Ski Highway

first_img At the top, ready to drop. Will Fanning of Brazenhead Mountain State Brewing Co Snow in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia and Maryland has been known to fall anytime from October through April, and in several spots the annual snowfall has averaged nearly 200 inches. So load up the four-wheel-drive vehicle of your choice and hit the highway. Starting near Linwood, W.Va. and running north to McHenry, Md., Highway 219 passes five ski resorts and nearby towns loaded with great restaurants, bars, and music. You can even get a dose of backcountry skiing in along the way. This is ski highway.Day One: SnowshoeGrub, Drinks, Music Highway 219 drops into Linwood, W.Va., at the base of Snowshoe Mountain Resort. There you’ll find Elk River Touring Center, including the Elk River Inn, Restaurant, and Ski and Snowboard rental gear shop. Last month, they expanded their operations to include the Fiddlehead Bar and Restaurant located smack in the foothills of Snowshoe Ski Resort. The Fiddlehead is brand spankin’ new and already offers a steady schedule of live music. New Year’s Eve weekend featured the Davisson Brothers Band and Vern’s Pot of Chili, two great acts out of the West Virginia mountains.The Fiddlehead offers upscale bar food and great beers, both of which are a worthy accompaniment to a night of friends and live music. The locally-supplied trout sandwich is delicious, but you just can’t go wrong with three-dollar Mahi Mahi fish tacos. The brew highlights are their three featured taps from West Virginia’s own Mountain State Brewing Company. Try the crisp, hoppy deliciousness of the Seneca Indian Pale Ale.The Place to CrashIn 1998 Will Fanning and his two sons began working on a pine-log structure that would become the Brazenhead Inn in Mingo, W.Va., named for the oldest pub in Fanning’s hometown of Dublin, Ireland. It’s just seven miles north from Snowshoe up Highway 219.  Brazenhead is old-school; if you’re looking for flatscreens and shot-skis, you’ve come to the wrong place. But the inn is truly steeped in charm and features a traditional Irish-style pub and a dense musical heritage reflecting on the Fanning’s family background. Guinness and Smithwicks are always on tap, along with traditional Irish Whiskies behind the bar for a nightcap. But the highlight sits just alongside the bar. While they regularly house live music, they also stock a piano, fiddle, banjo, accordion, guitar, and a handful of other instruments already set out in a small bar corner with a few stools for anybody to sit down for a jam session anytime. Fanning and his wife will join you if you ask.The cozy rooms boast a cabin feel, with old-timey pictures and paintings on the wooden walls and not much more than a bed, a place to wash up, and a dresser with some select reading material. No cable here, fellas. If you’re coming here, you’re coming for music, character, skiing, and the Brazenhead spirit.Snowshoe BackcountryWhen Snowshoe resort is lacking snowfall, there’s usually snow along the stretch of the Highlands Scenic Highway, the highest major roadway in West Virginia, which runs through the Monongahela National Forest. The road remains unplowed for the winter and is a popular spot for cross country skiers, but downhill adventure-seekers drive up the scenic byway as far as possible. About three miles up the highway, just off Highway 219 and east of the Cranberry Wilderness, there are some north-facing stashes that hold snow all winter long, just waiting to be shredded.“You can hit Shearers Run Loop, the Warming Hut, or Red Lick, which is four miles and pops back out onto the Scenic Highway,” says local mountain bike and cross-country ski guide Greg Moore.If you’re more likely to stick to the resort area, you’ve got options there too. From the Top of the Mountain area at Snowshoe there is a stash of backcountry playland locally known as the Old Hawthorn Slopes (named for the previous name of the golf course) that run all the way down to the base of Snowshoe. They are steep, extreme, and often shrub-covered, but on the right day, there’s some serious terrain waiting to be carved. Leave a car at the bottom, head back to the parking lot at the Top of the Mountain area, and access it next to the heli-pad.For more information about Snowshoe Mountain, check out from the Ski Highway: Day Two: The Valley (Timberline, Canaan, White Grass resorts)Grub, Drinks, MusicIf you’re heading to any of the three ski resorts that surround this area (Timberline, Canaan, or White Grass), look no further than Davis and Thomas, W.Va. Highway 219 will drop you right into Thomas, the northern town of the two sister towns, which are only a couple miles apart. The tourism industry has been good to these old mining and logging towns, and today there are almost too many great places to hang out.For a brewpub hop, start in Davis at the Blackwater Brewing Company. They feature Italian and German cuisine, the latter of which features generational family recipes handed down by the mother of the original owner, Rosalinde Benson. Get some quality grub into the ol’ belly before the night begins, then dig into the beers. Blackwater features six beers all brewed behind the bar in their three-barrel micro-brewing system, including a wheat beer, a gold ale, a marzen, an Indian pale ale, a porter and a stout. Try the stout (arguably their forte). It’s bold and smoky with almost a hint of a chocolaty body that goes down quite smoothly. The place has been taken over by brewer Lincoln Wilkins, a man who has returned to his native home for good. A traditional Belgian/German style brewer, Wilkins plans to expand the reach of Blackwater beer here beyond the pub and experiment with new brews.Make your hop from Davis up into Thomas to find Mountain State Brewing Company. Grab a homemade pepperoni roll—a traditional snack reminiscent of the early West Virginia mining days when the rolls were introduced and made famous in the state. They are a West Virginia staple made by, well, baking pepperoni into a yeast bread roll; simple, yet truly satisfying and a perfect prelude to a beer brewed in-house. If you’ve already tried their IPA, perhaps now is the time to go for the Miner’s Daughter Oatmeal Stout. There’s no better way to enjoy an oatmeal stout than perched on a saw-horse converted into a barstool in a small, dark, timber-raftered pub with a beautiful copper bar top and a warm, down-to-earth vibe. Check their schedule: if you arrive on the right night, you’ll be treated to live music in the dance-hall connected to the bar.The Place to CrashThe Douglas Falls Bed and Breakfast, located just a mile or so outside of Thomas, is a quaint B&B and as peaceful a place as you can ask for. It’s fairly luxurious (on the inside, which is what counts, right?), for the price. Walk out the front door to take a stroll down the Blackwater Canyon Trail along the river. About a quarter mile up from the inn is the 35-foot Douglas Waterfall on the North Fork of the Blackwater River—not a bad way to spend a morning.Back at the inn, enjoy the clawfoot tub in your room for a hot bath after a day on the slopes, or just step outside and make use of the jacuzzi. In the morning you’re served fresh, homemade breakfasts: apple pancakes or freshly baked quiche, coffee, sausage, freshly sliced fruits. After breakfast hit the road and you’re only 15 minutes from Timberline, Canaan, or White Grass ski areas.White Grass BackcountryWhite Grass Ski Touring Center is the cross-country mecca for Nordic skiers in West Virginia, or even the whole Southeast for that matter. Owner Chip Chase has created something unique in the small-time, easygoing atmosphere that White Grass embodies. He’s a cross-country ski bum at heart, but feels there is a growing scene between alpine-touring skiers, Nordic skiers, telemark skiers, downhill skiers, and snowboarders alike.“White Grass creates this little energy field of trust, love, independence and just an affection for the outdoors without being pretentious or rule-oriented or grumpy or expensive,” says Chase.White Grass is known for its fantastic cross country skiing and technique of snow farming (special fences are used to gather excess snow for cross country skiing), but there’s interest for adventure seekers looking for downhill backcountry as well. On the mountain behind the small lodge is a stash of impressive glades hand-carved out of the forests coming down towards the lodge. These glades boast 900 vertical feet of playland just waiting for ambitious skiers or snowboarders to hike it. With the lodge right at the bottom renting snowshoes and serving delicious food, you’re set.“A lot of volunteering goes into clearing this backcountry out here,” says Chase. “All the best spots coming down from the trails on the top of the mountain have been cleared out.”Day Three: Canaan Valley Grub, Drinks, MusicThe Purple Fiddle has housed The Avett Brothers four times and continues to book great bands from all around the region, drawing lively crowds every single weekend. They’ve got a large selection of food and a noteworthy selection of beer (featuring Mountain State Brewing Company on tap), but here the beer, the food, the picker’s décor, the foot-stompin’ knee-slappin’ music, and the good-natured people are all muddled into one big scene, and the only way to truly experience it is just to go. It’s truly a special experience to be standing on the worn, creaky, century-old wood floor with a mason jar full of cold beer in your hand watching bands that should probably be playing larger venues jamming away on the store-front-window stage.Upcoming shows include Trees on Fire (Feb. 8); Dangermuffin (Feb. 18); Caravan of Thieves (March 12); and Bryan Elijah Smith & The Wild Hearts (March 17).The Place to CrashNext door to the Fiddle is a turn-of-the-century duplex named the Fiddler’s Roost, which has been converted into a cheap place of lodging for those on the lower end of the road-budget.  They have five private rooms, which share bathroom facilities, as well as a communal lounge area and small kitchen area for everybody to use. It’s all part of the magical atmosphere that exists at the Purple Fiddle. The old Victorian buildings that line the streets of Thomas were once run-down, but now house packed storefronts and thriving businesses. Stop into one of the art galleries like The White Room. If you’re hungry, you’ve got options like The Flying Pig, a quaint and attractive dog-friendly breakfast and lunch eatery featuring locally grown farm-to-table produce. Or swing over to Davis for dinner at Sirianni’s Café, a local staple—a must-do on the pizza list. At the Fiddler’s Roost, look for rooms starting at $45 during the week, or head up on a weekend and catch some foot-stompin’ tunes with rooms starting at $65.Canaan / Timberline BackcountryCanaan Valley Ski Area has a long black diamond called the Dark Side of the Moon, which veers way out to the west side of the mountain. It also guards a stash of old runs that now lay dormant where the resort once existed.Keep going beyond the Dark Side of the Moon and you’ll get into what they call The Spoon. On powder days, work your way across the flats and through the woods, then bust out to the headwall where the old ski lift was. When you get to the bottom, follow an access road and walk a quarter mile back up to the functioning lift. “It’s really fun. It’s a combination of old ski areas that were never connected but get linked by adventuresome alpine skiers,” says White Grass owner Chip Chase.Another spot for backcountry action is the gas pipeline off the back of Canaan Resort. The pipeline runs both north and south of the resort, but the southeast area is where you want to hit it. Ride down a narrow, open gap in the trees as it drops about 2,000 feet in elevation all the way down to Laneville where you’ll hit a field that opens back up to County Route 45. Plan ahead and leave a car there. There are some steep bowls in there that can hold a lot of snow if the conditions are ripe.At Timberline, there’s some good sidecountry where you can get out into the woods and come back around to the runs again to reach the bottom and still catch a lift ride back up. If you take Salamander Run from the top, you can sneak back into the woods for some good riding, but you’ve got to be careful not to go too far out or you’ll end up in the Dolly Sods Wilderness. If you ski to the right side of Salamander, work your way around the bend, loosely following the curvature of the run through the woods to ride down some woody terrain, eventually popping yourself back out on the steeper part of Salamander to get back to the bottom.For more information about Canaan Valley Resort, check out Four: WispGrub, Drinks, MusicThe last stop on Ski Highway is Wisp Resort, situated just next to the small town of McHenry and right beside Deep Creek Lake. Whether you’re up on the slopes of Wisp or on a backcountry mission, time is well spent here.Mountain State Brewing Company has their second location here, but you’re not necessarily going for just the beer and pepperoni rolls. Walking into the place, you’ll notice the toasty, cabin-fire feel of the place given off by the home-made natural soapstone hearth pizza oven, where they produce hand-thrown artisan pies. The best seller is the Fire on the Mountain pizza, a chipotle hot sauce and sausage masterpiece. If you’re really diggin’ the slope-side campfire spirit of winter ski life, you can try the Smores: nutella, marshmallows, and graham crackers toasted in the wood-fired oven.Afterward, mosey on over to the Blackbear Tavern and Restaurant, the highlight of nightlife in McHenry, especially if you’re looking for a big sports-bar-style tavern, large crowds of partygoers, and the option for tavern-based or club-based live music. They’ve got a huge wrap-around bar in the center, pool tables and other bar games to keep you busy, and a bunch of great taps including the rich Old Dominion Bourbon Barrel Stout, which fits the surf-and-turf menu. The motto here is “Eat, Drink, Dance.”The Place to CrashThe Lake Pointe Inn Bed & Breakfast is right off Highway 219 in the heart of McHenry and boasts an outdoor fire pit and wraparound porch with views of the lake. They’ll pamper you with complimentary snacks and drinks, available massages, and Egyptian-cotton towels and Italian linens. They offer discounted lift tickets to Wisp and lend out their own outdoor gear, including snowshoes for winter trail hikes. Sure, they get over 100 inches of snow per-annum and it’s going to be cold out on the slopes, but what’s cold got to do with it when your room has a fireplace waiting to warm you when you get back?Wisp BackcountryIf you’re heading up to Wisp, there are plenty of places within the resort where you can sneak off the trails and get some woods-runs in, allowing the luxury of a lift ride back up. Or you can always scout the endless gas and power lines that run the mountains surrounding the area.Just 20 miles east from Wisp on the south end of the Savage River Reservoir in the Savage River State Forest, there’s a huge, straight, perfectly northwest-facing ridgeline that plateaus at just under 3,000 feet elevation. The ridgeline is host to five wide-open bowls, each averaging about 1,000 feet of steep vertical, perfect for hike-to adventure seekers. Worried about access? Park at the boat launch: there’s a railroad that runs right along the bottom of the entire set.“We typically either bootpack or skin up,” says Eric Recker, a local fly-fishing guide and ski instructor. “You can ski all five of those bowls. When you’re at the bottom you just hit the train tracks whichever way you need to go.”Recker recommends waiting for a decent snow base followed by a good freezing rain layer to avoid tearing up your gear.“It’s steep. Steep steep. We’ve triggered slides back there before. But that’s why we go there,” Recker says. “They’re northwest facing, have huge mature timber and no low growth. Everything’s wide open. There’s no brushy stuff that you’ll hit. We haven’t cleared anything. It’s just naturally like that.”For more information about Wisp Resort, Ski Highway The instruments of Brazenhead. Fiddler's Roost Shredding the backcountry Purple Fiddle White Grass Blackwater Brewery's Lincoln Wilkins Brazenheadlast_img read more

Practice, practice, practice

first_imgNo one is born a great leader. There are myriad skills and techniques that must be practiced to be mastered. No matter how much you read or what kind of higher education you receive, a good leader must practice his or her skills in order to be a top performer.In a recent blog post, best-selling author Kevin Daum takes four practices that all leaders must master to become the best performers they can be. These practices are gleaned from the book “Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow,” by Joshua Spodek. The practices are:1. Self-awareness. “Only through self-knowledge can a leader begin to consider how to work with others who have their own internal beliefs and motivations,” Daum writes.2. Effective communication. In his book, Spodek explains that people hear exactly what is said and not what is meant. He says certain words and phrases, such as beginning a sentence with “no” or “however” can shut people down before they really hear what you have to say. continue reading » 8SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

WKU looks to extend streak vs N. Texas

first_img___For more AP college basketball coverage: and was generated by Automated Insights,, using data from STATS LLC, Associated Press WKU looks to extend streak vs N. Texas VETERAN PRESENCE: Both of these teams have depended heavily on their seniors this year. Javion Hamlet, Umoja Gibson, Zachary Simmons and Deng Geu have combined to account for 64 percent of all North Texas scoring this season. For Western Kentucky, Carson Williams, Jared Savage and Camron Justice have collectively scored 45 percent of the team’s points this season, including 62 percent of all Hilltoppers points over their last five.FACILITATING THE OFFENSE: Hamlet has had his hand in 48 percent of all North Texas field goals over the last three games. The senior guard has 21 field goals and 15 assists in those games.UNDEFEATED WHEN: North Texas is a perfect 9-0 when the team records eight or more steals. The Mean Green are 10-10 when they steal the ball fewer than eight times.PASSING FOR POINTS: The Mean Green have recently gotten baskets via assists more often than the Hilltoppers. North Texas has an assist on 40 of 75 field goals (53.3 percent) over its past three matchups while Western Kentucky has assists on 31 of 72 field goals (43.1 percent) during its past three games.DID YOU KNOW: The steady North Texas defense has held opponents to 63.2 points per game, the 29th-lowest mark in Division I. Western Kentucky has allowed an average of 71.3 points through 28 games (ranking the Hilltoppers 206th).center_img February 28, 2020 Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditWestern Kentucky (19-9, 12-4) vs. North Texas (19-10, 13-3)The Super Pit, Denton, Texas; Sunday, 2 p.m. ESTBOTTOM LINE: Western Kentucky looks for its 12th straight win in the head-to-head series over North Texas. Western Kentucky has won by an average of 8 points in its last 11 wins over the Mean Green. North Texas’ last win in the series came on March 7, 2011, an 81-62 win.last_img read more

Limerick FC unveils partnership with online betting firm

first_img Irish football club Limerick has announced a new partnership with Turkish online betting firm League of Ireland Premier Division outfit see’s the online sportsbook and casino service become the clubs main sponsor, and will duly have its logo emblazoned across all first team jerseys.Pat O’Sullivan, the Limerick chairman, has thanked the company for its backing, and stressed that he hopes it will see relationships with Turkey continue to be built upon: “We are delighted to welcome as our main sponsor and are looking forward to building our relationship with them, as well as broadening our links with Turkey in both a sporting and cultural sense.“Limerick FC is a club built on the community, which is shown in our Reclaim programme, and it will be good to showcase the club and city to a wider audience across Europe and beyond.” who states its aim as being ‘for the best betting and casino experience in the world,’ as well as stating ‘Whatever you’re looking for [in] online betting, offers the best quality within [a] secure environment,’ had the following to say when announcing the partnership: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Limerick FC. This partnership underlines our position as a leading player of online sports betting in Europe and the Middle East.“We are excited to engage with the passionate Limerick fan-base, and to be associated with one of the oldest and most successful clubs in Ireland, which will help us achieve our aim of making BetSat a worldwide name, not just in Europe and the Middle East.”In a duo of announcements Limerick has also added a further update, by revealing Umbro as its new kit supplier.The four year deal see the brand return to the side, having previously enjoyed a relationship with the club on a similar deal. StumbleUpon Intralot rocked by Bulgaria Eurobet suspension  June 5, 2020 Submit New look Intralot focuses on core business recovery May 5, 2020 GVC responds to ‘press speculation’ on former Turkish business   July 30, 2020 Related Articles Share Sharelast_img read more

Rip-off City

first_imgRe “L.A. vs. The People” (Oct. 4): Los Angeles is not the City of Angels, but Rip-off City. The board of DWP and the City Council approved a series of rate hikes to allow DWP to charge its captive customers the higher rates. At about the same time, the council was “secretly” in the courts trying to legalize the transfer of funds from DWP to the city’s general fund. Where was the broadcast and printed press’s and the public’s outcry? We were told that the money raised by the increased fees for DWP’s services was to be used for improvements in DWP’s infrastructure. There should be a very public legal suit against the council’s actions and they should be held as a body, and individually, responsible for their trickery and, yes, thievery. – Irving Leemon Woodland Hills Other shoe dropped Re: “DWP: The whole story” (Your Opinions, Oct. 4): The DWP receives its revenue from customers such as senior citizens, widows, single mothers and veterans. Therefore it isn’t the DWP that “gave over $200 million (last year) to benefit the city’s budget.” It is DWP’s overcharged customers. L.A. residents should thank the Daily News for publishing information that politicians and the DWP don’t want them to know. For example, the Oct. 4 headline “L.A. vs. The People – City sues to legally use DWP revenue for other purposes.” I believe it is outrageous that the mayor, City Council and DWP allegedly try to violate voter-approved Proposition 218. – Bill Zelenka Granada Hills Take the test As an employee of DWP, my response to your article “DWP: L.A.’s best jobs” (Sept. 30) is as follows: Take the test. It’s that simple. Stop complaining about what we earn. Go to and see what jobs are available and take whatever test you qualify for, just as I did. The best part about it is it doesn’t cost you anything other than a few hours on a given Saturday. If you don’t qualify, then do whatever’s necessary to meet the requirements. Stop complaining and do something about it. If you can’t beat us, join us. We could use the help. – Gary Montenegro Valencia Fewer cops Re “Fewer cops, quicker action” (Oct. 3): I see in the newspaper that there are fewer cops in the Valley. The mayor raised my trash collection fees to get more money for more cops. I know that my property tax is supposed to cover police services, but I guess that’s going to pay for pensions and lawsuits. So if there are fewer cops, what’s happened to the money from the increased trash collection fees? I want a refund. – Michael Leptuch Pacoima Gang taxes I suggest that instead of an increase in taxes to fight gang activities, we should better understand what happens when we allow lawyers to plea-bargain gang members back into society, and that we should instead think of a different message to those that break the law. Maybe we should think along the lines of a tobacco tax, where we tax the users of tobacco for health care problems, and just tax the lawyers for the money to deal with the gang activities. – Barry Levy Hawthorne Where are the trees? Re “A million? Not quite” (Oct. 1): Thank you, Daily News, for pointing these stories out. Here is another case of questionable promises gone wrong. Ideas just are not being thought out. Yes, it is a nice idea to plant more trees, but what is the way the project is going to be paid for and who is going to do the work? I think it is better to have fewer projects and put more thought into them. At the end of the day, the results are what is important. We want results. – Hal Alvord Panorama City Grumpy old guy Re: “Funny …” (LA.COM, Oct. 4): George Carlin has become the angry, cynical, grumpy old guy he would’ve joked about in his act 30 years ago. – R.J. Johnson North Hollywood Next exciting episode Re “A million? Not quite” (Oct. 1): And as the sun sets on sleepy little Pueblo de Los Angeles, we see Laura Chick counting the empty tree holes, wondering where all the dinero went to fill them. But, wait! That figure coming from the shadows. Is it? Could it be? Yes! … It’s Mayor Man, who, disguised as a mild-mannered attorney who passed the bar, is emerging to challenge Antonio Villaraigosa for the leadership of this fair city. Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting episode of “Where are the trees?” – George H. Heise Northridge Nice guys’ brass ring Re “Newhall Coffee picked for Subway breakfast launch” (Oct. 3): I was very happy this morning to see the article about Newhall Coffee Co. getting the contract for Subway restaurants’ new breakfast menu. Last year, Newhall Coffee Co. donated over 100,000 packages of their Patriotic Blend of coffee to Operation Gratitude to send to our troops overseas. They didn’t get a lot of publicity for it – good deeds often don’t. It was so nice to see something good happening to Newhall Coffee. Sometimes “nice guys” do win the brass ring. – Marsha Roseman Van Nuys ‘The War’ Just finished watching Ken Burns’ massive new documentary, “The War,” about World War II as experienced by four American communities. Watching this documentary brought something home to me: Whatever we are doing in Iraq, it is not a war – not in the sense that the battle against the Axis was. In scope, in sense of urgency, in level of sacrifice and in level of national involvement, there is no comparison. Where are the national mobilization, the draft, the sales of war bonds, the rationing, the Gold Star mothers, the endless rows of flag-draped coffins, the sense of threat and of commitment? The documentary made in 50 years about Bush’s Folly (assuming it is over by then) will have a very different tone. – Morris Schorr Woodland Hills160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Northridge Cost reductions Re “Board OKs DWP rate hike” (Oct. 3): Outrageous, absolutely outrageous, that the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power board approved new rate hikes. Increasing rates is simply an easy fix for the department’s poor management and wanton fiscal irresponsibility. What is needed is a program of cost-cutting measures. Start by freezing the bloated employee wage structure until it meets parity with the private sector. Then recover the millions of dollars of ratepayer funds siphoned off to the city general fund. At the same time, the entire department should be audited at every level to uncover waste and mismanagement of funds. I challenge the City Council to protect the ratepayers by blocking the rate increases and demanding cost reductions in their place. – Bill Hamburg last_img read more