Exchange Links don’t take home as the only goal

Links simply say that each link between two sites, it generally has several functions, one is to get some traffic through Links, especially some portal station or very large flow station, more can bring certain flow; but by Links, can let search engines know your website what is the theme of the. So whether it is for the search engines, or flow, Links are very important part.

Links the first understand

page links with their own unique advantages, that is to improve the site keywords ranking, bring effective flow. The reason is very simple, because we do the inside pages of words are long tail keywords little competition, so do some weight good links, the overall weight of the page will be enhanced, all pages in the search engine rankings may also improve, can realize the long tail of profit. Of course, this is not certain, but if you have this idea, put the important page link to the home page, and write the theme exchange similar Links, appropriate for some publicity and promotion, then it is very likely to get good rankings. read more

B2B site contains no flow for diagnosis of Shanghai dragon help

has been operating for nearly two years of B2B website, currently included nearly twenty thousand, have a large number of pages indexed every day, but the site has not been what traffic flow of the poor, to solve the problem of each meeting the boss will ask what is the reason? Do we also own a large head, I tried, but there was no improvement in what, in desperation, found the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team hope that they can help us to solve the real predicament as soon as possible. read more

Do the process from the railway station

please indicate, thank you!

The first 1 months of the line on the website

the long tail A5 starting address: 贵族宝贝Shoulian88贵族宝贝/

. This month is our website to love Shanghai, the process of search engines such as Google know, say the first image is very important, so, personally, do stand before delivery, to ensure that their website has a 10-20 original articles, and then submitted to the search engine, or by some large forum lead spider, it is will soon be the major search engines, Google update faster, we mainly study the love of Shanghai, such as Google search engines do not say. To love Shanghai, love Shanghai is the new study period, usually half a month to a month’s time, during this period, Shanghai love only included our website (although we updated every day, when the original) study period, Shanghai began to love our collection of articles, it is the content of the website here I suggest every day to update the original article, the number is constant, the best time of a day is the time update. Insist to do some webmaster forum every day the chain, should not be too much, to avoid excessive optimization. Improve site exposure, promote ZhengZhan weight. read more

How do the optimization of long tail keywords

when you determine the long tail keywords page, the page of Shanghai dragon operation:

in the competition of long tail keywords is also low, few people understand the system to optimize the long tail keywords. So, to achieve the long tail keywords ranking easier.

Keywords ;

general to choose the long tail keywords, partial cold to do, if the word competition is strong (can use the index query to love Shanghai), depending on the content page is usually difficult to get good rankings. This time, you can use the search search engine, search for a little longer term as long tail keywords. read more

Monthly earn 1000 knife SEO skills lecturennovative thinking of big companies disruptive innovation

these are not said to us based
SEO the knowledge we do not understand it from the most basic SEO? Can talk about, if I will go on
SEO in China Hing things
and I made up, don’t let sh419 K
sh419/s? Bs=%C3%E2%B7%D1%CF%C2%D4%D8& amp; sr=& ie=gb2312& z=& cl=3& f=8& wd=%B5%E7%D3%B0%CF%C2%D4%D8& ct=0 we look at the
this is what I do for SEO
the original in the first place, now remain in second
P2P Download Center
he said is related to PSP
read more

Teach you to use the blog to do Taobao monthly earn 1000 yuanTalk about some of the main models of o

either way, need to own website, online store, blog and other serious business, if you want something for nothing or improper choice of the way to make money online, or deceived, or hard, how also can not earn money.

network to make money is not a mystery, is the webmaster through the website promotion operation of hard earned, and online fraud and network marketing and other illegal ways to earn money are essentially different. The main modes of making money online include: website traffic transformation model, sales commission model, online sales, product sales model, etc.. read more

Some problems of website operation and development2007 annual customer service satisfaction award in

inejob 88 integral

2, if you have any feelings and want to say when accepting the union service, you can participate in the "sh419 alliance service satisfaction survey" at any time, the satisfaction survey as union members on our long-term effective evaluation of service quality.

woshidazhu 88 integral

netdust 588 integral

    a large website project operation, inseparable from a team of close collaboration. In this team, it is mainly composed of two parts: operation and development. However, in many aspects of experience, work roles and cognitive level, there is a big difference between the operators and developers, which will result in many aspects of site planning, development and other on-line contradictions and conflicts. Dealing with the problem of website operation and development is an important factor to decide whether a website project can succeed or not. Combined with a few years of awareness of website operations, I’ve come to the following points. There are successful experience, but also a failure of the lesson, here to share with you. read more

The old station opened in March on a monthly income of 800 yuanEt 01 21 01 27 weeks amount has been

for the first time to let you know the domestic

tell me now, now the site of the PR3, sh419 also included 600+, maybe someone will say, you this rubbish station, how can you earn hundreds! Oh, actually stand for me, is a kind of complex, 04 years began for the station, but that was for free free domain name, the 05 year began to contact the GG and sh419, the GG and the sh419 super good application, remember that sh419 members can submit its own page that included sh419! GG was placed in the station, when it comes to money on the K GG K, a total of several have been! Do not rely on this money, are in a number of league play abroad, but also can be said to be B,! Literary talent is not good, said is a title to go to the station, or how close a little bit of money, because it is the PR3 station, the top selling some links, a There are two hundred months, though, little traffic, but also can be said to be one of the Internet industry, in the home to a development of Internet cafe system made an advertisement, not much, a month to 300 yuan, the top station website also put a 300 yuan / month advertising, now basically stable at around 800. Maybe some people will say you are not above put MM ads, it XXX, MM advertising low, a few cents a day, that is because GG did not apply for down, has been hanging in the above, "said funny, back to MM, I called together to discuss this some of the things and my website. This station > read more

265 Alliance grand launch chinauninet target advertising high proportion of ingredientsRevenue of 0

2016, the new board of the most popular stocks is the elixir of science and Technology 832821.OC, of course, Dan technology valuation is highly anticipated.

League address: lianmeng

Evergrande Taobao: valued by fans, valued at 15 billion

valuation has basically catch up with A shares listed companies, the new three board plan to IPO stocks so ferocious, philately party, you know,


lianmeng/link/ulink.php click directly to apply for target advertising.

read more

China’s nternet advertising tends to search engines advertising and other targeted deliveryStory o

at present, mainly in the form of "targeted advertising network advertising" has been covered, xinhuanet, 4000 websites, with the click of a minimum of 0.2 yuan of "pay for performance", attracted advertisers and consumers’ interest.


in fact, since Facebook became popular, who will become the "Chinese version of Facebook" has not been conclusive. To a great extent, this stems from the existence of the Tencent". As a master of Web2.0, Facebook has been seen as a model for Silicon Valley start-ups: self starting, model innovation, big challenge, and rapid growth. And the key to the American dream is that the miracle of this start-up company is on the stage. Well known Internet observer Xie Wen said, so far, the Internet represents the world’s three mainstream model companies – YAHOO, shlf1314 and Facebook, the birth of the interval between the three are 8 years. That is to say, in the past 20 years, every 8 years, the United States will be born a global Internet giant. read more

Some methods of online shop publicityBook Hui who will trader 2012 Taobao search rules

F, put your Taobao store address always in the fast reply first, when the customer needs, a second to her, let the customer feel you are professional, very good, no first feeling is very important.

immediately set up the notice of recruitment in your announcement. Recruitment agent – these words are a very good advertising strategy, in shlf1314 and sh419, Taobao and other search, so that your store has the advantage of ranking first, increase the amount of browsing does not actually recruit. If someone comes to call, he said: you have the city agent. read more

Say again five small air mouth Sixth small air outlet can be whatChina online advertising summit hel


consumption upgrade, I think more attention should be paid to consumer groups and consumer behavior habits, rather than the level of consumption itself.

in this article today, I’ll start with some additions to the five small air outlets, and then I’ll talk about some of the logic of the prediction.

of course, I myself also summed up, these five small air outlet is how to come, whether it is possible to predict before the emergence of, or, if there are sixth small air outlet, where will appear read more

Summary of some experience Amoy Promotion ForumPulse learning network CPA advertising today to stop

Search Product Gallery www.soupinlang please respect the author, indicate the source.


is more and more huge army of Amoy, do not know the reason, many people especially our webmaster income is also very difficult to maintain. Before looking at the billboard that week is fifty thousand or sixty thousand. Graduated from the college entrance examination scores are not ideal because without a university I feel to find a way out, he was not demanding. Two thousand or three thousand a month has been met. read more

Plus alliance new ad Fetion DownloadSpecial goods purchase nternational CPC advertising online pu


wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

settlement cycle: weekly closing

data returns: real time

more League information is available: top.admin5/u

ad price: 38 yuan /1000IP

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

audit method: media audit.

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:

first let you know the domestic league dynamics, read more

My Wangzhuan site managementDo you have a plan for making money

the day before yesterday I had a dating network, called blind 5199ai plans a total investment of 200 yuan, after three months, the monthly income of 3000; IP on the dating website many tens of thousands of; at present, what to earn on their own

at the end of 06 head that site is very well done, so that make a lot of money invested in two sites, but the profit income way not think clearly, a lot of things entirely on business, the website is very simple and the characteristics of media, I get a real fire network, and make money by business and my fault, because I was so bad execution. read more

Business models on WebPapi sauce difficult to copy the webcast field what are the entrepreneurial o

is not difficult to see in the broadcast field, LGBT Blued, LesPark’s group focused broadcast platform, focus into online education broadcast, broadcast and other travel travelers focus emerging. "There are bound to be one or two huge platforms, and there are more than one."

live can be realized the deeper reason lies in the transformation of the relationship between people and people, based on the previous PC end broadcast content is more interaction between people and content, and when the mobile phone into a new form of communication, the evolution of a person live with another person. "The change in relations has a direct impact on changes in business models." Unfamiliar Street vice president, general manager of video business Jia Wei said. read more

Witkey sells creative designs on the nternet to make extra moneyThe product system startup out prod

Witkey may also bid for the bidding task". Bidding tasks time-consuming, high price, generally in the thousands to 10000 yuan. Therefore, the employer will select the appropriate Witkey to complete the bidding task at the beginning of the task".

graduated from the Career Technical College Qiu Liang, since half a year ago to become power guest gens, has invested hundreds of design manuscripts in a Witkey website, which is 22 times the employer design phase, he successfully put the design fee of 6700 yuan in the bag. For the 19 year old "90" Jiangsu young man, becoming a Witkey brings him more than money. Last week he was admitted to a design company in Putuo District and became a full-time interface designer. To his company’s design works, the more than 10 is his network work as Witkey design. read more

Angel investor Cai Wensheng Grassroots entrepreneurs difficult to increaseA set of SEO tutorials to

in fact, Cai Wensheng believes that this financing needs to do before the homework, and in the Internet business need to do well in preparation for, in fact, is the same truth.

Li Jingying

this, in the beginning of the business, want to clear the way to go, in his view, it becomes very important. Cai Wensheng’s experience is that many people start or invest, like to think of 35 years later, the overall market and industry structure, and in the Internet era, there are many things have become very fast, and want to know the trend is very important. read more

Unicom issued an ultimatum on the SP business qualification crucial to life and deathAdd Bona pictur

in the cinema, Wanda only invested 300 million, on behalf of the company under the flag of the franchise, further consolidate the position of the film market boss. But it should be noted that Boehner these theaters only joined, and not to be acquired. In fact, this cooperation was similar to the cooperation model between Wanda and CGV cinema in August last year. At that time, it was also agreed that the CGV cinema would join Wanda cinema, and its front advertisement would also be submitted by Wanda media agency. And all the time, Wanda in the field of cinema are taking large acquisitions. From 2012 Wanda $2 billion 600 million acquisition of the United States second grand courtyard line AMC began, Wanda began frenzied mergers and acquisitions, in 2015, 2 billion 200 million, the acquisition of Australia’s second major compound line Hoyts. In March 2016 AMC acquisition of another American cinema card Mike. In July, AMC to 920 million pounds acquisition of Europe’s largest cinema oudian. In January, $930 million was added to the Nordic cinema collection. In recent years, the acquisition of a common point is that AMC has been completed. read more

99% may apply to GG advertising process with a lot of people is used to make moneyMartial art is

as shown above, this page is used to recommend friends to join this activity

this article is from mocnc

second step: point " Sign Up"  ;       at this time, the page jumps to figure 2

but I’m going to put these two unrelated things together today.

As shown in figure

why not? At present, with the popularization of network and rapid development, entertainment, news, download, forum and other major sects sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like by grassroots Webmaster Help, the fundamental purpose of the establishment of the webmaster do not have to say, are not engaged in what welfare projects, is the site of profit the soul! Buy advertising, membership, online shop, no matter what form reflects the fundamental purpose of profit, no profit will lose interest. read more