Dronedropping Amazon blimp isnt coming for your soul

first_img Post a comment CNET may get a commission from retail offers. To further confirm the origin of the footage, Zozi posted a view of the video in process, showing the skeleton of the CGI blimp. The idea isn’t too far-fetched. Amazon patent images uncovered in 2016 revealed an idea for a airship that could host delivery drones. Zozi also took inspiration for the blimp’s design from Lockheed Martin’s P-791 hybrid air vehicle. The video was timed well for April Fools’ Day festivities. The imaginary Amazon blimp looks like it could star in an episode of Black Mirror, but rest assured the Prime-powered robo-apocalypse has not actually arrived. Yet.  19 Photos ドローンで配送するという話があったけど、もう始まってたんだな。もっと先の話かと思ってた。There was a talk about delivery by drone, but it had already started. I thought it was a story ahead.#エイプリルフール #zozi撮影 pic.twitter.com/hFrmGOKwof— zozi(厳島神社の人) (@zozi009) March 31, 2019 See it April Fools’ products: These wacky goods aren’t jokes, believe it or not Amazon Drones Share your voice $39 Amazon Fire TV Stick 0 Enlarge ImageAmazon has been exploring the idea of delivering packaging by drone, but it has yet to launch a giant mothership blimp. Amazon Creepy. Dystopian. Needs to be stopped. Twitter users had a lot to say about a video making the rounds this week showing a massive Amazon-branded blimp dropping delivery drones from its belly.But we don’t have to fear a sudden and ominous shadow floating in from overhead bearing boxes stuffed with Fire TV Sticks, drawstring trash bags and Crocs. The video appears to have originated on Sunday with a Twitter user named Zozi who creates CGI videos. Review • Amazon Fire TV Stick updated review: No longer the sharpest stick in the stream 午後のネタバレ。信じてる人は皆無だろうけど一応。thetaVでHDRI作ってそのままライティングした。後ろに余計なものも入れてみたけどあまり気づかれてない模様。 pic.twitter.com/o4P8z5agz9— zozi(厳島神社の人) (@zozi009) April 1, 2019 Tags Online Mentioned Above Amazon Fire TV Sticklast_img

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