Daily Dirt: March 21, 2013

first_imgYour outdoor news for March 21, 2013:New Routes Go Up in the New River GorgeIn a great post on DPM Climbing, Mike Williams reports that new trad routes are going up in the New River Gorge. Focusing on popular Thunder Buttress of Beauty Mountain, Williams tells the tale of how Pat Goodman claimed the first ascent of Gun Control, a variation off of the established Gun Club. It’s great to see new things being done in a place like the New, where folks have been climbing since the 80’s; refreshing to know that there still remains undiscovered and unconquered territory out there. One of the things I love about climbing pieces is the names of the routes. Some highlights from this post are: The Thundering Herd, The Golden Bullet, In Gold Blood, and That’s What She Said. I also love stories written by climbers for all the climbing jargon and especially this one because it tells the story of a first ascent through the history of the place and the lives of the people who climb it.Snowboarding Industry SummitSo reports from this winter indicate that the snowboard industry is in decline, while the ski industry is ticking up, meaning that young peoples in general are picking up skiing and sticking with it longer than snowboarding. When those in the industry learned this, some flew off the handle, but most took the news calmly enough even if they were tearing out their eyeballs in private about the death of snowboarding AS WE KNOW IT! A decline in snowboarding interest is especially important on the East Coast where the sport has traditionally been as popular – if not more popular- than skiing because it was cool and different. But now that the two styles/attitudes/punks have leaked into each discipline, the lines are blurred and snowboarding is losing out. The leaders of the industry met in Deer Valley last week at the TransWorld Conference to hash out what the sport has to do to keep growing and stop retracting. This was no emergency Situation Room type of thing – it happens every year – but the emphasis this year was definitely on the sport as a whole and not just the brands behind the curtain. We’ll see what the big players come up with next season to reflect this trend. This past season we saw Burton launch a huge “Learn to Ride” program for the kids, so expect more of that. Get ’em hooked young.You can read the full recap of the conference here.Public Support for Keystone WaningAccording to a new poll for the Center of Biological Diversity by Public Policy Polling, 61 percent of those who voted for President Obama in the last election would be “disappointed” or “betrayed” if he goes ahead with the Keystone XL Pipeline. Almost 75 percent of the general public thought the Keystone XL is not in the U.S.’s “best interest.” Plenty more numbers in this story from the Sierra Club.last_img read more

FrieslandCampina Begin Defence of Remita Champions Cup with Goal Feast

first_img2017 RC3 winners and defending Telecoms Games, IHS Towers were surprisingly whitewashed, in the opening game of the tournament, by FMCG Games runner-up, Unilever in a similar 3-0 defeat. The Unilever team assumed control of the tie from kick-off and badgered their opponents with finely tuned attacks and skills.Superstar musician, Ololade Keshinro popularly known as Lil Kesh punctuated the activities of the day with some of his popular tunes. Lil Kesh who was amazed by the dazzling fan reception provided amazing renditions of his top hits such as Able God, Gbese, and Ibile.Upon resumption of action, FMCG Games champions, Nestle trounced new-entrants, Union Bank in another high scoring 3-0 victory. The first-half ended goalless thanks to the heroics of the Union Bank goalkeeper but he ultimately fell short in the second half as the flamboyant Nestle side found the net thrice with great ease, thereby ending the inaugural experience of the bankers.Bankers’ Games runner-up, FCMB secured the final spot of the semi-final in a hard-fought 1-0 victory over Insurance Games champions, NEM Insurance. FCMB took the lead in the early minutes of the game and defended resolutely in what was adjudged the most technical battle of the day.At the end of play, FrieslandCampina, Nestle, FCMB and Unilever booked their semi-final spots with relative ease.FrieslandCampina will go toe-to-toe with Nestle while FCMB tackle Unilever on Sunday, 25 August 2019, for spots in the final of the competition.The fanfare was graced by dignitaries and c-class executives such as Deremi Atanda Executive Director of SystemSpecs; Jimmy Shogbesan, Chief Operating Officer of MediaVision Limited; and Tournament Ambassador, Peter Rufai.Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Defending Champions, FrieslandCampina, began their title defence of the prestigious Remita Corporate Champions Cup (RC3) Tournament in Lagos on Sunday with an emphatic 3-0 victory over Telecommunications Games runner-up, MTN in a highly entertaining match-up.The 2019 edition of the RC3 kicked off at the Yaba College of Technology Sports Pavilion with FrieslandCampina scoring two first-half goals in quick succession to set the tone for what would be an end-to-end attacking display by both sides.The second half saw few spurned chances and close calls by both sides until an MTN defender scythed a FrieslandCampina forward in the 18-yard box. Ruth Okafor, the appointed female referee, did not hesitate to point to the spot, with the attendant penalty kick coolly converted to secure a place for the side in the semi-finals.last_img read more

How Gamers Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

first_img Sexy Robots Help Cure Erectile DysfunctionApple, Samsung Join FDA’s Digital Health Software Program Stay on target Video gaming is good for a lot of things. There’s science that shows it can improve reflexes, critical thinking, and other super useful stuff. But for the most part it isn’t a real driver for physical fitness. Outliers like Wii Fit and Just Dance excepted, the vast majority of gaming is spent in a fairly motionless position on couch or chair.That’s… not great for your body. From early reports of “joystick thumb” to modern-day eSports athletes getting their aching wrists repaired, gaming at the hardcore level can take its toll. One of the biggest and most important areas for humans to take care of is the back.Lower back pain is a big issue for gamers. When you get absorbed in a digital world, it’s all too easy to forget about good posture. Some of the symptoms you might have noticed include aches and pains, restricted movement and tingling or weakness in the legs.AdChoices广告Even if you haven’t started feeling aches and pains in your lower back, practicing some of these techniques will shore up your core. It will also prevent bad times in the future.via pixabayWhat Causes Back PainThe human body is a remarkable device, capable of performing a wide variety of physical feats. However, it also craves variety. Sitting in the same posture for too long can be harmful to your muscles and joints. And when you’re gaming, it’s a pretty fair bet that you’re not thinking about your posture.Taking a look inside, it’s fairly simple to see how that part of the human body works. The spine runs down the center of your back, a column of separate bones enclosing a bundle of nerves that send sensations and information to and from the brain. In between the bones are disks of cartilage, which allow you to bend and twist your back in a variety of ways. The whole setup is supported and facilitated by a network of muscles.Back pain can result from a number of different issues. The simplest is a strain or sprain in one of those muscles, either through vigorous activity or (more likely for gamers) extended time sitting in bad posture. That is, thankfully, also the easiest to repair on your own.More dangerous is damage to the disks in your spine, which is often caused by bending motions where your back is rounded, not straight. Those disks can push into the nerves of the spinal cord, causing constant pain, paralysis and more. Definitely not what you want to do to your body.via pixabayPause ButtonThe absolute best piece of advice we can give gamers worried about lower back pain is simple: walk away for a little bit. Modern games have pause buttons for a reason, and most of them also come with warnings when you boot them up that explicitly tell you to keep your sessions to a reasonable length of time. Yes, we know that’s not always possible – you can’t pause a raid in an MMORPG, for instance – but it’s very valuable to take five to ten minutes out of at least every hour you play and go for a short walk, rest your eyes, and stretch your muscles.These don’t have to be massive breaks, but your body will thank you for them. And yes, this does reduce your total gaming time on the whole, but it’ll enable you to perform better for longer.via AmazonFix Your SetupConsciously remembering to adjust your posture while you’re caught up in a game is pretty difficult. But you can do a little bit of prep work before you power up your battle station to prevent physical damage. Here are some quick tips.Neck alignment is a big driver of back pain, and the simplest adjustment you can make involves your field of vision. For pretty much any media consumption, you want the top edge of your monitor to be at natural resting eye level. Way too many people, especially if they’re gaming on laptops or portable devices, curl up and hunch over to play. That puts pressure on the neck and spine. By keeping your head perpendicular to the floor, you force your spine to be straight.The second half of this method involves making sure your feet are planted flat on the floor. This helps move your pelvis into a position that supports your core and lower back. The combination of head and feet in proper position will take a little getting used to, especially if you’re a sloucher, but it will pay real dividends.Finally, a little bit of furniture adjustment might be able to help you forestall back pain during marathon sessions. If you think “gaming chairs” are just corny wastes of money, think again. The best of them are designed specifically for long-term usage and help automatically shape your body into the best position. If you can’t afford a good chair, one piece of advice is to insert a rolled up towel between the top of your tailbone and the chair’s back to remind you to keep it straight.via pixabayAfter The InjuryFor some of the geeks out there, it might be too late. You could already be suffering from gaming-related lower back pain. As a caveat before we launch into this next section: we’re not doctors. We’re not even Time Lords. So we can’t dispense medical advice. Before starting any program of exercise, talk to a physician.The absolute best thing you can do for your back is stretch on a daily basis. Stretching increases flexibility, works out strains and strengthens your core muscles, so they support your spine better. Here’s a quick regimen of floor stretches that you can do on any relatively soft surface with no additional equipment.– On your back, bend one knee and plant the foot flat on the floor. With the other leg, bring it straight up above your pelvis (it’s OK to have a slight bend in your knee) and put your hands on your calf. Pull towards your head to stretch your hamstring and lower back. Hold each leg for 30 seconds.– Still, on your back, straighten one leg with your toes pointing towards the ceiling. Bring your other knee to your chest, holding just below the kneecap with both hands, and keep it there for 20 seconds. This helps relax your glutes – the muscles in your butt that you use for sitting.– Staying on your back, rotate your head to one side of the room and your torso to the other side, twisting gently through your spine. Keep the bottom leg straight and bring the top leg out, bent at the hip and knee. Rest the hand of the arm on the torso side on top of the bent knee and hold each side for 20 seconds. This is a great one for sciatic nerve pain.via pixabayAt The GymAn exercise program can also help you build your body to a point where marathon gaming sessions won’t do quite so much damage. Exercises like Pilates or yoga can improve flexibility and long muscle strength, allowing you to naturally pursue better posture.There are even companies looking to gamify back health itself. Valedo is a wearable device consisting of a pair of sensors that attach to your lower back and chest that sync with an iPhone game where you run through an obstacle course. The body movements that the game requires help strengthen lower back muscles, but the downside is that the device costs $359, which is pretty steep.Whatever you decide to do, the first step is recognizing that lower back pain isn’t something any gamer should have to live with. You have the power to get rid of it, so get your stretch on, and we’ll see you back here in a few minutes.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more