Maithripala rules out possibility of working with SLPP

He said that to do that there needs to be a good Government in place.The President called on those in Parliament who do not engage in corrupt practices to join him in the Government to take the country forward. (Colombo Gazette) Sirisena said that the SLPP is looking to protect corrupt people and some people, not knowing what the SLPP is up to are surrounding the SLPP and supporting them. The President said that the SLPP led by former Foreign Minister, Professor G.L Peiris is full of corrupt people who will never fall in line with the policies of the SLFP. President Maithripala Sirisena has ruled out the possibility of working with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP).Sirisena said that while he had mentioned earlier he was ready to form a Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Government if all 96 SLFP members in Parliament, including those in the SLPP join him, he knew that will never happen. “I know those crooks will not join me and work with me,” Sirisena said at an election rally in Polonnaruwa.The President said that the country must be rebuilt and taken forward with good policies. read more

Body found in Niagara Falls home

A woman who had been missing for more than a week has been found dead in her Niagara Falls home. Neighbours identify the woman as Victoria Caliguiri, 54. They say she lived in a Jepson St home with her 36-year old disabled daughter. Neighbours became concerned after they hadn’t seen her for a few days. They went into her house on Wednesday, and that’s when they found her body. Homicide detectives have been at the house since then.Neighbours say she had two other people living in the house with her, a man who had recently left, and a woman who was kicked out just a few days ago. Neighbour Daryl Robertson told CHCH News he is shocked by the news.“Sadness; how could this happen in this area? What are they doing about it? Because we haven’t heard anything.”“She was just a very active person in this neighbourhood anyways. She was a friend, and when you needed her she was there. I needed a bed for my mum, she gave me a bed.”CHCH’s Lauran Sabourin will have more tonight on the Evening News at 6. read more

DR of Congo UN mission to resume deployment to Kisangani on Friday

The agreement was announced by Kamel Morjane, who heads the UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUC). It followed a meeting today in the eastern DRC town of Goma between a group of ambassadors representing the permanent members of the Security Council and the leadership of the rebel group Congolese Rally for Democracy (RCD). Mr. Morjane said he welcomed the agreement, thanked the permanent members of the Security Council for their support and expressed hope that the development would lead to better cooperation with the RCD. The Council group was accompanied by MONUC Force Commander Major-General Mountaga Diallo.Earlier in the day, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s latest report to the Security Council on MONUC had been released at UN Headquarters. Deploring the RCD’s “obstructive attitude” in blocking the arrival of the UN peacekeepers, the Secretary-General said the Mission’s deployment should not be made conditional on any factor, including the investigation of alleged ceasefire violations. “RCD must permit the deployment of MONUC troops without further delay, fully restore its cooperative relations with MONUC and desist from further harassment and obstruction,” the report stated. “The international community has waited long enough for progress in resolving the conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and will have little patience for yet further delay from this source.”The Secretary-General also cautioned that the next – third – phase of MONUC deployment could be “incalculably more difficult, complex, risky and expensive.” Mr. Annan noted that the Council’s mission to the DRC next month would be “an invaluable opportunity” for members to examine the situation and determine what action may be needed to facilitate the initiation of Phase III.Mr. Annan’s next report containing recommendations for the way ahead is expected to be submitted before MONUC’s mandate expires on 15 June . read more

Leading surgeon to speak at Brock on the reality and myths about

A world-renowned expert in concussions and spinal cord injuries will be speaking at Brock University on Thursday, April 19.Neurosurgeon Dr. Charles Tator will join a panel of Brock faculty members, students and alumni in providing an overview of the current state of concussions from a broad perspective. Included will be discussions on Ontario’s recently passed Rowan’s law, concussion safety legislation designed to protect amateur athletes and educate coaches about the dangers of head injuries.A prominent figure in the Canadian medical field, Tator was named to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame in 2009 and is an Officer of the Order of Canada. In 2017, he was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame for his work on preventing spinal injuries and concussions in sports.“Concussion reality and mythology are both expanding,” says Tator. “That is good and bad news. The good is that we now have greater prevention potential, such as concussion legislation, and greater knowledge of which treatments are effective. The bad is that there is more marketing going on than ever before for bogus, unproven remedies by inadequately trained ‘experts.’ Thus, it is more important now for all of us to continually update our knowledge of concussions.”Concussions — What Are They and What Can I Do? will feature speakers using their own research to explain key issues for parents, organizations, policy-makers, educators, practitioners, coaches and the general public.Panelists include:Dr. Omar Khan (BSc ’98), MD FRCPC — Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Brock alumnus, working with concussion patients through ODK Physical Medicine at Hotel Dieu Shaver’s Medical Clinic)Hilary Findlay, PhD (Associate Professor, Sport Management— legalities around concussions for sport organizations)Caitlyn Gallant (Brock University doctoral candidate — research focusing on the ability to understand others’ thoughts and emotions, Theory of Mind, among individuals with concussions/mild traumatic brain injuries)Stephanie Cowle, Manager, Knowledge Translation, Parachute The event takes place Thursday, April 19, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. in Brock University’s Sean O’Sullivan Theatre.Part of the Lifespan Centre Speaker Series, the event is held in collaboration with Brock University’s Centre for Sport Capacity and Faculty of Applied Health Sciences.There is no cost to attend but advance registration is required and can be done through Eventbrite. read more

Womens volleyball team treks to state up north

It’s going to be a long weekend in Michigan for Ohio State’s women’s volleyball team.  This weekend was the toughest last year, and coach Geoff Carlston anticipates many of the same challenges.  After falling short to Penn State last week at home, the Buckeyes face two top-ranked Big Ten teams this weekend.  No. 14 Michigan State’s 14-4 record matches that of the Buckeyes. However, the Spartans fell  to the unranked Iowa Hawkeyes, 3-0, while the Buckeyes swept Iowa, 3-0. The Spartans’ inability to compete with Iowa exposed a weakness the Buckeyes will attempt to take advantage of.  “Our focus is still on our side of the net because that we control,” Carlston said.The Buckeyes take more risks offensively and maintain a strong middle. Once established, this opens the offense to more aggressive play. Quick decisions and few mistakes give the Buckeyes an edge over the Spartans.With a quick turn-around, the Buckeyes face No. 5 Michigan in Ann Arbor on Saturday night. The Wolverines are also working on a quick turnaround, as they will face No. 1 Penn State Friday night.Carlston knows the quick turn-around is tough on the players, especially on the road. Their top priority is to re-group and get as much rest as possible. Without a practice between the two matches, the team will have to mentally address weaknesses and keep defensive strategies strong, Carlston said. Despite the NCAA rankings, the Buckeyes and the Wolverines may be more evenly matched than it appears. Michigan is 16-3, while the Buckeyes are 14-4. Both teams fell to Big Ten powerhouses Illinois and Wisconsin. Both teams also have a mix of young players, which they work to incorporate into the core of game play.“Our athleticism is putting us in the mix with the top teams in the conference,” Carlston said.  OSU takes on Michigan State in East Lansing, Mich., Friday at 6:30 p.m. The Bucks travel to Ann Arbor Saturday to face Michigan at 7 p.m. read more

ZTE mobile handset based on the Android platform is ideal for mining

first_imgZTE Corp, a Chinese provider of telecommunications equipment and network solutions, launched a mobile handset at GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK in Dubai that can function in extreme environments. The GH800 handset comes with a 4” touch screen and, the company reports, “supports 30-minute immersion in 1 m depth water without affecting normal use. Shock, vibration, solar radiation, and many other indicators of GH800 can meet military reliability standards, and is competent of any harsh working environment.” It works on an LTE-enabled GoTa 4G intelligent platform and a secure operating system that supports wireless broadband, NFC and global positioning.ZTE says “reasonable design is convenient for daily use and will promote communication efficiency. GH800 fully reflects every detail of this purpose. Based on Android platform, together with carefully tailored UI, professional sound cavity design, high-powered speaker, detailed processing of button and perfect hand feeling will greatly facilitate user’s operation and communication.GH800 completely supports GoTa 4G voice intercom and video dispatching services. It supports the 7th GPS location technology which can provide more specific position information for the user and administrative centre. With optional encryption function and voice/video recording function it will satisfy different requirements of particular occasion. Powerful secondary development interface supports user’s tailored development of diversified industrial requirements.last_img read more

WCh in Brasil 2011 France and Croatia keep Olympic dream alive

← Previous Story FA Goppingen confirms: Darko Stanic coming next summer! Next Story → Montpellier wins French Cup! Six of eight quaterfinalists at the World Championship in Brasil are known. After Angola, Norway, Russia and Spain, also France and Croatia are still in the fight for the medals.CROATIA – ROMANIA 28:27FRANCE – SWEDEN 26:23 Handball World Championship 2011

PASOK chief to face MPs over depositors list

first_imgPASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos will appear before Parliament’s institutions and transparency committee to answer questions regarding a list of Greek depositors at a Swiss bank, which the Socialist chief hopes will deflect the intense criticism aimed at him recently.Venizelos has been called before the panel of MPs in connection to his actions during his stint as finance minister and the failure to investigate a list of almost 2,000 Greeks with deposits totaling 1.5 billion euros in the Geneva branch of HSBC. The list had been passed to Athens by French authorities in 2010 but it emerged earlier this month that the Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) had not investigated possible tax evasion.When current Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras suggested earlier this month that the list had gone missing, Venizelos produced a memory stick containing the information, which he handed to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’s office. This led to Venizelos being criticized for failing to ensure that the list was checked by SDOE and for keeping a copy for himself. It also caused former Interior Minister Yiannis Ragousis to quit the party.Some commentators have suggested that the public relations disaster suffered by Venizelos means it is only a matter of time before his leadership is challenged. Ragousis intends to form a new movement, making him the fourth former member of a PASOK government to adopt an independent line. Ex-government spokesman Ilias Mossialos is one of the founders of Dynamic Greece, former Deputy Finance Minister Giorgos Floridis helped set up Social Bond and former health minister Andreas Loverdos intends to present his “political pamphlet” on October 29. Floridis’s movement is due to hold an event in early November.None of the four has yet stated an intention to form a new party. Loverdos is the only serving member of PASOK but seems intent on distancing himself from the party.Source: Kathimerini Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

The History Of Computer Art In Comics

first_imgU.S War MachineChuck Austen is one of the more controversial names in superhero comics, with many fans cursing his name after his bizarre run on X-Men. He actually started out as an artist, working with Alan Moore on Miracleman in the 1980s, but his transition to writing came after he moved to Marvel and wrote and drew U.S. War Machine for the R-rated MAX imprint. The book, which starred Stark sidekick James “Rhodey” Rhodes, was first published in black & white but sold well enough that it gained a full-color follow-up. Austen illustrated the book entirely digitally, using 3D Studio Max and human models he purchased to stage scenes and importing them into Photoshop. The results were…. not great, so it’s not surprising that he shifted away from art duties afterwards. CrashSaenz continued carrying the torch for computer art forward, and eventually Marvel approached him to do his thing on the most logical character – Iron Man. Crash was published in 1988 as part of the company’s Graphic Novel series, magazine-format paperbacks that were two to three times as long as your average issue. Using the Macintosh II, Crash was a massive step forward – in addition to the pixely line art, 3D renders and vector beziers popped off the page. The end result was a little hard to look at, unfortunately – the technology was still primitive, and there’s a lot going on. Stay on target Digital JusticeSaenz was assisted on Crash by frequent Heavy Metal contributor Pepe Moreno, a Spanish artist who had been interested in technology for some time and would eventually head the Digital Fusion video game studio. DC saw Crash and wanted their own high-tech CGI comic, and Moreno delivered in 1990 with the bizarre Batman: Digital Justice. With a cover emblazoned with a bold “COMPUTER GENERATED” banner, is by far the best-looking of these early computerized comics. Moreno uses a lot of 3D rendering to build his world, where a future Batman contends with a computer virus Joker. We’re still firmly in the category of computer as novelty, but soon enough it would morph into an essential creative tool. The digital revolution has changed every aspect of our lives, from how we shop to how we create. And comic books are no exception. You’ll have a tough time finding a single four-color floppy that isn’t touched by a computer at one point or another, from the writer’s script to scanned inks and digital lettering. But the comics industry didn’t jump into the computer universe feet-first – a handful of innovative artists pushed it there through the 80s and 90s.Let’s dip into the long boxes to explore how comics artists embraced digital technology and saw what those early experiments looked like, as well as what they’re doing with computers in the modern world.ShatterThe first “computer-generated” comic was Shatter, published by First Comics in 1985. Written by Peter B. Gillis, the story was a fairly generic tale of a dystopian future populated by malevolent corporations, mental abilities and gritty detectives. But it was the art that made it stand out – illustrator Mike Saenz used the then state of the art Macintosh Plus and MacPaint to draw every page. This was before pen tablets were common, so he used the default Mac one-button mouse as well. The Mac Plus’s one-color screen measured a measly 512×342 pixels, so Saenz could only draw 2/3 of a page at a time. He only lasted a few issues, and the next artist drew the old-fashioned way and then scanned the pages to fake the effect. The Dome: Ground ZeroExperiments with computer-rendered comics would continue throughout the 90s, but they failed to make much of an impact. One of the more interesting attempts came with 1998’s The Dome: Ground Zero, written and laid out by Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons with finishes by Heavy Metal contributor Angus McKie. McKie used 3D rendered models to stage scenes, then imported them into Photoshop and digitally painted over them to get rid of any imperfections. This would become a fairly common process for digital comics over the next decade, but it didn’t really deliver here. Figures are stiff and the color palette is weirdly saturated. Digital ChameleonThe most logical place for computers to make inroads into the traditional comics publishing process was coloring. In the olden days, colorists would paint on copies of artwork with colored ink and send those sheets to “separators” who would painstakingly use various hues of dark brown paint on acetate to match the 120 colors available over four printing runs – yellow, cyan, magenta and black. With the advent of Photoshop, colorists could do separations digitally, allowing them to do crazy gradients and other effects that would be time-consuming if not impossible before. Canadian studio Digital Chameleon opened their doors in 2001 as the first coloring outfit to use Photoshop for digital seps and it wasn’t long before the rest of the industry followed suit.SinkhaPublished in the pages of Heavy Metal, Sinkha is an ambitious series of graphic stories revolving around a girl named Hyleyn who comes into contact with an immortal race of aliens who exist in a virtual reality paradise. Artist Marco Patrito released the first volume in 1995, with a “3D Multimedia Novel” for PC and Mac computers following. The project was also optioned for an animated film that never came to fruition. This definitely shows it’s Euro-style sci-fi roots, with lots of grandiose vistas and nubile women but not a lot of sensible plot. Marvel Censors Criticism of America From Marvel Comics #1000Can Even Jonathan Hickman Save the X-Men? Spider-Man: Quality Of Life2002’s Spider-Man movie got Marvel hyped up to push the web-slinger in new ways, and one of the most curious was this four-issue miniseries written by Greg Rucka with art by a CGI studio led by Scott Sava. This is one of the first books on the list that doesn’t try to use computer art as a storytelling gimmick – it’s just the way the artist chose to draw. Quality Of Life goes for a more animated influence over photo-realism and works better for it, even if Spidey’s poses look a little stilted. ShockrocketsStuart Immonen is one of Marvel’s go-to artists, able to draw just about any character in any scenario and make it look good. One of his secrets is the use of computer software to model out vehicles and other machines for perspective drawing. He first started doing this with 2000’s Shockrockets, which used 3D models to keep the book’s complex machinery consistent. Google SketchUp, a free 3D modeling tool, is now used by tons of artists when photo reference isn’t available. A great way to see its impact is in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, that floating platform so beloved by Marvel’s spy agency. Nearly every company artist now draws this thing from a 3D reference model so it looks the same across books. SagaMuch of the computer art we’ve shown so far was created to mimic the basic styles of American comics – clean black holding lines with color in between. But the rise of digital tools has created new avenues for art, and one of the best exemplars is Fiona Staples, the artist on projects like Saga. Staples started her career as a colorist working with artists like Frazier Irving, and that digital approach continued with her own work. Her drawings are unabashedly digital and don’t pretend to be anything but, with bold hard-edged shapes butting up against painterly textures to create a convincing alien world.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Delayed ferry heads for Unalaska despite government shutdown threat

first_imgThe Alaska state Ferry Tustumena spent at least five extra days off the water and missed its first scheduled sailing earlier this month, and it is headed for Unalaska this weekend. But it’s still unclear what a possible state government shutdown could mean if the legislature fails to fund a budget by the start of the next fiscal year.Jeremy Woodrow is a spokesman with the Alaska Department of Transportation. He says repairs were made to a water main line essential in the event of a fire on the Tustumena.  He said pieces of steel in the car deck on the 51-year old ship were also replaced.Courtesy of Nancy Heise“Those are just items that come along with the age of the vessel,” said Woodrow. “That actually emphasizes why we’re working on designing a replacement for the ferry and we’ll actually be working on replacing the Tustumena in the near future.”Woodrow said a final design for a replacement ship should be completed by the end of December.But whether a new ferry becomes a reality is in question. In February, the legislature proposed a 10 percent reduction in funding to the ferry system.In response, earlier this month, Governor Bill Walker transferred $5.5 million dollars from this year’s fuel fund to next year’s operating budget for the ferry system.  That money was included in a spending plan lawmakers already passed.But as legislators continue to spar of the state’s budget, Woodrow says it’s unclear what might happen to the ferry system if Alaska’s state government shuts down.“It’s too early to say whether the ferry system will or will not be impacted,” he said.  “It’s a process that’s unprecedented and therefore we’re going through new territory in terms of what can and can’t be done.”Woodrow says the Department of Transportation is working with the Governor’s administration to identify ‘essential services.’last_img read more

Gangster and cop get hitched in Noida

first_imgLucknow: An unlikely love story between a gangster and a woman constable began at a local court compound in Greater Noida and ended with them getting married. 30-year-old Rahul Thasrana has more than a dozen cases lodged against him. He was arrested in connection to the murder of trader Manmohan Goyal in 2014. Payal and Rahul met at Surajpur court where she was posted. Police sources say that they were in touch and got married immediately after Thasrana was released. The couple is currently living at an undisclosed location in order to avoid any unwanted circumstances, considering Thasrana’s criminal background.last_img read more

Trade rules to counter unprecedented species decline

first_imgGeneva : Amid growing alarm over accelerating extinctions, a major international conference opened in Geneva Saturday aiming to tighten rules on trade in elephant ivory and other endangered animal and plant species. Thousands of conservationists and policymakers from more than 180 countries will meet for 12 days to evaluate regulations and species protection listings under the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Also Read – Watch: Donald Trump says Florida faces absolute monster hurricane Advertise With Us “Business as usual is no longer an option,” CITES Secretary General Ivonne Higuero said at the start of the meeting, warning that “nature’s dangerous decline is unprecedented.” The treaty, created more than four decades ago, regulates trade in over 35,000 species of plants and animals and contains mechanisms to help crack down on illegal trade and sanction countries that break the rules. Also Read – Pakistan test-fires 290-km range missile Advertise With Us The meeting follows warnings about rapid species decline, with a UN report in May indicating that one million species are being pushed to the brink of extinction. “My fear is that we are… now really on the edge,” Higuero told AFP ahead of the conference, saying she hoped the delegates in Geneva would “make what we call transformative change.” Advertise With Us Inger Anderson, who heads the United Nations Environment Programme, echoed her sense of urgency, warning the conference that “we are losing species at a rate never seen before.” But she voiced confidence in the effectiveness of the CITES treaty in protecting vulnerable species by ensuring all trade in them is sustainable. “We need to find a workable balance between people and nature,” she said. The devastation caused to many species by poaching and booming illegal wildlife trade will be in the spotlight during the meeting, as will new challenges arising from illicit commerce increasingly moving online. The plight of African elephants is expected to dominate the discussions. Some countries are calling for stronger protections for all African elephants, while countries in southern Africa, where populations are better protected and healthier, are requesting resumption of ivory stockpile sales.last_img read more

PS4 set to get Gran Turismo 7 in 2014

first_imgWhen Gran Turismo 6 was announced as a PS3 game releasing after the PS4 was launched, it was met with surprise. Surely such a key Sony-exclusive IP would make an ideal launch game for a new console. But of course, Gran Turismo 6 had been in development for years and for the PS3’s architecture — a very different machine to the PS4. You also have to consider there’s now 80 million PS3 consoles out there, so a lot more potential for sales than on a brand new machine.Developer Polyphony Digital has since confirmed that there will be no quick conversion of GT6 for release on PS4, instead they are working on Gran Turismo 7 already. And now Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi has stated we can expect to be playing the game in 2014 if everything goes to plan.Talking to the BBC’s Top Gear team, Yamauchi said that he really doesn’t want or expect Gran Turismo 7 to take that long, and that a 2014 release was the “best-case scenario.” Coming from Yamauchi and based on his track record, we should probably be expecting a 2015 release then, shouldn’t we?He also said that GT6 really pushes the PS3 to its absolute limit. It will be interesting to do a thorough comparison with GT5 to see what has improved, but if you have a PS3 that is struggling, GT6 may just tip it over the edge.If Gran Turismo 7 sees a release in time for the holidays next year then it will definitely help Sony shift thousands more PS4 units. Gran Turismo is a system seller, and a racing game popular around the world. But Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital are terrible at hitting deadlines, so don’t go holding your breath for the release.last_img read more

As predicted on Star Trek George Takei is finally a hologram

first_imgStar Trek dealt with holograms across a lot of its franchises, but to see a real Mr. Sulu hologram? All I can say is, “Oh my.”The sci-fi series star and internet grandpa George Takei took a trip to a holographic video capture studio, where he was recorded doing all the things that make Takei great, from laughing to fighting.The results are just as adorable as you’d expect.Microsoft’s Actiongram software allows the user to place holograms into real spaces (with the aid of a HoloLens of course). The company hopes that it can be used for filmmaking and visual effects so that people can interact with crazy characters and fantastical situations in real time.To show it off, Takei holograms began to spawn all over the place. In the video, he can be seen boxing toys, laughing at himself, and, with the help of his husband Brad Altman, held himself in the palm of his hand.Not being able to see Takei fight with a sword though was kind of a disappointment.“We talked about holograms on Star Trek, and to actually be doing that in reality today, it was a lot of fun,” Takei said in the video. “Technology and being a part of it at the cutting edge is a thrill that very few human beings get.”The software is currently in closed beta and only available to use on the HoloLens. If you wanted to interact with Takei yourself, you’ll have to be a developer, as only a development edition is available on Microsoft’s website for around $3,000.last_img read more

Whats that smell Fart reported to be the cause of plane evacuation

first_imgTags: American Airlines Monday, July 17, 2017 Share What’s that smell? Fart reported to be the cause of plane evacuation Travelweek Group center_img RALEIGH — American Airlines is clearing the air after reports surfaced that a fart forced passengers to evacuate a plane on Sunday evening.According to International Business Times, a flight had just landed at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on July 16 when a man passed gas so violently that U.S. airport officials said “it caused nausea and headaches among his fellow passengers”. The funky smell was so bad that passengers were rushed off the plane.However, an American Airlines representative confirmed to Fox News that the story is not true. Since then, Andrew Sawyer, a spokesperson for Raleigh-Durham International Airport has also confirmed that the plane in question was never even evacuated, but deplaned “normally”.In an official statement, American Airlines said: “We did have an aircraft from Charlotte to RDU this afternoon, that landed at 2:19 p.m. ET, and arrived the gate at 2:21 p.m. ET, that is currently out of service for an actual mechanical issue – and odour in the cabin. But it is not due to ‘passed gas’ as mentioned.”More news:  Flight Centre Travel Group takes full ownership of Quebec-based agencyThis did not stop people from cracking jokes on social media, with many applauding the suspected passenger for his farting abilities. Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

Present and Future Look Bright for Jumbo RMBS

first_img May 24, 2016 525 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Origination, Secondary Market Credit Quality Jumbo Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Moody’s Investors Service 2016-05-24 Staff Writer Present and Future Look Bright for Jumbo RMBScenter_img Low delinquencies, a significant credit enhancement build-up, and high credit quality of loans remaining in pools are all factors resulting in improved credit performance of post-crisis jumbo residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) transactions rated by Moody’s, according to Moody’s Investors Service.According to Moody’s analysts Zimin Li and Michael B. Gallagher, “Elevated voluntary prepayments and transaction structures provide sufficient and continually increasing credit enhancement for senior bonds and, as of March 2016, credit enhancement levels for all transactions were adequate.”A jumbo mortgage is defined as a home loan for an amount that exceeds conforming loan limits established by regulation. For most of the United States, the jumbo loan limit is $417,000; for the highest-cost areas, it is $625,000.All jumbo RMBS transactions have had low delinquencies since issuance, and the performance of jumbo RMBS transactions is expected to remain strong given the high credit quality of the remaining collateral. Voluntary prepayments are remaining elevated, which continues to enhance the credit quality of post-crisis jumbo RMBS.As long-term interest rates rise, prepayment rates will likely decline in the future on jumbo RMBS; but according to Li and Gallagher, the credit enhancement to senior bonds built will provide sufficient coverage against serious delinquencies to these transactions. The Moody’s data shows that credit enhancement for senior bonds has risen for post-crisis jumbo RMBS while serious delinquencies have stayed low.As for the outlook for jumbo RMBS, according to Li and Gallagher, “Delinquencies in post-crisis jumbo RMBS will remain low owing to a lack of negative selection, the continuously strong performance of the remaining loans, and the improving US housing market. As the transactions season and mortgage loans prepay, the remaining bonds will continue to be backed by the high-credit-quality loans with higher borrower equities in the properties, helping to keep future default rates on the loans low.”Click here to view the complete report from Moody’s. Sharelast_img read more

NEW YORK NY – Taj Hotels Palaces is inviting el

first_imgNEW YORK, NY – Taj Hotels & Palaces is inviting elite travelers to take your Valentine to The Pierre in New York for a two-night celebration including: Suite accommodation; Dinner for two at Le Caprice (exclusive of alcohol); Surprise confection from The Pierre’s pastry chef, delivered in-room; Bottle of Champagne; and Breakfast in bed.The Pierre’s Valentine’s Day package is valid for February 12, 13 and 14. Rates for a City View Suite begin at $1,100 per night (two night minimum). To book, call 212-838-8000 or 800-PIERRE4 or visit read more

Reps Bizon Maturen honor Cora Belle Anderson

first_img Categories: Maturen News Portrait unveiled for first woman, Native American to serve in Michigan HouseFrom left, Rep. David Maturen, Capitol decorative painter and artist Joshua Risner, Rep. Dr. John Bizon, Sen. Margaret O’Brien and Rep. Amanda Price attend the portrait unveiling for Cora Belle Reynolds Anderson today at the Anderson House Office Building in Lansing.State Reps. David Maturen and Dr. John Bizon today attended a portrait unveiling in honor of Cora Belle Reynolds Anderson, the first woman and the first Native American to serve in the Michigan House of Representatives. The Anderson House Office Building, where the portrait now hangs in the lobby, is named in her honor.“Cora Belle Reynolds Anderson was a political pioneer; she no doubt overcame many obstacles to serve her district at a time when minorities, including Native Americans, were subjected to considerable discrimination,” said Rep. Maturen, R-Vicksburg. “She serves as an inspiration to us all.”Anderson was elected by the “Iron District” of Baroga, Iron, Keweenaw and Ontonagon counties in 1924, just four years after women gained the right to vote. A woman of Ojibwe decent and a former teacher, she was a lifelong advocate for agriculture, education and public health issues.“Michigan has a long history of courageous individuals who fought to improve the lives of others,” said Rep. Bizon, R-Battle Creek. “Rep. Anderson’s accomplishments helped pave the way for many others who came after. It is an honor to work in the same chamber she did.”### 08Dec Reps. Bizon, Maturen honor Cora Belle Andersoncenter_img Tags: Cora Anderson, Maturen last_img read more

Rep Sheppard supports dual enrollment for border school districts

first_img In an effort to increase access to secondary education, state Rep. Jason Sheppard voted for giving area students more dual enrollment options today by supporting legislation to allow students in state border school districts to attend out-of-state programs.The House bill includes specific stipulation that the out-of-state educational facility be within 20 miles of the border for students enrolled in a public, charter or private school district.“A quality education has no boundaries,” said Sheppard, of Temperance. “It’s well known that I support the diverse programming we have at Monroe County Community College, but we cannot deny those students who wish to pursue a program closer to them which happens to be just across the border in Ohio.”House Bill 4735, sponsored by state Rep. Aaron Miller of Sturgis, would amend the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option Act. The Act currently stipulates eligible high school students can take certain non-core courses at a qualified institution such as a state university, community college or independent non-profit college or university with state funding assistance. The new bill would allow students in school districts that share border with neighboring states to take courses in those nearby states.Stephen McNew, superintendent of the Monroe County Intermediate School District, testified in support of the legislation before the House Education Reform Committee on Sept. 14.“There are portions of our state where the nearest Michigan-based dual enrollment programs are quite a distance away,” said Sheppard. “We’re fortunate to have many opportunities here and this bill will expand our students’ options.”HB 4735 advances to the Senate for its consideration.##### 17Oct Rep. Sheppard supports dual enrollment for border school districts Categories: News,Sheppard Newslast_img read more

Rep Farrington backs resolution calling for July 1 budget deadline

first_img Categories: Diana Farrington News,News Legislators’ pay would be docked if the budget was not ready 16Oct Rep. Farrington backs resolution calling for July 1 budget deadlinecenter_img State Rep. Diana Farrington today said she fully supports a House resolution calling for a balanced state budget to be presented to the governor by July 1 each year.Farrington, of Utica, said she became a co-sponsor of House Joint Resolution X because she understands the stress placed on local governments and school districts when the amount of state money they receive is up in the air until the current Oct. 1 deadline.“Our local leaders begin their fiscal years in the summer, and not knowing how much state money they can count on can mean the difference between laying off a teacher or a city worker because the money may not be allocated,” Farrington said. “House leadership has proven for the past seven budget cycles that a spending blueprint can be finalized by July, and I believe we should let voters decide if a July 1 deadline is better than the current one.”The resolution would require two-thirds approval from both the House and Senate before the question of amending the Michigan Constitution is put on the ballot.If the deadline was missed, the resolution calls for legislators to be docked their salaries for every day the state budget is not completed beyond July 1.“State government should be held to the deadline, and if legislators do not meet the constitutional mandate, they don’t deserve to be paid.,” Farrington said.The resolution has been referred to the House Appropriations Committee for consideration.#####last_img read more