The Paddler Bucket List

first_imgKayaking is a sport that changes lives.  Few people know where it will take them when the current first sweeps them away, but no one is ever the same. While every day on the river is special, there are certain experiences that stand out as unforgettable. Here is my list of 12 of these bucket list experiences.1. Nail your first combat roll.After many, many frustrating swims, the first time a paddler holds it together and rolls back up from chaos into sunlight is exhilarating beyond belief. Suddenly there is a self-sufficiency that wasn’t there before, many new rivers open up, and the learning curve skyrockets.Bonus tip: Create good habits in the beginning by seeking quality instruction. It’s much easier to create good habits than break bad ones.2. Run Nantahala Falls.Probably the most famous class III benchmark rapid in the world, Nantahala Falls is a huge stepping stone for beginner kayakers. It represents the first stride into the world of technical whitewater, and it can either be a great confidence booster or a sobering reminder of the river’s power. Fortunately it is a safe swim downstream, and your line will be immortalized by the paparazzi and crowd that forms on the shore during any summer weekend!Bonus tip: Whatever river features you encounter, square them up and hit them with speed.3. Surf Z-Dam.A premier playspot in the Southeast, Z-Dam is a symmetrical hole in Richmond, Va., that is perfect for every manner of trick. Paddlers spending some time there can perfect their spins, cartwheels, loops, phoenix monkeys, and every other hole trick imaginable. Couple this with several other excellent rapids under the Richmond skyline, and you have a great day on the river.Bonus tip: Try not to get shown up by 12-year-old local, Isaac Hull.4. Successfully execute a first descent.First descents represent the transition of theory into reality, one of the most special experiences a paddler can have. Many boaters think that First Ds are only for the top-level pros, but the reality is that new runs and rapids are always out there waiting to be discovered. All you need is the desire to explore.Bonus tip: Be wary of the legal ramifications of accessing and running stretches of river.5. Attend Gauley Fest.With over 5,000 kayakers in attendance, Gauley Fest is the biggest gathering of river people in the world. This event occurs every September, and it also happens to be the largest fundraiser for American Whitewater, a nonprofit that secures access and releases for hundreds of rivers throughout the nation.Bonus tip: Camp away from the center of the fairgrounds, and bring earplugs.6. Paddle in our nation’s capital.D.C. drips of legacy in this sport.  The first waterfall ever run in a kayak was part of the Great Falls section of the Potomac, and that community has long been host to Olympic athletes and world-class extreme racers.  Paddlers of all abilities can enjoy the waters of the Potomac, from paddling flatwater through some of the nation’s most iconic monuments to the peacefulness of class-III Mather Gorge and the maelstrom of class-V Great Falls.Bonus tip: If you have them, bring multiple different craft. There are creek lines, surf waves, and attainment eddies. The only limitation is your own energy.7. Compete in the Green Narrows Race.One of the most prestigious extreme races in the world, the Green Race now boasts over 150 competitors and over 1,000 spectators every year. The experience of paddling into the Green’s marquee rapid, Gorilla, is in my mind the closest that we can come to being a gladiator entering the Coliseum.Bonus tip: Spend equal time learning the lines of the river and honing your fitness.  You’re going to need both.8. Squirtboat in the Halls of Karma on the New River Gorge.Squirtboating is a niche within a niche in the sport of kayaking.  It involves paddling extremely low volume kayaks and using the currents of eddy interfaces to submerge both boat and paddler in the depths. Once underwater, the appeal becomes apparent, and real-world stresses wash away as you experience the river in a more intimate way than ever before.Bonus tip: Pop a few Ibuprofen beforehand; those boats hurt.9. Spend a day training with slalom gates.As far as improving the foundational skills that will be used in perpetuity as a kayaker, there are few things as effective as weaving in and out of slalom gates on whitewater.  As paddlers push the limits of the sport further than ever before, the basics can sometimes be overlooked.  Slalom gates allow a return to these skills by creating class-V moves in class-II water.Bonus tip: Try to get your hands on a fiberglass slalom boat or a snappy plastic equivalent like the Dagger RPM.10. Ride the USNWC conveyor belt.This is everyone’s dream: a whitewater playground that can be run a limitless number of times. The conveyor belt is a true luxury, and is worth experiencing by any paddler at least once.  After you’ve worn yourself out with endless laps of the Comp and Wilderness channels, grab some food and a beer.Bonus tip: Bring multiple boats.11. Run a waterfall.This is the most aesthetic aspect of kayaking: paddling off a cascade and into the plunge pool below.  Approaching a horizon line where the water falls out of sight is an experience only a paddler can have, and it is something that keeps us mesmerized for life. The thrill is the same no matter what the skill level or height of the drop- all that is needed is for your own limits to be pushed.Bonus tip: A few of the best beginner waterfalls in the Southeast are Valley Falls (Md.), Baby Falls (Tenn.), Hooker Falls (N.C.) and Second Ledge on the Chattooga in Georgia.12. Do a dawn patrol.  There’s no better place than on the river to welcome the dawn of a new day. Follow blue herons into the mist as the sun rises.  The possibilities are limitless when you are willing to get up early.Bonus tip: Try to wipe that perma-grin off your face in the office afterwards… no need to make your coworkers feel bad about their lives.SUP & Canoe Bucket List MentionsPaddle the French Broad Canoe TrailRecently developed by the French Broad Riverkeeper, the 140-mile French Broad Canoe Trail is an excellent opportunity to experience the North Carolina mountains from the water.Race in the Carolina CupThe Carolina Cup is the East Coast’s most competitive SUP event.  It is a perfect place to get a feel for the sport, try out the latest products, and brush shoulders with the best athletes in the world.  From beginners to pros, there is something for everyone.Go for a SUP paddle under the SupermoonThe longest day of the year coincides with the moon’s closest proximity to Earth.  This results in an exceptionally bright full moon, and is the perfect opportunity to go for a night-time paddle. There’s nothing in the world like cutting through glass on a beautiful lake or river with the full moon overhead.last_img read more

Colombia Neutralizes FARC Dissident

first_imgBy Yolima Dussán/Diálogo March 06, 2019 The Colombian Air Force (FAC, in Spanish) neutralized Édgar Salgado, alias Rodrigo Cadete, in an operation in Caquetá department, southeast Colombia. The combined operation to neutralize the former FARC member, leader of a Residual Organized Armed Group (GAOR, in Spanish), culminated on February 2. “This operation sends a clear message to the country: This government is committed to supporting everyone who really wants to make a transition or reintegrate based on the principles of truth, justice, reparation, and no repetition,” Colombian President Iván Duque told the press. “We will be forceful, relentless, and with all the offensive, dissuasive, and punishing capabilities of our institutions.” On January 26, Colombian National Police intelligence personnel located the GAOR camp where alias Cadete had arrived with 20 men. An operation was immediately drawn up under the Special Operations Joint Command in the rural area of San Vicente del Caguán, where the dissident leadership was to hold a meeting. About 250 members of the Special Forces Brigade took part in the operation supported by FAC and the Colombian Marine Corps. After days of intelligence flights to ensure that no civilians were in the area, authorities defined the exact coordinates for the operation. Precision projectiles hit the camp. Ground combat enabled troops to detain 14 people and seize war materiel, computers, and satellite phones. Alias Cadete was one of 14 rebels neutralized. Criminal record The terrorist’s neutralization, a high-value military target, is a hard blow against GAORs led by former FARC member Miguel Botache alias Gentil Duarte, commander of dissident groups in that part of the country. “Cadete was second in command. That’s why this is the toughest blow against dissidents,” said Colombian Minister of Defense Guillermo Botero. “We will keep up operations, because security forces surrounded another part of the group that accompanied alias Cadete. The criminals intended to create a route to Venezuela that would give them an outlet to the Pacific Ocean to operate freely.” Interpol had issued a Blue Notice on Cadete—meant to “locate, identify, or obtain information about a person of interest in a criminal investigation”—with an arrest warrant for criminal conspiracy and terrorism. Within FARC, he rose to commander of the Southern Bloc, the group responsible for attacks and kidnappings in many parts of the country. “In August 1998, Cadete took part in an attack against Miraflores, Guaviare, leaving 35 military service members dead, 25 injured, and dozens of people missing,” Botero said. Three months later, in November, he coordinated an attempt to take over Mitú, where 70 police officers and 15 civilians died, while 15 police officers were kidnapped. He was known for being the right-hand man of Víctor Suárez, alias Mono Jojoy, former FARC commander who was killed in September 2010. With these crimes under his belt, alias Rodrigo Cadete participated in the peace talks and was part of the committee that traveled to Havana during the process. After the peace agreement was signed, the former guerrilla settled in one of the camps for training and reintegration in the territories the accord defined. Back to terrorism and narcotrafficking “The former guerrilla decided not to abide by the agreements, and go back into hiding,” Botero said. “He joined alias Gentil Duarte, and together designed a plan to gather 8,000 criminals with clear instructions for terrorist acts, funding strategies, and illegal activities in the area,” said Army Major General Luis Fernando Herrera, commander of the Colombian Military Forces. According to the Army General Command, FARC dissidents control the narcotrafficking business. In Guaviare, Vaupés, Vichada, and Caquetá departments, they oversee illicit crop routes, cocaine labs, and logistics to transport drugs to other countries. Cadete was a dissident. Authorities believe that his neutralization and the possible death of his trusted confident, alias Cachorro, in the same operation will cause other members of the GAOR to reorganize the criminal structure and vie for positions. “This is why this operation is so important, because we were able to disrupt its development. We will maintain intelligence and surveillance operations to stop its growth,” Duque said.last_img read more

3 reasons to live WAY below your means

first_imgHaving “stuff” is awesome, but life can be amazing even when it’s simple. Eating at home more will definitely help you save a wad of cash, and I’m sure we’re all realizing that right now. When was the last time you used your credit card? I’m sure you’re not doing it quite as often as you used to. Living an easy life can be quite satisfying, especially if you’re watching your net worth increase. Even if you haven’t missed a single day of work due to COVID-19, here are three reasons you should live way below your means…To pay off debt faster: Debt is not cheap, my friends. Anyone who’s ever had to swipe their credit card for an unexpected bill knows it’s true. It can sometimes feel like it takes years to pay it back. If you’re living paycheck to paycheck, it’s even worse. These days, you’re spending has probably plummeted, but if you focus on cutting back even more, it will provide you with a great opportunity to pay down that debt even faster.To have amazing experiences: Sometimes, we remember that “stuff” we spent our money on years ago, and it seems ridiculous that we actually wasted our cash on it. The things I remember most are people and experiences. Once things start to return to “normal”, we’re all going to want to have those experiences with the people that we’re missing right now.To teach your children: If your kids never see you trying to keep up with the Jones family, not only will they not base their self-worth on objects, but they might grow up to appreciate the little things in life. They also may be a lot more frugal when they’re spending their own money one day. 127SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,John Pettit John Pettit is the Managing Editor for John manages the content on the site, including current news, editorial, press releases, jobs and events. He keeps the credit union … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Letters to the Editor for Friday, Dec. 20

first_imgPriest offers lessons in callings, workingThrough the years, I have heard hundreds of sermons from my parish priest, Father Connery, on various topics in reference to the Roman Catholic Church.However two specific sermons have remained with me to this very day.First when he was describing what direction his life was going to take upon choosing a career path. There was an array to choose from. But early on in his life, he said he already knew what path he chose. He described it as a calling, not something you had to think about or research, but something that was already in your spirit that you were sure to follow. He had already made a decision to become a priest and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Roman Catholic Church.I suppose you could say we all possess that same inner feeling of knowing our destiny, yet few of us can follow through for various reasons.His second memorable sermon was about a bicycle in a store window. As a little boy, when he saw this bike in a window and wanted his parents to buy it for him, they couldn’t afford it. So he set out to do something that is rarely done today. He worked, saved and earned the money to buy it himself. It took close to a year as I remember the story. But the point was that the instant gratification that so many parents give to their children today doesn’t teach the valuable lesson of earning something.Bob BeliveGlenvilleQuestions over new Spa Housing projectIn the Dec. 17 Gazette, there were two pictures of the Promenade at Saratoga being built by the Saratoga Housing Authority. The caption stated that the cost would be $14 million to $15 million for 63 rental units.At $15 million, this works out to about $250,000 per unit. This is more than for many homes. Where is the money coming from and what is the rent?Bill GormanMaltaEditor’s Note: See the Saratoga Housing Authority’s “The Promenade Fact Sheet” at: record shows she’s a bad CatholicWhat I find real nauseating is the media’s canonization of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her blathering of what a great Catholic she is.She says she goes to Mass every Sunday and prays for the president. Yeah, right. Does she pray for the abortionists who murder babies in the third trimester of a pregnancy? Or does she pray for the babies who are born alive during an abortion “made comfortable” then butchered?If hating a hypocrite is a ticket to eternal damnation, then I will surely see you in Hell, Nancy.Ray WeidmanLathamMore from The Daily Gazette:EDITORIAL: Beware of voter intimidationEDITORIAL: Thruway tax unfair to working motoristsEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusFoss: Should main downtown branch of the Schenectady County Public Library reopen? Categories: Letters to the Editor, OpinionImpeachment is not about criminal actsHow many times have you heard “no quid pro quo” or “that’s hearsay evidence”? The presumption is that if you can’t prove a crime has been committed then there can’t be an impeachment.This is unquestionably incorrect.The term “high crimes and misdemeanors” is only used for impeachment; criminal matters are considered low crimes or common crimes and are addressed in criminal court.The Founding Fathers chose the term of art because it had been used in English Parliamentary law for 400 years for offenses such as misuse of office (self-enrichment) or failure to obey Parliament (separation of powers).Impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors was first used in 1386 when the King’s Chancellor, Michael de la Pole, failed to dispense funds appropriated by Parliament as directed.The point is that impeachment is meant to be a corrective to serious offenses against our system of government. It protects the Constitution. Its only remedy is removal from office. Matters of criminality are to be addressed under the criminal code. There have been 13 previous American impeachments, and each one contained charges of high crimes and misdemeanors considering “misconduct incompatible with the official position of the officeholder.”Broadly, these are: exceeding separation of powers, behavior in an incompatible manner, and improper use of power for personal gain.Impeachment is not a criminal matter. Some articles in the past have contained elements of crimes as ingredients, but proof of criminality is not essential for a conviction and removal from office.Paul DonahueNiskayunaTake extra care when jogging with a child Don’t endanger your child when jogging. Van Antwerp Road in Niskayuna is a curvy thoroughfare with little to no shoulder. There are parts of the road where you cannot see what will be around the next bend. One must drive very cautiously on that road.I was driving on Van Antwerp the other day after a snowstorm of some 20 inches and, therefore, there was zero shoulder and high snowbanks.I came upon a woman who was jogging in the middle of the road and pushing an infant in a stroller. This action should be classified as a possible case of endangering the welfare of a child. There are plenty of developments off Van Antwerp Road that offer much wider streets and have less traffic.While it would be a terrible tragedy for this mother and baby to be injured or killed, I could not help but think how devastating it would be for the person driving, who could have hit them through no fault of their own. That would be a hard thing to have to live with.Carole DonahueNiskayunaSchool managers: Respect seniorityAs a retired union member and officer, I have to remind the writer the reason union contracts enlist the LIFO (Last In, First Out) system.Management in the past has used favoritism to decide who stays and who goes in time of layoffs. If an employee is underperforming, retraining or discipline should be used to correct performance. Teachers have tenure. Tenure is not above discipline or firing. Management has to do its job of correcting bad behavior or bad performance. If retraining does not work, then discipline in this order, verbal warning, written warning, suspension, then termination, is in order.Management, do your job and respect seniority.Thomas AmashClifton ParkNFL fans top Ellen fans in self-belittlingIn his Dec. 18 letter, Mr. Splawnik complained about women who he watched “belittle” themselves on the Ellen show as they were given free stuff (“Ellen audience a bit too giddy over gifts”). Has this man ever watched an NFL game where men are dressed and act like fools for their team? Ridiculous head gear (cheese heads in Green Bay); pig, dog and bear masks; complete and garishly painted faces; bare chests decorated in the team’s colors (in mid-December and 28 degrees) and so on and on. And those women behaved “like little children”?`Jane CapelloSaratoga SpringsThunberg cartoon unnecessarily cruelAlthough I am often annoyed by the political cartoons by Tom Stiglich, I recognize the need for political diversity on The Gazette’s editorial page and mutter my comments to myself.After seeing Stiglich’s cartoon on Dec. 15, I feel the need to comment publicly.Apparently the point of the aforementioned cartoon is that climate change activist Greta Thunberg is being used as a  pawn by politicians, as evidenced by her being named Time magazine’s person of the year. Ms. Thunberg is an autistic teenager who speaks passionately to adult power about climate issues. As a former high school teacher, I find her courage, directness and eloquence to be remarkable. If she is a pawn (which I doubt), the fault is with those who have taken control of her.Why, then, did Stiglich choose to depict her as an ugly, demented person? She is neither of these, and by so depicting her, Stiglich has gone from political commentary to personal vindictiveness.I question the judgment of  The Gazette in publishing this hateful cartoon.Fred HeitkampSchenectadylast_img

LandSecs to offload industrial portfolio

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Finland’s VER backs risk premia, eyes real assets additions

first_imgVER’s allocation to risk premia involves systematic strategies across different asset classes.Viherkenttä said: “They may be in the areas of equities, fixed income, currencies, or commodities, and the strategies can be based on, for example, carry, momentum, or volatility. The strategies may also be leveraged. We are not investing in typical risk parity funds.”One of the benefits of risk premia investments was that they balanced VER’s other investments, Viherkenttä added, as their return was usually uncorrelated to the return of the broad portfolio.“Transparency and lower costs of risk premia investments compared to hedge funds also make them an attractive investment choice,” he said.VER has invested 3.5% of its portfolio in hedge funds, compared to an average allocation of 9.6% from other Finnish pension investors.Viherkenttä added that the State Pension Fund was also interested in further geographical diversification of its real assets portfolio – 3.3% of the fund – which includes property funds and infrastructure.”Our property portfolio is pretty Europe-focused meaning we can be looking at opportunities outside the continent,” Viherkenttä said.Finland’s regulatory framework means VER can only invest a maximum of 12% of its portfolio outside of listed equity and fixed income.“Thus, we need to fit in all possible other investments in this – from property to infrastructure, hedge funds and risk premium. Regulations do not leave much space for growing exposure in these investment tools,” Viherkenttä said. The Finnish State Pension Fund (VER) plans to double its exposure to risk premia investments, the €19.2bn fund’s CEO Timo Viherkenttä has said.Currently 1% of VER’s portfolio is invested in risk premia funds and strategies, some of which have been developed in-house.VER aimed to increase this exposure to 2-2.5% of its portfolio, Viherkenttä said.“We have started growing this part of our portfolio at quite a rapid pace, but overall allocation is still very small,” he added.last_img read more

Not just a male thing – 1 in 3 women admit watching porn weekly (UK)

first_imgMailOnline 21 October 2015Men aren’t the only ones with a porn habit – as one in three women admit to watching X-rated videos at least once a week – and many confess that they are using their cell phones to view it.British photographer Amanda de Cadenet, 43, teamed up with Marie Claire to create a comprehensive survey exploring modern women’s relationships with porn – and the results indicate that the majority of female porn fans are viewing the erotic videos alone, for their own pleasure, rather than with a partner.‘Using porn to cultivate one’s own sexual agency is very different from what we often hear: that women feel threatened by it or watch it reluctantly in order to please their partner,’ Amanda explained.She added: ‘Most of our respondents, at least, are using porn to find what they want, and to figure out how to please themselves.Out of the more than 3,000 women surveyed, 91 per cent of the survey’s respondents identify as female, eight per cent identify as men and one per cent is transgender.And while 31 per cent of them say they watch porn every week or so, 30 per cent report viewing X-rated film at least a few times a month.This data also proves that people use their cell phones for just about everything as 62 per cent of people name their smartphones as their device of choice when watching porn.However, that figure shouldn’t be too surprising considering 70 per cent of the respondents are between the ages of 18 and 34.Indeed, the survey shows that female respondents are overwhelmingly drawn to technology in terms of their porn-watching habits, as 90 per cent of respondents say they use internet porn and 75 per cent find their preferred footage on free sites.Meanwhile, 40 per cent say they enjoy erotic stories – which may have something to do with the popularity of the sexy Fifty Shades of Grey series.However, despite popular misconception, women aren’t watching porn to appease their significant others.A whopping 66 per cent of people surveyed say they never watch it with their significant others.And Amanda noted that the findings show that women’s relationship to porn is mostly about them and their sexuality, ‘unencumbered by a partner’.While 31 per cent of people say they occasionally watch porn with their partners, only three per cent say they do it regularly.As for what women are watching, 63 per cent say they enjoy heterosexual porn. And while 83 per cent of respondents are straight, 44 per cent say they gravitate towards lesbian porn and 31 per cent say ‘it’s a mixed bag’. read more

Bacolod diocese sets ‘new normal’ protocols

first_imgThe policy, also referred to as “Balik Simba,” aims to implement minimal health protocols to combat the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).According to the guidelines, churches under the diocese are ordered to implement social distancing measures including how parishioners line up and seating arrangements. In addition, prior to entering the church, temperature checks would be conducted and those permitted entry must step on a footbath.Rubbing alcohol would be available at the entrance.Some churches have installed wash sinks in order for churchgoers to wash their hands prior to entering church premises.Everyone would be required to wear face masks and are encouraged to avoid “unnecessary movements.”For mass offerings, the diocese has decided to have a box available at the entrance of the church for any offerings or donations.Meanwhile, churchgoers should not to hold hands when reciting the Lord’s Prayer as well as avoiding shaking hands, or beso-beso.When receiving communion, parishioners are advised not to get too close to Eucharistic ministers and distribution of the Eucharist will be done hand-to-hand only.The diocese added that for the veneration of images, churchgoers should bow and make the sign of the cross.Aside from the minimal health measures, a reliable source inside the diocese said individuals below 21 years old and above 60 years old will not be allowed to enter church premises.However, an arrangement has been made at some parish churches for chairs to be placed outside a few meters apart with speakers utilized to project the mass.Regular disinfection after mass will be conducted./PN BY DOMINIQUE GABRIEL BAÑAGABACOLOD City – With Negros Occidental shifting to a more lenient modified general community quarantine (MGCQ), the Diocese of Bacolod has begun preparations for the resumption of worship services by launching “new normal” liturgical guidelines.last_img read more

Northern SportMods make splash at Central AZ, division’s Arizona Speedway debut set for March

first_imgCASA GRANDE, Ariz. – After a successful weekend debut for the division at Central Arizona Speedway, promoter Jonah Trussel is looking for more of the same when Karl Chevrolet Northern SportMods race for the first time at Arizona Speedway next month.A high of 20 and an average of 18 IMCA-sanctioned Northern SportMods ran during the Feb. 19-21 Snowbird Classic at Casa Grande. Opening night at Apache Junction will be March 19.Xtreme Motor Sports IMCA Modifieds also run at both venues.“We have had an X-mod division for a long time and told drivers in that class two years ago that we’d be switching to Northern SportMods this season. We started the conversion last July,” Trussel said. “Nobody wants to spend more money than they have to and this division is a great way to even out the playing field. Everyone is happy with the situation.”Car counts for the X-mods were around 20 last year. Encouragingly, most of the Northern SportMods entered in the Snowbird Classic were home state cars and to back up Trussel’s comment about a level playing field, different drivers – Eric Winemiller, Trevor Miller and Cory Hemphill – won the features.“I like IMCA’s rules. These cars are definitely more economical and the crate motors are easy to police,” said Trussel, who has purchased a Northern SportMod for those rare nights when he’ll get to race himself. “We started out with 20 cars and we averaged 18 a night for the first weekend. I think we can grow from there.”The IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing point season at both tracks continues into mid-July, then resumes in September.last_img read more

Memorial services for Sam Hodges are Thursday

first_imgEUNICE, N.M. – Sam Hodges will make his final visit to the winner’s circle at Cardinal Motor Speedway on Thursday night, June 28.Memorial services for the late track owner, promoter and IMCA driver begin at 8 p.m. that evening in the winner’s circle at the Eunice speedplant he helped build.“Sam loved dirt track racing and it showed in every facet of his participation, from a racer to a promoter and track owner,” said IMCA President Brett Root. “He will be missed by all of us at IMCA.”Survivors include his wife Jill; his daughters, Cari Coy and husband Matt of Eunice, and Casey Hodges of Eunice; his son Cody Hodges and fiancée Jessica of Eunice; grandchildren, Tanner Bill (Whip) Coy, Tyson Coy, and Ellie Sikes; his sister Lea Ann Lord and husband Mike of Seminole, Texas; nephews and great nieces.Hodges, died last week at the age of 56. He and brother-in-law Mike Lord built Cardinal 20 years ago. He promoted before the track was leased to Chris Meyers and Toby Herring in 2011.Hodges underwent cancer surgery in 2015 and returned to win both IMCA Sunoco Hobby Stock features at Cardinal’s season-opening weekend the following March. He sent his $500 winnings to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, promising to donate his share of purses earned throughout the season for cancer research.Hodges was named Eunice’s Citizen of the Year in 2001.  As the obituary states, his legend will live on each Saturday night as the lights come on and the cars drive on to the track.last_img read more