Body found in Niagara Falls home

A woman who had been missing for more than a week has been found dead in her Niagara Falls home. Neighbours identify the woman as Victoria Caliguiri, 54. They say she lived in a Jepson St home with her 36-year old disabled daughter. Neighbours became concerned after they hadn’t seen her for a few days. They went into her house on Wednesday, and that’s when they found her body. Homicide detectives have been at the house since then.Neighbours say she had two other people living in the house with her, a man who had recently left, and a woman who was kicked out just a few days ago. Neighbour Daryl Robertson told CHCH News he is shocked by the news.“Sadness; how could this happen in this area? What are they doing about it? Because we haven’t heard anything.”“She was just a very active person in this neighbourhood anyways. She was a friend, and when you needed her she was there. I needed a bed for my mum, she gave me a bed.”CHCH’s Lauran Sabourin will have more tonight on the Evening News at 6. read more