Blindly follow the B2C independent mall thinking

B2C mall success difficult big

The rapid development of e-commerce in

B2C mall has attracted the attention of many bosses and has been eager to do so. Most like Jingdong, every customer par. Most of the mall failed and had to give us a deep reflection. The independent mall site is more controlled, manipulative, and more successful than the Taobao mall. But in the early days it’s hard to gain trust from users. Need a lot of news reports, advertising and other ways to raise awareness, and gradually gain user confidence. And the process is long, and if there is a background, or the funds are strong enough, it is easier for users to trust a short time. read more

Website and application interactive design analysis disable state two or three things


disable, as the name suggests, stands for unavailability. There is a disable, it must correspond to an available. Whether the form, or the complexity of the management interface, or step by step guide, these scenarios are likely to be disabled, and how to use the disabled, let it become a bonus experience rather than negative, it is the designer to continue thinking, in-depth practice. Here, throw some bricks out and hope to discuss it with you.

"this can’t point button is placed here very chicken ribs, can we consider taking out?" read more

How to increase the network marketing website outside the chain

had a lot of SEO optimization friend asked me about the problem of the chain, ask me in what way can the web site outside of the chain increased, to be honest, a lot of network marketing website feel included and snapshots than some row in front of the site, but still can not improve the ranking, so there may be a problem in the chain.

first put their own internal web site optimization is done, can do the chain is also called the KMT government.

the so-called external links established, under normal circumstances, for the network marketing website, there are two ways, one is established independently, one is based on some of the larger sites or forums. read more

Baidu and Baidu search engine WebUnion who controls

bidding simply means buying ad positions on a search engine to sell your product or service. It’s a paid advertising model. It is a high cost, high output value of the industry, a lot of people look at its threshold and step off, there are many people who love it and hate it, a lot of people want to do, but a little afraid.

is an ideal product in bidding Wangzhuan sales network, its biggest characteristic is to obtain customer flow through the purchase of the source, the flow can search in Baidu keyword bidding, website advertising etc.. Any product, just to find ways to sell through the network, are profiteering. read more

Small and medium sized webmaster success wisdom persistence diligence is indispensable

webmaster want to succeed need wisdom, persistence, hard work are indispensable for Google although advertising, but low CTR surprising, then, carefully check all kinds of Google Advertising Articles increase the click rate, something useful in the rectification website Google advertising placement and color configuration, finally received the results now. Have a good click ratio.

looked at others site traffic, others see a lot a lot of money, his heart is ready to have some, some Wangzhuan tutorial refer to the online, for advertising, advertising. It was easier to apply for the Google ad, and quickly applied for it, and was happy for a while. read more

How to become an excellent website grab more users heart

must have an excellent website: visual art design, web application development, search engine optimization, web content writing and SEO website optimization, comprehensive maintenance and other conditions. Owners must make their own site features, sites of the same type such as the number of stars, compared with the same kind of site, you have what advantage? How to seize more customers? Note here is the site of the.

station navigation,

Design of

navigation navigation in the whole design occupies an important place, it carries the most important information of a web site, a good navigation is more conducive to spider web crawl quickly, make as much as possible into the search engine. In addition, we should try to use the absolute path navigation, and not relative paths, many designers in general in order to facilitate the local test is a relative path, so that the benefits of increased weight of the domain name, more conducive to the search engines, but also can prevent malicious people to mirror your website. read more

Website improves traffic experience sharing

my 126 pictures sharing ( site, March day traffic stability at around 3000IP. Now share my site a few practical experience.

1. select keywords. We can do to related sites to see. Most will have total popular articles and articles in the weekly charts. The title copy of Baidu search rankings. Then look at Baidu search volume index to look at this website and ALEXA ranking. Generally can to determine the word is this site the amount of keywords. We look at this big Baidu search keywords competition. In order to determine whether the keyword optimization. read more

Analyze the operation strategy and promotion method of different websites

webmaster need planning website theme in the web site, analysis of site target potential customers, the theme of the site after the operation, and determine the direction of planning website operation strategy, promotion and so on, which means different website theme, SEO optimization is completely different. I would like to discuss with you the next kind of site planning.

local talent resource website

talent website is mainly to provide personnel information, such as enterprise recommend recommend appropriate talent, recommend a suitable enterprise like members, positioning in online talent services, that is, localization of talent recruitment, apply for the site. The strategy for such talent resources online is as follows: read more

Early in the website should consider how to spend money to pave the way for profit

Hello, I am Popss, for a long time did not send the article and share, one is busy recently, and not what inspiration, estimated that we all forget me, interested friends can click into the room to see my name. Just today and a local station chat, talked about the website profit business, feeling a lot, while at night what to write, but not the feeling, not just some personal views what wise remark of an experienced person, just hope you don’t laugh, good, no nonsense, into the theme.

website early in the end to consider profit, read more

Jay Chou forum half year business experience sharing

in my operation Jay Chou forum for six months, met a lot of Jay Chou related sites, some years old station, more is the newly established new station. Most of them, like me, are individual stations. Some of these stations are now closed. Here I talk about my business with some personal feelings during the Jay Chou forum, many aspects of personal, inevitably biased, please don’t laugh at me.

from the same station, I finally found: why many small owners don’t Jie lofty ideals and high aspirations read more

nternet changes new model of enterprise marketing network marketing four elements

Internet, synonymous with twenty-first Century. Today we are in the Internet to change the patterns of life and work, in the last century, Bill Gates once said, in the next ten years, the Internet will change every aspect of our life, today, this sentence is verified to be accurate. The development of the Internet has not only changed our individual habits, but also changed the fate of the enterprise. Many enterprises have taken the road of online marketing through the Internet, so that the enterprises with frequency failures will come back to life. read more

Forum community operations Series 1 content is king purely pit father

forum community operations Series 1 (content is king is pure pit father)

the content of this article comes from the "forum operation diary", after I edited, issued, and if there is doubt, welcome to reply interactive.

about content is king:


content is king" is one of the most well-known concepts in the media industry. The author is Viacom (Viacom) President Redstone, he is so described: "the cornerstone of media enterprises must and must be absolute content,

content is everything!"A second is the noun read more

Why don’t you mess up and keep making money

I’ve written an article about money before, but I haven’t released it since I finished writing it. The reason is very simple, that is, a lot of people may not listen. But now the end of the year a lot of grass root Tucao no money to celebrate the new year, so I feel I still want to talk about this topic. During this time, many Internet friends came to see me and exchange experience, and I was particularly touched by a brother from Jiangsu. Come here for a full 2 days, 2 days, a minute without waste. He was talking to me about what he was going to do, and of course I gave him a lot of advice. He probably trusted me, so I discussed every detail with me. You know, I’ve been pretty tired these days. read more

Optimize for search engines only ignore the user’s search intentions

But now the new

optimization scheme to optimize the past? Can only search engine optimization? Small by recent observations, a lot of new sites will appear the site updated a lot, but is not indexed by search engines. In fact, most of the reasons are derived from their own practices caused by, for example, new sites come out every day on the flood of updated spam articles, every day flooding, there is no limit to the Guangdong Province garbage outside the chain. Maybe you think I site updated a lot of articles, standing outside the chain is also a lot of hair, the spider will certainly lead a lot of climbing every day, will certainly be included in the very good. Can be considered as a search engine algorithm update. read more

Teacher Webmaster Station Xinyu academy website long courseware

and I are a great idea for "computer", and always strive to achieve it! This website [] is the construction of network courseware, so…

I have been engaged in computer teaching for more than 10 years, and the history of making courseware is very long. I have experienced the ups and downs of courseware development, and I have experienced a lot of bitterness in making courseware.


has in-depth classroom courseware, but making courseware in a limited expert, most of the teachers do not master the technology, from no time to learn; or simply do not want to go to school; or did not want to learn the corresponding way to self-study, to ask; or are ready to learn; or rely on others to complete with the Internet to download; or. In fact, it is better to teach fish and fish than to teach fish. Is it better if you can learn how to make courseware? read more

Understanding of some foreign websites

I’m not the ocean of disloyalty, indeed, I really appreciate some sites, no matter how foreigners, are better than domestic many, from our familiar search engine, the domestic giant Baidu, the world’s giant is Google, Google is a foreign, see people do, Baidu eyes only money now. Baidu from the original track, what about money. But people who told the fire, he also learned to others Google in other countries, I would wonder, his "eyes only money guy, do not just be off, of course, this is the word of mouth to say, but I’m also a user of Baidu. read more

WeChat operations depth analysis a good WeChat operation is better than 100 salespeople

, let’s first play a reverse contrast game:

How does the traditional business enterprise based on

2B business do sales? Divide the region – set up channels – collect sales leads – point to point sales;

traditional media how to make money? Print media, TV media operation of high-quality content, continue to penetrate the target audience, enhance the influence, reflected in the circulation, and then sell the different layout, columns of advertising, the title, hard wide, soft wide form; read more

Xiamen station on the road to the nternet and the future development

Xiamen real estate joint network – Zhang Weiguo

Founded in December 25, 1999,

is the earliest and most popular real estate website in Fujian province. Operating in the past 8 years, with its rich, practical, authoritative content and timely, innovative and sincere service, won the majority of property buyers and the public and users love.

by the end of 2007, the daily home page visits have exceeded 150 thousand, registered members exceeded 500 thousand, and has opened the Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Longyan sub station. Won the "Xiamen top ten website", "Fujian top ten electronic commerce website", "China ten real estate website" title, becoming the first brand of Xiamen real estate website, one of Xiamen’s most influential local website. In February 2008, it was designated as one of the 5 co operation websites of "civilized network and civilized Internet" by the municipal Party committee and the municipal government of Xiamen. read more

Teach you how to make the most profitable website

says, "women are afraid of marrying wrong men. Men are afraid to go in the wrong line."

‘s most common mistake is to add all the hot stuff to a website,

surface is the gateway to the station, actually as a result like the success ladder in the failure of the wall, in any case to pay, will only let the webmaster away on the way to success! There are two main reasons:

1. search engine from the point of view, the subject is almost equivalent to the messy garbage station: it is easy to understand, if a small grocery store in the life, is selling steamed buns, and selling clothes, also offer hairdressing services, would you trust? Would often visit? As for Baidu, if a site is not how much weight, and the content of theme and messy, so Baidu more mistrust, and reduce the weight of the website, so this website basically rarely included, even included page weight is low, it is difficult to get traffic website. read more

Your own experience some ways and techniques to do friendly connections

as long as you are a web site, you can’t live without a friendship connection. Unless you have millions of people, you still come in or do long-term bidding directly.

why do friendship connections,


friendship connection is a very important part in the site, you decide the site position (the content is also very important), so no station to do the connection, unless you are enterprise station.

then do friendship connection generally pay attention to what? (this article is for the novice to do friendship, not cheated, veteran bypass. read more