Governor Shumlin applauds new rail designation for high speed corridor

first_imgGovernor Peter Shumlin said today he’s pleased that the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) is designating the Northeast Corridor (NEC) as a ‘high speed rail corridor,’ a definition that allows NEC states to compete for federal rail funds.As Chair of the Transportation Committee for the Coalition of New England Governors (CONEG), Shumlin has been working with his counterparts across the region to advance the vision for a regional high speed rail network. ‘This is an important step for advancing the New England rail network. It will finally enable the Northeast Corridor to compete for federal rail dollars,’ Gov. Shumlin said. ‘Enhancing passenger rail investments throughout our region will benefit Vermont’s vision of a robust and vibrant passenger rail network connecting Vermont with New York, Boston, and Montreal.’ The Governor said rail investments throughout the region will continue to reduce travel times along the Amtrak route, increase mobility for Vermonters and improve energy efficiency across our region. ‘I am pleased to be working in concert with other New England Governors to make this vision a reality,’ he said.As part of the Northern New England network, Vermont is already eligible for such designated funds. However, the NEC is a linchpin in the broader regional rail network. With this decision, projects along the Northeast Corridor will now be able to compete on a’ level planning field’ for any current and future federal funds intended to improve and advance high speed rail corridors and service. Without this designation the NEC, including the congested Boston-to-Washington Corridor, would be ineligible to pursue these federal funds.The CONEG Governors recently wrote to USDOT Secretary Ray LaHood urging that all the northeast states be considered in the reallocation of any high speed-intercity passenger rail grant funds that might become available. Home to more than 20 percent of the nation’s population, the northeast states have worked cooperatively to advance projects needed to improve the current rail system, and develop joint plans and projects that contribute to the goal of high quality, expanded passenger rail service and significantly increased ridership.MONTPELIER — 3.15.2011last_img read more

The Mali Ston oyster became the 28th Croatian product with a protected name in the European Union

first_imgThe unique properties of the Mali Ston Bay area, the optimal quantity and composition of food, the excellent quality of sea water with the application of traditional knowledge and skills directly reflect on the quality and organoleptic properties of this esteemed product. The process of protection of the name “Malostonska kamenica” began in August 2017, when the Association “Stonski školjkari Ston” submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture a request for protection of the designation of origin called “Malostonska kamenica”. The geographical area in which all phases of production of “Mali Ston oysters” take place includes the waters of the Mali Ston Bay, which belongs to the territory of the Republic of Croatia. In addition to the now registered name “Malostonska kamenica”, other already registered products are: Krk prosciutto, Extra virgin olive oil Cres, Neretva mandarin, Ogulin sauerkraut / Ogulin sauerkraut, Baranja kulen, Lika potatoes, Istrian prosciutto / Istrian prosciutto, Drniš prosciutto, Dalmatian prosciutto, Poljički soparnik / Poljički zeljanljenja Krk olive oil, Korčula olive oil, Pag lamb, Šolta olive oil, Varaždin cabbage, Slavonian kulen / Slavonian kulin, Međimurje meat ‘from Tiblica, Slavonian honey, Lika lamb, Istria, Pag salt, Zagorje mills, Pag cheese and Bjelovarski kvar Brački varenik and Varaždinski klipič. The Republic of Croatia now has 28 agricultural and food products whose name is registered in the European Union as protected designation of origin or protected geographical indication. Photo: Ministry of Agriculture The uniqueness of “Mali Ston oysters” stems from the unique natural characteristics of Mali Ston Bay and the skills that have been developed during the centuries-old tradition of breeding in Mali Ston Bay. center_img You can see the product specification “Malostonska kamenica” here. Thus, “Malostonska kamenica” is entered in the register of protected persons designations of origin and protected geographical indications te protected throughout the European Union, and guarantees the consumer the purchase of an authentic product. There are two key things in tourism that we need to understand and learn. First, we have to sew ourselves in order to be respected. Secondly, authenticity and our culture and way of life are our biggest tourist trump cards. And that is why we can and must be proud of our 28 magnificent products that are protected by designations of origin and geographical origin and protected throughout the European Union. This is exactly what tourists want to experience and taste. “Mali Ston oyster”Has been awarded the European Protected Designation of Origin,” the European Commission said in the Official Journal of the European Union on 13 October 2020. last_img read more