The Paddler Bucket List

first_imgKayaking is a sport that changes lives.  Few people know where it will take them when the current first sweeps them away, but no one is ever the same. While every day on the river is special, there are certain experiences that stand out as unforgettable. Here is my list of 12 of these bucket list experiences.1. Nail your first combat roll.After many, many frustrating swims, the first time a paddler holds it together and rolls back up from chaos into sunlight is exhilarating beyond belief. Suddenly there is a self-sufficiency that wasn’t there before, many new rivers open up, and the learning curve skyrockets.Bonus tip: Create good habits in the beginning by seeking quality instruction. It’s much easier to create good habits than break bad ones.2. Run Nantahala Falls.Probably the most famous class III benchmark rapid in the world, Nantahala Falls is a huge stepping stone for beginner kayakers. It represents the first stride into the world of technical whitewater, and it can either be a great confidence booster or a sobering reminder of the river’s power. Fortunately it is a safe swim downstream, and your line will be immortalized by the paparazzi and crowd that forms on the shore during any summer weekend!Bonus tip: Whatever river features you encounter, square them up and hit them with speed.3. Surf Z-Dam.A premier playspot in the Southeast, Z-Dam is a symmetrical hole in Richmond, Va., that is perfect for every manner of trick. Paddlers spending some time there can perfect their spins, cartwheels, loops, phoenix monkeys, and every other hole trick imaginable. Couple this with several other excellent rapids under the Richmond skyline, and you have a great day on the river.Bonus tip: Try not to get shown up by 12-year-old local, Isaac Hull.4. Successfully execute a first descent.First descents represent the transition of theory into reality, one of the most special experiences a paddler can have. Many boaters think that First Ds are only for the top-level pros, but the reality is that new runs and rapids are always out there waiting to be discovered. All you need is the desire to explore.Bonus tip: Be wary of the legal ramifications of accessing and running stretches of river.5. Attend Gauley Fest.With over 5,000 kayakers in attendance, Gauley Fest is the biggest gathering of river people in the world. This event occurs every September, and it also happens to be the largest fundraiser for American Whitewater, a nonprofit that secures access and releases for hundreds of rivers throughout the nation.Bonus tip: Camp away from the center of the fairgrounds, and bring earplugs.6. Paddle in our nation’s capital.D.C. drips of legacy in this sport.  The first waterfall ever run in a kayak was part of the Great Falls section of the Potomac, and that community has long been host to Olympic athletes and world-class extreme racers.  Paddlers of all abilities can enjoy the waters of the Potomac, from paddling flatwater through some of the nation’s most iconic monuments to the peacefulness of class-III Mather Gorge and the maelstrom of class-V Great Falls.Bonus tip: If you have them, bring multiple different craft. There are creek lines, surf waves, and attainment eddies. The only limitation is your own energy.7. Compete in the Green Narrows Race.One of the most prestigious extreme races in the world, the Green Race now boasts over 150 competitors and over 1,000 spectators every year. The experience of paddling into the Green’s marquee rapid, Gorilla, is in my mind the closest that we can come to being a gladiator entering the Coliseum.Bonus tip: Spend equal time learning the lines of the river and honing your fitness.  You’re going to need both.8. Squirtboat in the Halls of Karma on the New River Gorge.Squirtboating is a niche within a niche in the sport of kayaking.  It involves paddling extremely low volume kayaks and using the currents of eddy interfaces to submerge both boat and paddler in the depths. Once underwater, the appeal becomes apparent, and real-world stresses wash away as you experience the river in a more intimate way than ever before.Bonus tip: Pop a few Ibuprofen beforehand; those boats hurt.9. Spend a day training with slalom gates.As far as improving the foundational skills that will be used in perpetuity as a kayaker, there are few things as effective as weaving in and out of slalom gates on whitewater.  As paddlers push the limits of the sport further than ever before, the basics can sometimes be overlooked.  Slalom gates allow a return to these skills by creating class-V moves in class-II water.Bonus tip: Try to get your hands on a fiberglass slalom boat or a snappy plastic equivalent like the Dagger RPM.10. Ride the USNWC conveyor belt.This is everyone’s dream: a whitewater playground that can be run a limitless number of times. The conveyor belt is a true luxury, and is worth experiencing by any paddler at least once.  After you’ve worn yourself out with endless laps of the Comp and Wilderness channels, grab some food and a beer.Bonus tip: Bring multiple boats.11. Run a waterfall.This is the most aesthetic aspect of kayaking: paddling off a cascade and into the plunge pool below.  Approaching a horizon line where the water falls out of sight is an experience only a paddler can have, and it is something that keeps us mesmerized for life. The thrill is the same no matter what the skill level or height of the drop- all that is needed is for your own limits to be pushed.Bonus tip: A few of the best beginner waterfalls in the Southeast are Valley Falls (Md.), Baby Falls (Tenn.), Hooker Falls (N.C.) and Second Ledge on the Chattooga in Georgia.12. Do a dawn patrol.  There’s no better place than on the river to welcome the dawn of a new day. Follow blue herons into the mist as the sun rises.  The possibilities are limitless when you are willing to get up early.Bonus tip: Try to wipe that perma-grin off your face in the office afterwards… no need to make your coworkers feel bad about their lives.SUP & Canoe Bucket List MentionsPaddle the French Broad Canoe TrailRecently developed by the French Broad Riverkeeper, the 140-mile French Broad Canoe Trail is an excellent opportunity to experience the North Carolina mountains from the water.Race in the Carolina CupThe Carolina Cup is the East Coast’s most competitive SUP event.  It is a perfect place to get a feel for the sport, try out the latest products, and brush shoulders with the best athletes in the world.  From beginners to pros, there is something for everyone.Go for a SUP paddle under the SupermoonThe longest day of the year coincides with the moon’s closest proximity to Earth.  This results in an exceptionally bright full moon, and is the perfect opportunity to go for a night-time paddle. There’s nothing in the world like cutting through glass on a beautiful lake or river with the full moon overhead.last_img read more

ACI marinas are installing electric charging stations in marinas and introducing online booking

first_imgACI has been placing special emphasis on environmental protection, especially marine, for many years, and at the beginning of this year cooperation with the Green Sail initiative was achieved, which aims to create environmentally friendly practices in waste management, especially through raising environmental awareness among boaters. employees and business partners.Thus, in accordance with new trends and environmental standards, in cooperation with the Tesla Corporation, a number of ACI marinas have already installed electric car chargers in 2017 (ACI Umag, Cres, Opatija, Split, Veljko Barbieri and Dubrovnik), while by the beginning of the season charging stations should be put to use in the marinas Pomer, Rovinj, Supetarska Draga, Jezera, Vodice, Simuni, Milna, Vrboska and Korcula, according to the ACI.Following the excellent results of ACI’s mooring reservation system and guest satisfaction with its use, activities on the development of digital sales and communication channels continue – boaters will have access to a new ACI mobile application from mid-April that provides easy mooring booking and a range of other marina information. In just a few clicks you can book in advance and pay a berth fee for a boat to any ACI marina and thus avoid the crowds in front of the marina and waiting at the reception. The ACI Online Booking service is free of charge for all users of the annual berth in ACI marinas, as well as for users of charter vessels who are on an annual berth in ACI marinas.Also, ACI is introducing new security procedures as well as strengthening WI-FI systems and video surveillance systems in several ACI marinas. ACI marinas also praised the introduction of ISO standards related to the quality, environment and energy management system, for which certification is planned before the season.In the first three months, revenue growth of 8 percent ACI RabAccording to financial indicators, ACI dd in the first three months of 2018 achieved a 4% increase in total revenues compared to the same period last year. Total revenues of HRK 33,7 million are HRK 1,3 million higher than revenues of the observed period last year. Total operating revenues increased by 8% compared to the same period last year, amounting to HRK 31,4 million. The increase in the consequences of revenue growth in all business segments was stated, ACI points out, adding that revenues from permanent connections increased by 6%, from monthly connections by 16%, from daily connections by 76%, from rent by 14%, from other services. provided to boaters by 13% while other operating income increased by 20%. “Due to the seasonality of operations and the fact that in this period the most significant part of expenditures is realized due to intensive investments and preparation of the season, business results in the first quarter of the year usually show a negative result, but in Compared to the previous year, the negative result decreased by 21% and amounts to HRK 3,9 million. ” They point out from ACI and add that in 2018 they plan to invest 188 million kuna in modernization and raising the quality of the nautical offer, as well as the opening of ACI Rovinj in July, whose complete reconstruction amounts to 160 million kuna.Related news:INCREASED FEES FOR BOATERS DAMAGE CROATIAN TOURISMTHE NEGATIVE CONSEQUENCES OF THE DRASTIC INCREASE IN THE RESIDENCE TAX IN NAUTICS ARE ALREADY FEELED ON THE FIELD, AND WILL ONLY BE FELTRESEARCH ON CAPACITY AND BUSINESS OF NAUTICAL TOURISM PORTS, 2017last_img read more

Clear Lake council reviews letter of intent for recreation center

first_imgCLEAR LAKE — The Clear Lake City Council last night reviewed a proposed letter of intent with the Clear Lake Community School District on the proposed wellness and recreation center project that would be constructed just south of the current high school gymnasium. City Administrator Scott Flory says the letter of intent would show the community that both entities agree to work in good faith towards a formal partnership and/or sharing agreement related to the center that would mutually benefit the citizens and residents of Clear Lake.  “We agree at some point to execute a formal Chapter 28E agreement, we put in the letter of intent that would occur no later than 30 days following the successful passage of a public referendum proposed by the school district for the calendar year 2020. The letter of intent can be terminated at any time by either party here, or if the referendum would not pass, then the letter of intent would terminate at that point.” Flory says the school district would lead the design and construction phase and be the lead financing entity for the project.   “In terms of the financing of the building, the school will construct and own the center, and will be the lead financing entity for the overall project. The city, subject to all the statutorily required things that we have to go through, would propose to issue a $700,000 general obligation bond and also a $300,000 contribution from the general fund in support of the project, primarily for costs associated with the elevated walking track, multi-purpose rooms, indoor playground rooms, and areas and other amenities that may yet be determined.”Flory says the city would lease the new center from the school district and be responsible for its operation.   “The school being the owner of the center and would lease to the city for not less than 25 years following a hearing as required by law. The parties would enter into a 28E agreement that promotes the following collaboration: the city would be responsible for the day-to-day operation to the center, including staffing the facility, cleaning the facility, general maintenance, routine repair; the city would be entitled to any revenue generated by and responsible for any expenses at the rec center.” The approximate cost of the rec center is just over $10 million. The rest of the funds from the $17 million bond issue that school district voters will decide on March 3rd would be earmarked for other projects at each school building as well as at Lions Field. The Clear Lake council will likely vote on the letter of intent at their December 16th meeting.last_img read more