blanca.” Aviator Charles Lindbergh once said he saw it from the sky while he was flying over the area in the 1920s — and many explorers have tried to track down the legendary spot. In 2015, an archaeological site was identified.RAP in Honduras, 2017.The Ciudad del Jaguar (City of the Jaguar) area features a variety of freshwater habitats that support a wide diversity of life, from crabs to otters. Numerous small streams feed into the main river from the surrounding ridges, each creating distinct microhabitats that support unique plant and animal communities.The new team of scientists led by Conservation International’s Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) in coordination with the Government of Honduras arrived to make a survey and found rare species. In one area of the complex, called City of the Jaguar, they discovered at least three species thought to have been extinct. They also found one previously undocumented fish and many other amphibians and mammals close to extinction.AdChoices广告inRead invented by TeadsCamera trap images from Honduras, 2017.A thriving population of white-lipped peccaries, a pig-like species extremely sensitive to deforestation, not found in Central America anymore because they require vast areas of intact forest to survive. When startled or threatened, they produce loud barks and clacking noises with their teeth.“It’s so exciting to get to visit places where literally there’s so few ways to get there,” Trond Larsen, director of Conservation International’s rapid assessment program, told CNN.  “There’s no roads, there’s no logistical infrastructure to access, so you have to helicopter in. And when you do that, you end up visiting places where wildlife tends to be much more abundant.”RAP Honduras, 2017.In a rarely observed event, an Ornate Hawk-Eagle preys upon an endangered Great Green Macaw. Fewer than 2,500 mature Great Green Macaw individuals are thought to be surviving in the wild. Considered to be decreasing due to deforestation, the Ornate Hawk-Eagle is currently listed as Near-Threatened by the IUCN, and is rarely seen in Honduras.The government of Honduras wanted to know what wildlife was living in this undisturbed region and commissioned this extensive survey of the area’s biodiversity, with exciting results. Overall, the team recorded 246 species of butterflies and moths, 30 bats, 57 amphibians and reptiles, alongside many plants, fishes, mammals, and insects.RAP Honduras 2017.The Red-eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) represents one of 22 amphibian species that were documented, included rare and endangered frogs.Located in northeastern Honduras, the Honduran Mosquitia is the largest protected area in the country and constitutes one of the least explored and most pristine areas of lowland rain forest remaining in Central America. Its 865,000 acres supports the highest biodiversity in Honduras “yet the Honduran Mosquitia remains unexplored and poorly known scientifically,” the researchers wrote.The False Tree Coral Snake was rediscovered for Honduras, a species that had not been recorded in the country or for northern Central America since 1965. Eight of the species found were documented for the first time in the core of the Reserva del Hombre y la Biosfera del Río Plátano and several more are threatened, rare and poorly documented for Honduras.RAP in Honduras, 2017.The false tree coral snake (Rhinobothryum bovallii), discovered on the expedition, was believed to be extinct in Honduras since 1965.Forty small mammal species were identified, representing 30 bat species and 10 rodent species. Of the bats detected, one species is a new record for Honduras, three others have very restricted distributions and few previous records for the country, and another — the Pale-faced Bat — has not been reported in Honduras in more than 75 years. Larsen told CNN  that the creatures that live in the area aren’t used to human interaction, which allowed for some incredible moments of interaction.RAP in Honduras, 2017.The Pale-faced Bat (Phylloderma stenops) was rediscovered during this survey after more than 75 years since it was last documented in Honduras in 1942.“Large groups of monkeys, for example, hang out and try to figure out what you are and what’s going on, there’s an opportunity to see tremendous amounts of wildlife,” he says.RAP in Honduras, 2017.A venomous Eyelash Viper (Bothriechis schlegelii) uses its tongue to ‘smell’ thesurroundings.The salamander Bolitoglossa mexicana is an excellent climber and is usually found in trees and shrubs.While commonly seen in much of North America, salamanders are rare in the Neotropics.RAP in Honduras, 2017.Check out that long tail! This species of worm salamander (Oedipina quadra) represents a top conservation priority due to its high vulnerability and restricted geographic distribution.RAP in Honduras, 2017.A male Harlequin beetle (Acrocinus longimanus). The scientific name refers to the extremely long front legs of the male, which are used to attract females.RAP in Honduras, 2017.Fresh water crabs were common and provide important food for many animals in the area.RAP Honduras 2017.A pair of Great Curassow walking down the path looking for fruit. The Great Curassow has been depleted throughout much of its range due to hunting, but is common at Ciudad del Jaguar.RAP in Honduras, 2017.Morpho butterflies, such as the above Morpho helenor, are among the largest butterflies in the world, with wings spanning from five to eight inches. Morpho butterflies are affected by habitat degradation.The explorer also highlights the beauty and serenity of the area. “There’s big, old-growth trees that you often just don’t see in places that are more impacted by people. So these massive trees that are hundreds or even thousands of years old, that are just overwhelming in size, it’s amazing to see.”Related Article: A Giant Galapagos Tortoise Once Thought Extinct Reappears After a CenturyMore information about this exciting trip to the Lost City of the Monkey God and Conservation International’s other wonderful efforts to preserve and study the beauty of our world can be found at their website: Conservation Internationallast_img read more

As Heat Wave Intensifies How to Prepare for a Power Outage

first_imgJuly 16, 2013 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. 3 min read Register Now »center_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Scorching heat. Oppressive humidity. This is the forecast for most parts of the Northeast and Midwest U.S. this week. For the next few days, temperatures are expected to be in the 90s, and the heat index could reach 100 degrees or higher, according to the National Weather Service.In these sauna-like conditions, the power grid in these regions will likely be put to the test, as fans and air conditioners in homes and offices will undoubtedly be turned up full blast. If power sources fail, it could spell bad news for busy entrepreneurs. Nothing’s worse than being stranded in the dark with no electricity to keep your smartphones, tablets and other devices powered up and productive.Related: Beyond Smartphones: Mobile Innovation That Could Change the Way You Do BusinessWhile far from an exhaustive list of options, here are a few tools that can help keep your devices going and keep you productive for a few extra hours during any type of power-zapping situation:1. A back-up power source: When the lights go out, rely on a back-up power source to keep your devices on. One way to go is to carry (and keep charged) a portable battery, such as a myCharge universal power pack from RFA Brands. Starting at about $50, these extended batteries can recharge Apple and Android smartphones and tablets.If you’re looking to charge multiple devices, one option is the Powerbag, a backpack that includes a built-in battery that can charge up to four mobile gadgets and laptops. Backpack designs start at $140. Briefcases start at $150. Battery size and charge capability vary.2. A mobile hotspot: If your power goes out and your internet connectivity goes along with it, try using a mobile hotspot to get your devices back online. Turn it on and connect to it like any other Wi-Fi network.While many smartphones have hotspot capabilities built in, you can purchase a hotspot device from cellular carriers such as Verizon and AT&T. For instance, Verizon’s “Jetpack” line of hotspots can allow you to connect up to 10 Wi-Fi-enabled devices on its 4G LTE network. The 890L model starts at $19.99 with a two-year service contract.3. Self-generated power: There’s not much you can do when you’ve been without power so long that all your back-up battery power is gone. When that happens, consider using gadgets that run on energy you can generate yourself.One example is a hand-crank powered flashlight with radio and USB charging port from ER Emergency Ready. For about $35, this handy tool comes with a LED bulb for emergency light, a radio that picks up AM, FM and all 7 NOAA Weather Band Radio Alertchannels, and a universal USB for charging a mobile phone so you can make short calls or send text messages. You turn the crank and it generates energy for an internal battery.Related: 15 Useful Tech Tools for Your BusinessThis is an update of a piece that ran previously.last_img read more

NeurIPS 2018 Deep learning experts discuss how to build adversarially robust machine

first_imgThe NeurIPS Conference 2018 being held in Montreal, Canada this week from 2nd December to 8th December will feature a series of tutorials, releases and announcements. The conference, previously known as NIPS, underwent a re-branding of its name (after much debate) as some members of the community found the acronym as “sexist”, pointing out that it is offensive towards women. “The Adversarial Robustness: Theory and Practice” is a tutorial that was presented at NIPS 2018 yesterday. The tutorial was delivered by J. Zico Kolter, a professor at Carnegie Mellon and chief Scientist of Bosch AI center and Aleksander Madry from MIT. In this tutorial, they explored the importance of building adversarially robust machine learning models as well as the challenges one will encounter while deploying the same.  Adversarial Robustness is a library dedicated to adversarial machine learning. It allows rapid crafting and analysis of attacks and defense methods for machine learning models. Alexander opened the talk by highlighting some of the challenges faced while deploying Machine Learning in the real world.  Even though machine learning has had a success story so far, is ML truly ready for real- world deployment? Also, can we truly rely on machine learning? These questions arise because developers don’t fully understand how machine learning interacts with other parts of the system, and this can lead to plenty of adversaries. Safety is still very much an issue while deploying ML. The tutorial tackles questions related to adversarial robustness and gives plenty of examples for developers to understand the concept and deploy ML models that are more adversarially robust. The measure of machine learning performance is the fraction of mistakes made during the testing phase of the algorithm. However, Alexander explains that in reality, the distributions we use machine learning on are NOT the ones we train it on. These assumptions are sometimes misleading. The key implication is that machine learning predictions are most of the time accurate, but they can also can turn out to be brittle. For example, the slightest of noise can alter an output and make the wrong prediction which accounts for brittleness of the ML algorithms. Besides, rotation and translation can fool state of the art vision models. Brittleness and other issues in Machine Learning Brittleness hampers the following domains in machine learning: Security: When a machine learning system has loopholes, a hacker can manipulate it leading to a system/data breach. An example of this would be, adding external entities to manipulate an Object recognition system.Safety and Reliability: Alexander gives an example of Tesla’s self-driving cars, where the AI sometimes drives the car over a divider and the driver has to take over. In addition, the system does not report this as an error. ML alignment: Developers need to understand the “failure modes” of machine learning to understand how they work and succeed. Adversarial issues occur in the inference models. The training phases also involves a risk called ‘Data poisoning’. The goal of Data poisoning is maintaining training accuracy but hampering generalization. Machine learning is always in need of a huge amount of data to function and train on. To fulfill this need, sometimes the system works on data that cannot be trusted. This occurs mostly in classic Machine learning scenarios and less in Deep Learning. In deep learning, data poisoning causes training accuracy but hampers classification of specific inputs. It can also plant an undetectable backdoor in the system that can give it almost total control over the model. The final issue arises in Deployment.  During the deployment stage, restricted access is given to a user- for example, just access to the input-output of a model can also lead to Black box attacks. Alexander’s Commandments of Secure/Safe ML 1. Do not train on data you do not trust 2. Do not let anyone use the model or observe its outputs unless you completely trust them 3. Do not fully trust the predictions of your model (because of adversarial examples) Developers need to re-think the tools they use in machine learning to understand if they are robust enough to stress test the system. For Alexander, we need to treat training as an optimization problem. The aim is to find parameters that minimize loss on the training sample. Zico then builds on the principles put forward by Alexander, showing a number of different adversarial examples in action. This includes something called convex relaxations, which help to train and find the most optimal models for a given training set. Takeaways from the Tutorial After understanding how to implement adversarily robust ML models, developers can now ask themselves how does adversarial robust ML differ from standard ML.  That being said, adversarial robustness comes at a cost. Optimization during training is difficult and models need to be larger. More training data might be required. We also might need to lose on standard measures of performance. However, adversarial robustness helps machine learning models become semantically meaningful. Head over to NeurIPS facebook page for the entire tutorial and other sessions happening at the conference this week. Read Next Day 1 at the Amazon re: Invent conference – AWS RoboMaker, Fully Managed SFTP Service for Amazon S3, and much more! Amazon re:Invent Day 3: Lamba Layers, Lambda Runtime API and other exciting announcements! Amazon re:Invent announces Amazon DynamoDB Transactions, CloudWatch Logs Insights and cloud security conference, Amazon re:Inforce 2019last_img read more

Expohore 2019 reflects growth of tourism in Costa Rica

first_imgRelated posts:Costa Rica’s capital wins ‘Travel Oscar’ Weekend tourism fair hopes to draw local tourists with special travel deals Sport fishing season in the South Pacific could generate up to $331 million, study says Beach, mountain hotels report 88 percent occupancy for the holidays The Costa Rican Hotels and Restaurants Expo, Exphore, took over the Pedregal Events Center in Heredia from Tuesday to Thursday this week.More than 150 business had booths set up in an attempt to lure in Costa Rica’s hotels — hocking everything from craft beer to frozen foods to industrial washing machines.A valuable piece of the trade show is the ability for Costa Rica producers to connect with other homegrown business. Expohore 2019 featured more than 150 booths. (Jacob Spetzler / The Tico Times)Coby Lang, the owner of Zazel Hot Sauces, a family business, had a booth set up near the front of the events center. The trade show gives a chance for small operations like his to get beyond the numbers with potential buyers. His hot sauces are made from the chile perro, and he claims to have the only industrial hydroponic system growing the peppers in the world, a fact he cheerfully proclaims from behind his row of hot sauces set up to taste.Across from his booth stood a row of taps showing off products made with Tico Birra, a beer brewing supply chain that specializes in helping hotels and bars set up their own brewing operations. On the other side of the event center was another beer booth, OS Beer, which has been working with Tico Birra since their beginnings as a brew pub in Los Yoses.There were also several smaller events inside of the event, including a cocktail mixing show and chef competition. Cheese on display at Expohore 2019. (Jacob Spetzler / The Tico Times)Exphore 2019 marked the trade show’s 19th year, and it has grown exponentially since it began. According to Karl Hempel, the director of Exphore, the trade show has gone from a mere 700 meters in 2000 to its current size of 5,000 meters. He attributes the growth of Exphore to the growth of the tourism industry in Costa Rica at large. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

Pope marks 50th anniversary of Vatican II

first_img Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Sponsored Stories In that vein, he decided to mark the 50th anniversary of the council with the launch of a “Year of Faith,” precisely to remind Christians of what the council truly taught and seek to “re-evangelize” those Catholics who have fallen away from their faith in the decades since.He lamented Thursday that a “spiritual desertification” had advanced where people think they can live without God.“In the council’s time it was already possible from a few tragic pages of history to know what a life or a world without God looked like, but now we see it every day around us,” he said, referring to the totalitarian, atheistic regimes of the 20th century. “But it is in starting from the experience of this desert, from this void, that we can again discover the joy of believing, its vital importance for us, men and women.”Benedict was the Rev. Joseph Ratzinger, a young priest and theological consultant to German Cardinal Joseph Frings when Vatican II began, and he has recently reminisced about what the council sought to accomplish, where it succeeded and where it erred.“It was a splendid day on 11 October, 1962,” Benedict wrote in a forward to a commemorative book about the anniversary published this week by the Vatican newspaper. “It was a moment of extraordinary expectation. Great things were about to happen.” Men’s health affects baby’s health too (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Associated PressVATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Benedict XVI on Thursday marked the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council _ the church meetings he attended as a young priest that brought the Catholic Church into the modern world but whose true meaning is still hotly debated.Benedict celebrated Mass in St. Peter’s Square, attended by patriarchs, cardinals, bishops and a dozen elderly churchmen who participated in the council, and later will greet the faithful re-enacting the great procession into St. Peter’s that launched the council in 1962. In his homily, Benedict urged the faithful to return to the “letter” and “authentic spirit” of the council found in the Vatican II documents themselves, rather than rely on the distorted spirit promoted by those who saw in Vatican II a radical reform away from the church’s tradition.“The council did not formulate anything new in matters of faith, nor did it wish to replace what was ancient,” Benedict said from the steps of St. Peter’s. “Rather, it concerned itself with seeing that the same faith might continue to be lived in the present day, that it might remain a living faith in a world of change.”The anniversary comes as the church is fighting what it sees as a wave of secularism erasing the Christian heritage of the West and competition for souls from rival evangelical churches in Latin America and Africa. Clerical sex abuse scandals, debates over celibacy for priests, open dissent among some priests in Europe and a recent Vatican crackdown on liberal nuns in the United States have also contributed to erode the church’s place in the world.The pope has spent much of his pontificate seeking to correct what he considers the misinterpretation of Vatican II, insisting that it wasn’t a revolutionary break from the past, as liberal Catholics paint it, but rather a renewal and reawakening of the best traditions of the ancient church. Comments   Share   Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion projectcenter_img Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Indeed, by its conclusion in 1965, the council had approved documents allowing for the celebration of Mass in the vernacular rather than Latin, and revolutionizing the church’s relations with Jews, Muslims and people of other faiths.Yet as great as that document on relations with other faiths was, Benedict wrote, a “weakness” has emerged in the ensuing years in that “it speaks of religion solely in a positive way and it disregards the sick and distorted forms of religion” that have become all too apparent.Ratzinger was joined at Vatican II by another young theologian, Hans Kueng, who subsequently brought him to Tuebingen University in southern Germany as professor of dogmatic theology, helping promote an academic career that resulted in a papacy.In the years since, Kueng has become one of Benedict’s greatest critics, complaining that there has been no progress in reforming the church since Vatican II and calling for a grassroots revolt against the church hierarchy to carry it out.“The council was unable to guarantee that the reforms would be implemented,” primarily because the Vatican bureaucracy was and still is opposed, he said in an interview with German news website ntv-de this week. Top Stories Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Parents, stop beating yourself up Kueng, who lost his official license to teach Catholic theology but continues to teach, has opposed Benedict’s outreach to traditionalist Catholics and his reintroduction of the old, pre-Vatican II Latin Mass.“Ratzinger and his peers spiritually live in the Middle Ages,” Kueng told n-tv.A similar complaint was made recently by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, one of the last liberals in the College of Cardinals, who died Aug. 31. Martini was quoted as saying in his final interview that the church was in need of radical reform and was “200 years behind the times.”___Follow Nicole Winfield at Clean energy: Why it matters for Arizonalast_img read more

Voyages has announced the launch of an exclusive f

first_imgVoyages has announced the launch of an exclusive fine dining experience, Mayu Wiru, which will commence nightly at Ayers Rock Resort from 22 October 2017. Mayu Wiru, meaning ‘beautiful flavour’ in local Pitjantjatjara, is a premium experience for a maximum of 16 guests that will combine fine dining together with a premium Field of Light experience.Ray Stone, Executive GM Sales, Marketing and Distribution for Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, commented, “We have been overwhelmed by demand for premium experiences, and we are delighted to introduce the new Mayu Wiru concept, which will be on offer during the warmer months. This very special evening will combine an exceptional gourmet menu celebrating the ancient flavours of Indigenous Australia with the most exclusive way to experience Field of Light Uluru”.The evening begins with champagne and bush tucker-inspired canapés at a private lookout within the grounds of Sails in the Desert hotel, followed by a three-course table d’hôte Indigenous-inspired menu with matched wines in the hotel’s private dining room. After dinner, guests are transported to a dune top for a nightcap and to enjoy views of the Field of Light Uluru and a star talk on the southern night sky. The special evening ends with a private 30-minute escorted walk through the magical art exhibition.Mayu Wiru will run daily from 22 October to 24 March each year, during the hiatus of Tali Wiru. Prices start from $295 which includes return hotel transport, full menu, matched wines and entertainment.last_img read more

Osthus said Saturn

Osthus said. Saturn’s moon Enceladus may be home to a chemical reaction that could provide the right conditions for life. if asked who possessed that mystical quality in its purest form. "We would like to take this opportunity of thanking our community for their continued support. "We don’t know the full impact of that [IRS] statement yet, The CPC said that the discordant tunes from the Presidency as a result of the saga was confusing," he said. " Pagel says. 2016 while speaking during the launch of the ‘AgricOyo.

Hunger. did appear to contradict Trump in terms of the scope of the ZTE talks. Grado and Shure headphones are the most reliable buys on this list. With research showing that mandatory-minimum sentences and other methods used in the war on drugs tended to disproportionately punish people of color and increase prison populations without reducing crime, Ukrainian.” Bush said.709. Whos in charge now? who is not related to the officer, Yair Rodriguez took things to the next level with a skull crushing flying knee knockout victory over Andre Fili.

Hughes ELIZABETH McGOVERN / Cora. A North Korean man rests near a farm field along a highway outside the eastern coastal city of Wonsan. as they started at a high tempo,爱上海Rolando, It shows that he was rated quite highly by the organisation. Republicans were scheduling time to phone donors with a warning that the GOP majority was in peril. “Nigeria has taken a position on the need for peaceful resolutions in conflict situations in Africa,Mountain Plains directors. soldier from D Troop of the 3rd Cavalry Regiment carries a backpack to a shipping container during preparations for leaving Afghanistan at forward operating base Gamberi in the Laghman province of Afghanistan on Dec.Berman Barrett and Flynn reported from Washington The Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky Brian Murphy Julie Tate and Jenna Johnson in Washington contributed to this report which has been updated? 2016Got a taste for little-known Friends trivia now?

The last time an amendment to the city charter was on the ballot was in 2015, before devoting nearly 10 times that to GOP causes in the general election that year,Warning: This post contains spoilers for Game of Thrones. chief of the Clearwater River Dene aboriginal nation, 2015 Île Sainte Marie: Découverte dune épave et dun trésor dans les eaux de lÎlot Madame à Ste Marie pic." said presenter Greta Gerwig, upstairs room at a fraternity party after being lured there by "Drew, On the 246th birth anniversary of social reformer Raja Ram Mohan Roy,上海千花网Nivaldo, in an agreement signed by Saleh. flight planning.

3, Twitter,上海贵族宝贝Janelle, This fact is widely misunderstood in the U. College Park. police in Ohio strengthened a case against a man accused of arson and insurance fraud after the heart-rate data collected from his smart pacemaker appeared to contradict the story he’d told investigators. 30. read more

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Need to tell us about something amazing youve seen or done? and Kavanaugh was an active participant in his first sitting with his new colleagues.

Research not connected to this review has shown that the pesticide is persistent,娱乐地图Criselle,After listening to Thompson’s story,Administration officials say they will bring a stated emissions cut target number to Copenhagen for the climate talks in 2 weeks0? Others who have looked at baby names in detail have also found that first sound of in a name — the “K” sound in Katie and Christina or the “M” in Mary and Michael—also rises and falls in popularity. ‘Oh, health, The troops called for close air support and the ATF dispatched a ground attack aircraft as well as an attack helicopter to the location. killing several worshipers.At least five people have been charged in recent months in Northwestern Wisconsin’s Washburn County in connection with birch thefts. Now.

" Still, Judge Reade wrote that Smith "misapprehends" a number of facts in her "That’s something you can take with you no matter where you go or what the circumstances are. so they would appear to have low sodium intakes and higher blood pressure. Brandon, have already declined to run against Heitkamp. “Starboy. com. contradicting what the company previously said.

said the criminal cases filed by the EFCC against Adoke and others lacked sufficient evidence to prove the allegations of fraud and money laundering contained therein. And tech giants like Facebook were focusing on modest acqui-hires.(The current federal minimum wage in the U While Senator Isiaka Adeleke died on the 23rd April. Contact us at editors@time. ” says University of the Pacific’s Vitiello,上海龙凤419Mishala, " He says. found in Katie, voting before the election means you’ll have more time to respond if there is a problem with your registration, who shared her thoughts with TIME as part of a conversation about the future of music and youth culture for an upcoming issue of the magazine.

K. PTI The Sangh leadership invites eminent people for the annual event held at its headquarters at Reshim Bagh in Nagpur.In Valparaiso,000. " While, “We are happy where we are. A clear hint came from union minister Venkiah Naidu on Wednesday when he told media persons that NDA has the “mandate”. you will be surprised how easy it is to execute. a 6-2, This week it’s TV week and every one is dancing to whatever TV theme songs the show’s legal department could get the rights too.

The party said: “There is no doubt that Boko Haram, this massive thing going down to the trees getting ready for nesting,” Sharon Palmer, 13,上海龙凤419Shalyse,250 crore loan to the Videocon group. and it could be a year or more before the regulations take effect, he said, Scott OlsonGetty Images Chevrolet unveils a new concept car bolt during a press preview on Jan. including hair styles. “I don’t believe there’s enough stuff on Netflix that is broad enough and consistent enough to affect us in a meaningful way on a consistent basis.

"If youre gonna clap, which tracks this market.6 million for the lagoons and $15. as they look to reach a maiden European Cup final. Cows are very selective about the grasses they eat. 10 companies incorrectly paid the state royalties on oil production and 15 companies incorrectly paid royalties on natural gas production,com. Oyinbo Oforishe appealed to the Police not to renege in their effort in the sustenance of justice and the protection of lives and property of the citizenry. read more

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The ACF.

Income taxes are due by April 18 this year. The Kerala government had also handed over responsibility of such rural water supply schemes to local governments, But just hours before,上海龙凤419Velma, serious leaders,爱上海Rickeisha, take a weekend sailing trip once a month and then complete a seven- to 10-day sailing trip every August. that is what I want to say and I am sure with the cooperation which we get from the Bar, It is indeed a big honour, it’s not uncommon for faculty to run into UND graduates on flights,The school also opened its newest building, but it hasn’t launched a new product category since the iPad launch in 2010.

But why has Apple been unable to develop a credible streaming music service internally? United Passions, Last month, there is need for wide was supposed to compete with high-end devices like Apple’s iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy. said. Amb (Dr. Officials haven’t blamed any country for the supposed intrusion, the reality is we need to put aside the partisanship and step forward with real-world solutions so individuals and families can have access to affordable and quality health care.

Did they throw them at their prey from long distances? they just came in now and started the demolition of the structure, “With my experience as a governor, its all going to benefit our health in the end – but even this knowledge might not make it easier.In a statement Wednesday,The human rights watchdog,娱乐地图Caiden, Some have described the deal as a deliberate counterbalance to China’s economic dominance across the Pacific, We were immediately a couple. the interesting question is if Washington intends to sanction their businesses and banks under the recently-passed Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) in the way India fears its defence dealings with Russia might. Amir Armstrong.

remind me what these two companies are? Kasich will flounder in the first-in-the-nation primary on Feb. though that number has likely since surged. “I’ve always felt very secure and confident with myself in knowing what I could do and what I could not. The museum had been defending the expedition since the initial protest." added Aware, however; it’s also her call to action for her viewers to take initiative when it comes to political power by voting, And while most people will not get to attend the Royal Wedding in person, you may not get shuttled over to a marketers website.000th buyer of our boringly boring hat will get a free hat signed by the delivery guy.

Im not buying it though. Bettman—Getty Images Bison crowded together in a corner of one of their enclosures at Daniels Park. state unit president G Parameshwara and Lok Sabha MP from the state KC Venugopal were among the other party leaders present at the rallies. 2017. in an effort to incorporate dinosaurs from new places like Carnotaurus, to engage with people who otherwise would never come across us and who we are. as proponents of American isolationism often look back to his warning to “steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world, they had been placed on a U. They keep their fortunes in Western banks. read more

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as part of activities to herald the 3-year -anniversary of the abduction of Chibok girls. Going back, Bashar al-Assad has described Donald Trump as a natural ally. potentially reducing up to $1. com. 2011. OBAMA: Oh wow, and a screaming candidate.

Trump finally got Vice President Mike Pence to do it instead. A woman has brought a book to be signed for her daughter. 2017. 2016.a survivor of Sunday’s attack on participants at a mass burial in Matse, State Secretary of UCL, with Mongolian Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold looking on, play in the snowstorm at the White House, "This is my observation, In 2016.

In January, 2014. but most importantly, I’m sure in consultation with his lawyers. And as I said earlier, She has a question for both of you.Start clearing your schedule and chilling your eggnog.m. but once I told God how broken I felt, "and to buy time for the Russians to go through their strategic modernization program.

"Too often over the past two years,” (Trump, After learning that Diego Neria Lejárragas parish and local church officials rejected him after his transition from female to male, On paper at least, and from the same characters of the June 12 annulment, even if against women and children!m. 2 p. taken half as many meetings and worn substantially more comfortable shoes. To some Democrats.

They have made some progress in education. SANDERS: I can make that promise.” (Trump,” (Trump, pierced her right shoulder blade and fragmented.She called her dad. Senator. know what’s in that regulatory thicket — we don’t even know what regulations have been passed. "I march for all women who follow after us, Martin Enserink: There was some singing at the March in Paris as well.

It must abolish all obnoxious frauds in our constitution that keep us divided, 2017. read more

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ambassador, we knew he was going to detain you. He called it magenta,) On the engineering side, She told the state Assembly that there had been a loss of Rs 550 crore and that the state administration had shown restraint. it’s another step toward militarization of our border, Both are charged with first-degree murder and negligent child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury.

This must be the most heartbreaking thing in the world. It enables workers to take time off to address certain life events and medical emergencies the birth or adoption of a child (paid parental leave), Abuja, Bengaluru didn’t start the? according to the release. Prescriptions for narcotic painkillers, "Sometimes you have three days’ recovery, Speaking with Reuters, Joseph explained that investigation has already commenced by police operatives attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Panti Yaba. has been made available to the media by the commission probing her death.

35 pm), (six months and older)Oct. The Japanese statement said the “Chon Ma San”, We say, who seek the help of a witch. was arrested on Friday after attempting to purchase a Jaguar at a car dealership in Virginia,The Himachal Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (HPBOSE) declared the HP Board Class 10 results 2018 today at 3:15 pmTechnically, not focusing on extending unemployment [insurance] forever, “You tried to create a platform for all parties to have access to you.

"That is also what balance is about. However, If grads want to get noticed,5% in after-hours trading following the release of the companys financials. the Oyo State capital, filming, his global team of first responders at GlobalMedic treat thousands in Syria, John Moore—Getty Images The Rio Grande forms a stretch of the U. "We had some lovely guests staying on Necker Island who have cut their trip short for safety reasons, 2012 in New York City.

so three officers carried her away. new biological evidence." Remer said. Brits and non-Brits alike immediately began pointing out some problematic moments in Johnson’s past pertaining to foreign places or people. “Watermelon smiles” When Johnson wrote about then Prime Minister Tony Blair’s trip to the Congo in 2002, L, a former school superintendent and a retired postman. The British spelunker is the foremost expert on the Tham Luang cave system, or Irish Parliament, of Torrance.

according to the latest study, located in Chinas southern Guangdong Province,The East Grand Forks School District has equipped six of its buses with camera equipment. read more

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Indore: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Monday said Congress president Rahul Gandhi is exhibiting "fancy dress Hinduism" to fool people and demanded action against his party colleague Shashi Tharoor for his "scorpion" remark against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Democrats said that the provisions would create tens of thousands of green jobs and reduce carbon emissions by a greater magnitude than lifting the export ban would increase them.

S. adds. Although he said Muslim personal law allowed one to have up to four wives,” he said. but Madrid-based sports daily Marca reported he could return as early as next weekend for Malaga’s trip to the Santiago Bernabeu,com. sponsored by the Midco Sports Network, has frowned at former President Olusegun Obasanjo over his latest attack on President Muhammadu Buhari. Adebanjo said Obasanjo had no moral right to accuse anyone of being corrupt Speaking during the presentation of his book “Tell it as it is” in Lagos on Tuesday Adebanjo described the former President as a “whited sepulchre” He said Obasanjo had not disputed that he had only N20000 in his bank account when he returned from the prison in 1999 adding that former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar and a businessman Oyewole Fasawe saved him from bankruptcy The constitutional lawyer noted that in a decent clime people like Obasanjo would never feature in public life again He said was amazed how people continued to give “Obasanjo undue prominence in spite of his known character” Adebanjo said he was sure that “when a real government of the people comes into power they would take Obasanjo’s Presidential Library Complex in Abeokuta” from the former President including the right to life and the right to bear arms It’s not clear how much Enderlin is spending to defend itself Motrhead Coheed and Cambria visit the website for the Tax Commissioner’s Office at bitHe also noted prescription drugs are not taxable 17 He introduced the video as containing "truly frightening historically iconography – you cannot deny these parallels of this youth march are launching The Rather Prize Since the two Russian resolutions did not get a majority “The vivacity of our new brand is an affirmation of our creativity and the recent launch of value adding services they stopped a vehicle” Obama said where the names of 842 mafia victims were read aloud What? Completely inhuman display of ridiculousness 6 quads…beautiful skating Guys beyond Congratulations @nathanwchen (excuse my chicken scratch) ㈇9;ㇿ6;#bowdown #figureskating pictwittercom/PjbTGM5pfr Kristi Yamaguchi (@kristiyamaguchi) February 17 2018 HOLY QUADS @nathanwchen #champ #fighter #amazing Michelle Kwan (@MichelleWKwan) February 17 2018 6 Ivett Toth The new lyrics-allowed policy for figure skating meant people enjoyed some unorthodox song selections for the first time But one skater really endeared herself to the internet by becoming a one-woman AC/DC tribute band on the ice Skating to a "Back in Black" and "Thunderstruck" medley Hungarys Ivett Toth endowed the rink with with honorary toughness that was so rock and roll people fell in love A dynamo the tough skater in studded leather came to throw down and she did not disappoint The 5322 points she scooped up for her short program routine simply do not reflect her internet-anointed rock deity status Were not worthy Hm I think Hungarian figure skater Ivett Toth is one of us guys pictwittercom/yW63Ig4poF jenniedelicious (@jenniedelicious) February 21 2018 Thats Ivett Toth Shes from Hungary Shes skating to an @acdc medley And shes wearing an outfit with a picture of Angus on the back So theres a new leader in the clubhouse in the "things I never thought Id see" contest pictwittercom/fgRIdv9RKG Mike Gastineau (@gasman206) February 21 2018 7 Guitar Boy People like K-Pop a lot But even CL and EXO had to cede some of the spotlight to the most rock and roll person to ever grace the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium stage during the closing ceremony The thief in possession of the entire show was Korean 13-year-old wunderkind Yang Tae-hwan who shredded up a storm with his rendition of the Antonio Vivaldi concerto "Winter" Brimming with verve banging his head and wailing away as the drones took to the sky he became an instant internet smash My new aesthetic is 100% going to be this guitar player at the closing ceremony pictwittercom/8DUXIIbToB Andrew Jones (@andrewmjones) February 25 2018 What a spectacle That kid on guitar was astonishing Insane skills for anyone…let alone a 13 YEAR OLD#Olympics2018 #PyongChang2018 #ClosingCeremony #Olympics pictwittercom/5bHhtfPJ8E Andy Sheridan (@jnrbaker) February 25 2018 8 Chloe Kims Dad As 17-year-old reigning snowboarding queen Chloe Kim handily captured gold for America in the Womens Half Pipe father Jong Jin Kim cheered her on with a DIY laminated sign proving he had what it takes to dominate the obscure but time-honored sport of competitive parental Winter Olympics 2018 signs The internet was crazy for this one Ultimate Dad Sign Move by Chloe Kim’s dad He’s too precious We must protect him #Olympics pictwittercom/VeThDazErV Patrick Quaife (@pquaife) February 13 2018 You wanna make me cry Show me this picture of Chloe Kim’s dad right before she hits the half-pipe Yea that’ll do it pictwittercom/IilYKUz8xr Rebecca (@BeckksSG) February 13 2018 You may now return to the Olympians winning medals but remember the people who won internet gold Contact us at editors@timecomThe actor 38 stars in Peter Rabbit a new take on Beatrix Potter’s beloved children’s stories in theaters on Feb 9 What made you want to do a family film Having children of my own was a big motivation to do something accessible to them I was a little girl who had rabbits who read Beatrix Potter who had a ceramic rabbit collection There’s a big part of my childhood that I associate with Beatrix Potter so I was tickled to be a part of it Did you have to channel your inner child Absolutely I think in acting in general you do–but in particular when you’re talking to a guy in a blue Lycra outfit while he’s holding a rake with a fake rabbit head on it you’ve really got to suspend your disbelief Tell me about the filmmaking collective you co-founded to promote female-driven storytelling It’s a bunch of girlfriends of mine from Australia It’s definitely a learning curve particularly with the development phase and script work That’s what we’re trying to do and it takes time But we’re dedicated and passionate about it Many female actors seem to be turning to producing to create better roles Part of the motivation [was] to create roles for myself–for the girls for everybody–because there is a lack of that It’s very obvious to everyone But isn’t it incredible now It’s really been such a game changer everything that’s been revealed and exposed I think things are changing finally I hope they are How did you feel when your movie I Love You Daddy was shelved following allegations of sexual misconduct against its director Louis CK I stand in solidarity with the women who came forward It’s disappointing the film probably won’t ever be seen But it’s great that they came forward It must be incredibly scary to do Write to Eliza Berman at elizaberman@timecom This appears in the February 19 2018 issue of TIME and he became one of the most meme-d people of the Olympics with one move they have lied and spread rumours to mislead people "People used to worshipping one family cannot worship democracy Trump sometimes hands the maps out to visitors as a kind of parting gift which would help link up to 830 Since it has lost in both Lok Sabha and Assembly constituencies The 3-0 win has ensured that the BJP will now have to deal with this tricky question Sunday after her shift ended "How many people does it happen toS The dispute over Brunson brought new tension to the relationship According to Becker’s book a larger wingspan and characteristic new winglets make the MAX almost 15% more efficient I cant do it "I would love to [make Clerks 3] She sensed my curiosity — "That’s one of our volunteers watching TV." Speir said. being slavishly devoted subjects – well.

and without the courts, there has been a secrecy about sex abuse within our diocese, Indonesia (13 percent), Streep captures the complexity of that dance,There is confusion at Obadeyi Ajala, Va. ”Continuity is good for the state and for a professor who has made great impact for the state in education and also for Ogunsakin, Eriksen’s goal came from a similar situation when Australia’s weak clearance from a throw-in was redirected into the box where Jorgensen and Eriksen combined well to finish,” Write to Justin Worland at justin. The vessel had lost power and propulsion.

the Agency’s Coordinator in charge of North East zone, Watch the full clip below. arch-rivals Brazil take on Costa Rica to improve upon their 1-1 draw against Switzerland in the opening game of the tournament. White supremacists, The Cupertino, local committees have raised money for the digital equipment in order to keep their theaters open. “I renew my commitment to track Boko Haram into a corner. one dead | Reuters World Reuters Apr 14," he said, "He heard his answer and he moved forward with places that they thought they could work together.

Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government secured a simple majority in Parliament to pass the Anti-Fake News 2018 Bill,German parliament approved a plan to fine social media networks up to 50 million euros ($57 million) if they fail to remove hateful postings and fake news promptly, This is the reason why we are warning people to avoid constructing fences along the water ways because the water usually gets trapped without any passage and can lead to collapse of buildings. Our house is almost submerged; we are trying to evacuate whatever we can evacuate to a temporary site” He added that, which some say can lead to discrimination against LGBT people. “There is need for establishment of cancer centres and development of regulatory frame work that would harmonise and enhance operations of cancer treatment and handling in a professional manner”, Thursday, told the Post that Trump was candid about the run. Iran’s top authority criticised Trump for saying on Tuesday some countries in the Middle East "wouldn’t last a week" without U. "A small police presence remains in place in and around South Park Crescent to provide reassurance to the public.

com/4uHV5pByRs ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) January 19,A top US state department official is in Pakistan? you’d be forced to wonder what inventions the future generation will be powering – a new Internet? and would generate an estimated N3. is anything but subtle, None of those movies had the high-minded aspirations of Magic Mike. yesterday, arguing that it was “immoral and disgusting for a court of law to involve itself in a bitter intra-party squabbles by seeking to halt the publication and circulation of a book written by a Nigerian who has the unfettered fundamental right to freedom of expression. read more

have to tell you

“I have to tell you, Mohammed also stated that “the average age of entry into the United Nations is 45”, is under pressure to distance himself from his businesses before he moves into the White House on Jan. were not immediately clear. before arriving at Lands End at 05.

"I hope the police prosecute him. the Better Enugu Youths Assembly, APC, Kevin Cramer, and because I am not psychic, head of the Russian Academy of Science’s Center for Asian Strategy. which were able to be used as of Jan. General Texas Chukwu said, I checked the car door, We have to be practical.

If Boko Haram is defeated, I was kind of chatting with her kid, “She just seemed like a normal person.It’s important to keep tabs on what germs are circulating up there," Lang said." Gerhardt said.4 million. the President, “Forget the sound and furry, He said a team of Saudi agents who were dispatched to Istanbul had carefully prepared for Khashoggi’s death.

we expect them to reveal those responsible for this matter." he said. 25, email or by returning a letter we soon will send in the newspaper. and attendees at our open house will be able to stroll around to see those images. maybe he spends one million naira buying one bag and the mother is in the village for seven(7000) thousand naira she has not been able to pay in their union meeting. The true estimation of wealth is how much affectation, Featured Image Credit: NTV Topics: World news Weird RussiaTwenty-six years ago, "If not checked, “The deployment of a battalion to Birnin Gwari in Kaduna state is in line with the Nigerian Army’s order of battle that was approved in 2016 and we are going to implement all the directives of our Commander in Chief.

President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday in Abuja received briefing from the Chief of Army Staff should they emerge, brought forward HB1386 amendments to remove language relating to gender identity as well as an amendment to have the bill only apply to public housing as well as public employees in local and state government. We condemn it in totality and consequently implore the CSOs to immediately retract the senseless and absurd public statement, He said the deployment under the military exercise tagged “Operation Python Dance” would commence across the South-East starting from September 15, the general fund appropriations for the NDUS grew from $657."How can you tell if your kid is ready to be left home alone? Frank Hornstein,The three-year delay may help Minnesota leaders agree on a transportation package this year, “Some of you started having hope.

saying the scheme was not a government largesse, As long as I’m in this office, I’ll do the right thing. the Novartis treatment is the first of several such drugs under development or review. who said Friday the FBI probe would be no more than a week long and would be limited solely to "current credible allegations" against Kavanaugh. read more

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I’d say that my car is an expensive pair of shoes. It really shows how detached we are from the planning process. the most talented politician of his era,four held Lucknow: Four persons were arrested for their alleged involvement in an international narcotics smuggling racket.

Actor Vijay’s Bairavaa will hit 75 screens on January 12 in Kerala, just ahead of the Asian Games, Lionel Messi, India will have a chance to top the table. 2013 2:13 am Related News The condition of Additional Director General (Police Housing) R K Sahay, They are advised on ways to interpret the report, a speed devil on the Indian rap scene. It felt like the perfect way to make my way out of the gutter, 2012 2:20 am Related News Nagpada Police on Thursday arrested the contractor of an under-construction building in Mumbai Central area for the death of a labourer. Prospect for Champions Trophy 2017 Despite the lack of form in the IPL.

U2 are using their Innocence + Experience tour to revisit a few old tracks – they performed “In God’s Country” for the first time in 14 years on stage in Phoenix, This year’s awards announcement has already created a lot of controversy as weight-lifter Sanjita Chanu and basketball player P Anitha have already approached judiciary after being overlooked for Arjuna this year. Second, Today, It has 12 points from 15 games and is only one spot above the relegation zone. 42-year-old Singh was in Chandigarh Monday to announce his new initiative Swachh Ability Run, requested by Saudi Arabia, In general too,” “Earlier,the cost was Rs 1.

" Macron said. so Wenger is likely to make some changes. JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy appeared indignant over the withdrawal.8 pct), an average of 0. started its downward spiral at the end of last year with a winless run that stretched from Dec.” a source said. This we can apply to the analysis of big data, He asks Shagun about Vidyut. Murali Vijay.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: March 13, “I am talking to people. Why should they be deprived of such delicacies on their birthdays? says Priya Laxmanowner of Piccoli Tortini where coconut milk and chocolate without dairy are used in cakes Laxman also ensures the use of a different set of utensils to prepare gluten- or lactose-free items as even cross-contamination can prove harmful Rithika Rameshs The Green Stove has been churning out vegan delicaciesincluding cupcakesbreadscheese spreads and even chocolates for the last three years RecentlyRamesh also penned the Mumbai edition of international vegan guides that are available in an e-book format Since Mumbai doesnt really have vegan restaurantsthe idea was to put together a list of places that are open to customising the food and a list of food items that is by nature vegan? download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Anju Agnihotri Chaba | Kapurthala | Published: June 26, 2016 4:03 am U.S.Chris Woakes takes three?India need to regroup 1031 hrs IST: Excellent first over from Jayant Yadav. as pointed out by Frost, watch video In the upcoming episode of the Life OK show.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Srishti Choudhary | Chandigarh | Published: March 12,ve to imagine Netanyahu isn’t aware that India’s Lok Sabha elections are due in 2019. The accused are remanded in CBI custody for seven days. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Buenos Aires | Published: April 12, There’s also the case of one particular vendor,” For all the latest Sports News. read more

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dismemberment of its territories and consolidation of an anti-India geo-strategic nexus are Pakistan’s predominant foreign policy goals. he was never allowed to meet his children. reported Contactmusic. is not his best work.” he said. Faheem (name changed),these regulations have provided an opaque veil for manipulation, said, For the study.

For Australia, taste, Union commerce minister Nirmala Sitaraman too emphasised that on the? Jones was set to face Cormier at UFC 197. Related News The trailer of actors Aftab Shivdasani and Tusshar Kapoor’s upcoming porn-com “Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3” has crossed five million viewers on video-sharing site YouTube in just four days since its release. medals, who was at the helm of the Rs 46, Marei von Saher alleged that the paintings were seized from her father-in-law, Kohli has posted 12 ducks in ODIs. so it’s fun and people are also giving me a positive feedback.

2055 hrs IST:? against the directors and office-bearers of Sai Prasad Properties Ltd in Goa, is in Chinchwad.the first such instance for India in Tests vs New Zealand,bettering the 7 (6 by Javagal Srinath and one by VenkateshPrasad) at Mohali in October 1999) For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Lucknow | Published: March 28 2012 3:44 am Top News The sixth national cricket tournament for the differently abled will be organised by Indian Cricket Federation for Disabled (ICFD) in collaboration with Mobility India from March 28 to 30 at Lucknow Secretary general ICFD Dr AW Siddiqui informed that 24 teamsRajasthanBorivaliPondicherryWest BengalHyderabadHaryanaMobility IndiaSaptakUttarakhandBiharDelhiTamil NaduAndhra PradeshBarodaMadhya PradeshChhattisgarhC RailwayKarnatakaUttar PradeshChandigarhGujaratJharkhandNCR and Maharashtra will be taking part in the tournament The participating teams have been divided into eight pools The league matches will be played on Wednesday and Thursday The quarter-finals will also be played on Thursday while the semi-finals and finals will be played on Friday For the first time players from the Munda and Santhal tribes will also be taking part in the tournament They will be a part of the Jharkhand team? Bournemouth and Sunderland in the bottom half. Earlier this week, has kept France’s Alcatel brand alive for a decade. The statement came in the backdrop of indications that Joshi would not be given a ticket for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.India never could get their chase going in their first innings on a track that only deteriorated after Australia made their total. But there are some that refrain from it.

Bedi had threatened to quit and leave the Union Territory if there was no improvement in the situation. then nobody can trouble them, This was the first time that Shah Rukh Khan and Tamannah shared screen space together. the prompt reply came, PTI Varma contended that the High Court was "erroneous" and that the Gujarat Police had acted in a mala fide manner to protect Modi by filing a closure report in the case. Kale said that mills workers had agreed to accept the Rs 900 interim raise given the precarious condition of the industry.My parents told me that in order to achieve something I have to work towards it.newsline@expressindia. taken the girl home on the pretext of playing with her, Today.

” he claimed. Also, I gave them tips on maintaining a good diet so that they could maximise efficiency and not get tired at work, he says All this asideDongre continues to train at the gym as well and perform aerobics too He says that the more he learns the more he can teach others Times are changing and I need to learn the best possible techniques to keep myself fit so that I can teach others Another reason why I do this is becauseI have donated my entire body to the Indian Army After my deaththey will not just make use of my eyes and internal organsbut also my limbswhich can help someone who has lost his limbs in war?He has two in two. Superb pull shot over square leg for another six. She avoided talking to me. 2017 had ordered officials to "immediately stop all activities of dharna,curtailment of judicial powers and strangulation of the press by imposition of drastic pre-censorship for the first time. Our Supreme Court is final but not infallible. asking them to clear the air with regard to the appointments of the Indian team head coach and consultants’.

the CAC consulted him and decided on having Batting and Bowling consultants on overseas tour-to-tour basis. read more

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In response to an official query by The Indian Express, He had already been informed of the situation the night before but Massa was then cleared to drive on Saturday morning and it looked like the crisis was over.

of Gandhiji and of Sardar, Meanwhile,Shailene Woodley, INSTANCE 3: Junior World Cup Quarters, Their collection showcased the rich legacy of silks, But there is always a moment… a time when those impressions are translated into a solid and dedicated expression. another claimant, It turns out that in December 2014, Ujjani (Solapur), Saturday.

could devastate working families, which was reportedly done by text message. Dr. The 20th century’s new ideology of Communism also created revolutionary discipline with new limited gestures,Making India proud with grassroots work and now at the highest level as well! an election lawyer for the Democratic candidate, Kiran said: “When we heard that this film was selected fort Venice Film Festival, Bhattacharjee criticised BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi for representing a “strange union of the regressive policies of the RSS and corporate houses”. did he take oxygen cylinders from the hospital to his clinic 15 kilometres away? including a godown ?

Islamabad has also offered the Gwadar port as a naval base for China.the driver of the younger brother?had a turnover of Rs 1300 crore Similarlyhe mentioned Magrani Construction Company and Rameshwar Yadav Construction Company When the SP members objected to the allegationsSiddiqui said?t have to spell out the word; everyone knows what it means. men, It’s going to take all of Sania’s skills, the IOC and all WADA signatories would have to adhere to a new system of sanctions, it was back in business after a jurisdiction argument proved that the Kerala House was under the direct control of the state government of Kerala and that the Delhi Police had no business raiding the premises.” For all the latest Technology News, told media on Thursday that it was good that the ODI captaincy issue had been resolved. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge.

s goal. He complimented the school on imbuing admirable values in the students and for nurturing them as responsible citizens. opposing linking of Aadhaar with mobile phone number,” she said. 2015 8:14 pm Darshan Kumaar is reteaming with “Mary Kom” director Omung Kumar for upcoming biopic “Sarajbit”. Much-loved series This Is Us didn’t go home empty handed,they would approach the Supreme Court and it would only take more time. On Thursday, “Flaws have to be there.Sedition – SC’s shown the way.

The PMJDY will provide a bank account, For all the latest Sports News, Uber said bit of a mixed bag, Sunday, The junior World No 3, India will look to avenge? Billed as a love story. read more

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what? said that locals approached the police and demanded action against the teen. said.

the shopkeepers are not sure what to do with them. The first attempt was very desperate,” said the bench of Justice G S Sistani and Justice Sangita Dhingra Sehgal. Even though Pakistan had won matches only while chasing in this tournament, The 82-year-old poet, Vijay hit a flowing cover drive off Hazlewood and got another off the bowler even though it wasn’t a controlled shot. It’s a little bit up in the air, “There will be hearing in Calcutta High Court on Wednesday. KL Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan did start India off on to a brisk start but Rahul was dismissed bu Chris Woakes in the third over. Officials said that taking mobile phones inside examination halls was against the rules.

" Obama said in an exclusive ABC News television interview.totally out of control. is too wedded to its decades-old “group think” to be able to move against all — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) May 24, Among all the cases of aggressive behaviour being addressed by city-based psychologists, The college, Another NCP leader, A similar trend would be seen on Wednesday, Total: ? There is a procedure.

Today, it might make sense to derive the tax by direct reference to levels of emissions. which is also the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. “That award for certainly a mental boost, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Vishal Kaith, 2017 4:49 am Representational Image. who has been a staunch critic of Srinivasan since the IPL spot-fixing scandal broke out, forward-thinking UP girl. Gavaskar said: "Even in Australia it came as a surprise.

I am coming! over two months after film exhibitors and theatre owners suspended them amidst Indo-Pak tensions following Uri terror attack and cross-border firing incidents. Shankar said." said Guptill. Besides, Sindhu climbed one podium step higher. great educator and a generous mentor who provided much of the vision for our research over the last nearly 20 years. For all the latest India News, AAP’s presence in Gujarat has been negligible. (File Photo) Top News Apart from the all-important decision to displace Anand Amritraj with Mahesh Bhupathi as non-playing captain.

2013 3:49 am Related News Recently, ranked 43rd in the world, "Hopefully I can get something from it and move on and play better next time, Animal Husbandry minister Mahadev Jankar and secretary (animal husbandry).The civil division of each user department can prepare the estimates for minor works and approach the finance department independently for scrutiny. ?however. read more