Daily Dirt: March 21, 2013

first_imgYour outdoor news for March 21, 2013:New Routes Go Up in the New River GorgeIn a great post on DPM Climbing, Mike Williams reports that new trad routes are going up in the New River Gorge. Focusing on popular Thunder Buttress of Beauty Mountain, Williams tells the tale of how Pat Goodman claimed the first ascent of Gun Control, a variation off of the established Gun Club. It’s great to see new things being done in a place like the New, where folks have been climbing since the 80’s; refreshing to know that there still remains undiscovered and unconquered territory out there. One of the things I love about climbing pieces is the names of the routes. Some highlights from this post are: The Thundering Herd, The Golden Bullet, In Gold Blood, and That’s What She Said. I also love stories written by climbers for all the climbing jargon and especially this one because it tells the story of a first ascent through the history of the place and the lives of the people who climb it.Snowboarding Industry SummitSo reports from this winter indicate that the snowboard industry is in decline, while the ski industry is ticking up, meaning that young peoples in general are picking up skiing and sticking with it longer than snowboarding. When those in the industry learned this, some flew off the handle, but most took the news calmly enough even if they were tearing out their eyeballs in private about the death of snowboarding AS WE KNOW IT! A decline in snowboarding interest is especially important on the East Coast where the sport has traditionally been as popular – if not more popular- than skiing because it was cool and different. But now that the two styles/attitudes/punks have leaked into each discipline, the lines are blurred and snowboarding is losing out. The leaders of the industry met in Deer Valley last week at the TransWorld Conference to hash out what the sport has to do to keep growing and stop retracting. This was no emergency Situation Room type of thing – it happens every year – but the emphasis this year was definitely on the sport as a whole and not just the brands behind the curtain. We’ll see what the big players come up with next season to reflect this trend. This past season we saw Burton launch a huge “Learn to Ride” program for the kids, so expect more of that. Get ’em hooked young.You can read the full recap of the conference here.Public Support for Keystone WaningAccording to a new poll for the Center of Biological Diversity by Public Policy Polling, 61 percent of those who voted for President Obama in the last election would be “disappointed” or “betrayed” if he goes ahead with the Keystone XL Pipeline. Almost 75 percent of the general public thought the Keystone XL is not in the U.S.’s “best interest.” Plenty more numbers in this story from the Sierra Club.last_img read more

Candidate Pete Buttigieg speaks at event

first_imgMore than 1,000 people attended the Q&A-style event moderated by Fox 11 anchor and 2008 graduate Elex Michaelson and organized by the Center for the Political Future, Fox 11 and the USC Political Student Assembly.  Michaelson asked Buttigieg why voters should consider him the ideal Democratic candidate to run against Trump in the upcoming presidential election. In response, Buttigieg said he will confront Trump for pretending to care about “forgotten” Americans from places like the industrial Midwest. “If he can make reforms like he said, with people making $100,000 or less — if he actually made that happen — I think that would be really big for a lot of people in America who can’t afford college or would be drowning in student debt,” Clever said. According to Howes, students whose questions were approved were answered by Buttigieg’s campaign manager before the town hall began and were similar to answers that Buttigieg later provided students. Stephanie Lund, a sophomore majoring in business administration and environmental studies, said the town hall changed her perception of Buttigieg and gave her a more personal understanding of him as a candidate. “It kind of threw me off a little, it’s like this isn’t a town hall, you’re just reciting something that’s super rehearsed, and I mean, yeah LGBTQ issues, but I think that something much more important right now is climate change, especially for our generation,” she said. Buttigieg said he will advocate for Americans he believes Trump has failed to represent. He has not been a target of racism, but he said he plans to prioritize the voices of those who have. Rachel Maltz, a senior majoring in business administration and communication data science, asked Buttigieg for his best advice for young people interested in politics, to which he said that students should find their own path to political involvement. In light of USC’s announement Thursday, Buttigieg commended new financial aid policy, which makes tuition free for all entering first-year undergraduates whose families make less than $80,000 a year and ends consideration of home equity in deciding all students’ financial need. He also shared his similar college affordability plan, which would grant free tuition to families making less than $100,000 through state-federal partnerships with public universities.  “I know that no one is suffering the pain of living under Donald Trump’s presidency more than voters of color, who have been singled out for discrimination with racial rhetoric and in so many ways are hurting because of this president, so I know that there is a laser focus on making sure that we can win,” Buttigieg said. “As someone who actually lives in the industrial Midwest, who can speak to how divisive and how unsupportive his policies have been, I think I’m in a different position than anybody else in the race to do that,” Buttigieg said. “The most important thing is to find something you care about,” Buttigieg said. “Plunge in and look for a way to make a difference … Don’t overlook the significance of the local [government] … It is often underestimated how much power and influence you can have at that level.” “I think that he definitely has good policies, and he was more likeable in this setting than he has been for me via Twitter and other media,” Lund said. “I was kind of surprised by how much more I liked him … I definitely thought he was a bit more robotic previously but now he feels more genuine.” “It’s great to see USC showing leadership in that regard,” Buttigieg said. “What we’ve got to do is have federal matching grants that are attractive enough that states will want to step up and do their part.” “We need to recognize that the moral as well as economic as well as political future of this country depends on dealing with these patterns of inequality, which are also so closely connected with patterns of racial exclusion in our country,” Buttigieg said. Buttigieg closed his speech with a call to action for 2020 voters, asking the public to unite around the common interest of defeating Trump. Margaret Howes, a junior majoring in animation and digital arts, initially indicated she would ask a question about LGBTQ rights but instead asked Buttigieg why young voters should support him when he receives donations from individuals who oppose environmental reform. Buttigieg said he believed everyone should be able to contribute to his campaign regardless of their beliefs.  “To have a candidate come to campus and speak — especially when the pool is now so small as the Democratic side fights for this nomination — I want to be a part of that and take this conversation seriously and see if I can learn something and figure out who I want to cast my vote for,” Goetze said. Kambiz Akhavan, executive director of CPF, said attendees had the option to submit questions through Eventbrite as they registered for the event. Those questions were then shared with Fox11 who screened them ahead of the town hall to look for questions that weren’t redundant, ranged in topics and would challenge Buttigieg. Akhavan clarified that the questions were not shared with the Buttigieg campaign. Gus Goetze, a senior majoring in business administration, said he attended the town hall to learn more about Buttitieg’s platform. Buttigieg also discussed the intersection of poverty and racial inequality, saying the two issues are intertwined and carry financial and ethical significance. Former South Bend, Ind. mayor and current Democratic presidential nomination candidate Pete Buttigieg spoke on the 2020 election, civic engagement and campaign funding at a town hall in Bovard Auditorium Thursday. “I think we could look back on 2020 with great pride, in how we came together to change the trajectory of this country,” Buttigieg said. “Time is running out. We have got to do it now, and that’s why I’m asking for your help.” Pete Buttigieg discussed USC’s new financial aid policy and his college affordability plan for public universities. The former mayor also urged attendees to vote in the 2020 election to help defeat President Donald Trump. (Ling Luo | Daily Trojan) Elsa Clever, a freshman majoring in business administration, said she believes Buttigieg’s education plan is promising. “I don’t take corporate PAC money — just individuals’, and all of that is disclosed,” Buttigieg said. “I believe in transparency. I believe in changing the entire campaign finance system, but to do that, we have to win. And I also believe in defeating [President] Donald Trump.” EDITOR’S NOTE: The article was updated to include comment from the Dornsife Center for Political Future regarding whether questions asked to Buttigieg were shared with the candidate’s campaign prior to the event.last_img read more

Video – Watch Tottenham Beat Juventus In Pre-Season Friendly

first_imgVideo Credit: Twitter.comRelatedHighlight – Watch Man City’s Gabriel Jesus Miss Open Goal In Win Over TottenhamJuly 30, 2017In “England”UCL Review: Tottenham In Spirited Comeback At Juventus As Rampant City Close In On Last Eight Spot With Big WinFebruary 13, 2018In “Europe”Video – Watch Liverpool Beat Bayern Munich 3-0 In The Audi CupAugust 2, 2017In “England” Tottenham rounded up their pre-season campaign with an emphatic 2-0 victory over Seria A champions, Juventus.Last season’s Champions League finalist, Juventus, went behind in the 10th minute when Harry Kane headed home Trippier’s pinpoint cross after a well-worked movement from Spurs.What A Great Build Up Leading To Harry Kane’s 10th Minute Goal To Put Spurs Up 1-0 On Juventus! pic.twitter.com/Xk175zX9G4— DMV Soccer (@DMVsoccer96) August 5, 2017Christian Eriksen beautifully rounded Gigi Buffon in the 51st minute to double Spurs lead, connecting to a well threaded Dele Alli’s through ball.A truly beautiful goal from a truly beautiful man. ??⚽️ pic.twitter.com/0jME4x1ySf— KerryCOYS ? (@ElectricEriksen) August 5, 2017However, Spur’s right full back, Kieran Trippier picked up an injury and left the stadium in clutches, casting doubts over his availability for Tottenham’s season opener next week.last_img read more

Purple & Bold: How should Lakers exercise load management with their stars?

first_imgEditor’s note: This is the Friday, Nov. 8 edition of the Purple & Bold Lakers newsletter. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, sign up here.The 2019-20 NBA season syllabus, which began with a chapter on global politics, has moved onto one on sport physiology. This lesson is titled: Load Management.Most of the discussion so far has been focused on Clippers star Kawhi Leonard, who’s twice missed the nationally televised front end of a back-to-back with what, the league revealed Thursday, is “an ongoing injury to the patella tendon in his left knee.”Of course, Clippers coach Doc Rivers previously characterized Leonard’s “load management (knee)” absences as an injury-prevention strategy — which would’ve been against NBA rules meant to keep teams from resting healthy players in high-profile games. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREUCLA alum Kenny Clark signs four-year contract extension with PackersAnd yes, that’s all Clippers business, but Lakers fans might want to pay attention, you could be quizzed on this later: Frank Vogel and his staff are going to want to keep LeBron James (who is averaging 35 minutes) and Anthony Davis (34.7 minutes) as healthy and as fresh as possible, too.“We’re going to play every night to win with great importance placed on that game, and within playing manageable minutes where guys are being managed for the long haul,” Vogel said at a practice before the season began.Managing for the long haul might include, say, a game off to recover from the unavoidable nicks that afflict every player?The Lakers have 12 back-to-back sets of games this season, including their first Nov. 12 in Phoenix against the surprising Suns and then Nov. 13 at home against the floundering Golden State Warriors — the latter of which will be broadcast by ESPN.Theoretically, the Lakers would be better served by having their stars in the lineup for a road game against a good team than for a home game against a depleted, unimposing opponent. The network, on the other hand, would be better served by having at least the Lakers’ stars on the court for its broadcast. Or consider the consecutive games in New York, on Jan. 22 against the Knicks and Jan. 23 at Brooklyn — the latter to air on TNT. James appreciates playing at Madison Square Garden, so he might not want to miss that one. But the TNT folks wouldn’t appreciate him missing their end of back to back.To sit or not to sit, that question, either way, is going to elicit a range of opinion. And if it happens, there will be predictable stages of reaction.There will be outrage: “You’re paid to play 82 games.”There will be acceptance: “In order to show up, you have to be healthy and available,” said the L.A. Sparks’ Chiney Ogwumike on ESPN, talking about managing her own injuries. There will be confusion: What does “load management” even mean? “I don’t know where load management always means taking games off,” said Portland coach Terry Stotts, who hasn’t circled any games on the schedule to sit Damian Lillard or CJ McCollum. “We have a health and performance staff, we got all the analytics and studies and we’re very aware — if you want to call it load — we’re very aware of each player’s load, and we manage that. So I guess that’s load managing.”There could be punishment: The NBA fined the Clippers $50,000 for adding to the consternation with inconsistent reports in public and to the league about Leonard’s unavailability.And there will be results: Leonard, who led Toronto to a title last season after playing only 60 regular-season games, again looked “well-rested,” as Stotts put it, scoring 18 points in the fourth quarter of the Clippers’ 107-101 victory Thursday. In seven games so far, Leonard is averaging a league-best 13.5 points in the final period.All that could be on the test, because when Vogel says the Lakers will consider “every way we can” to keep the 34-year-old James healthy, that certainly pertains to minimizing minutes in practice, and you might also want it to pertain to minimizing minutes in competition.— Mirjam SwansonEditor’s note: Thanks for reading the Purple & Bold Lakers newsletter. To receive the newsletter in your inbox, sign up here.More readingGlass half full – Avery Bradley is questionable, but he’s looking at it “a little more on the positive side.”Talk is cheap – So Dwight Howard’s walk is saying everything.Get to know Quinn Cook – He’s a role player with championship perspective.How ‘bout them Lakers!?! – Understudies steal the show in a thrilling fourth-quarter rally in Chicago.“I mean, I am a free agent next year” – WYD A.D.?The kids from Akron – The LeBron James Family Foundation announced the I Promise Village, a transitional housing program in his beloved hometown.D-FENCE! – “We don’t get out of the way. We get in the way.” That splat you heard? – Mark Heisler writes about the fall of the recently mighty Warriors.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more