500 kilometre run one message on suicide

first_imgAPTN National NewsMany experts say suicide has become an epidemic among young people in Indigenous communities.Now, a Vancouver Island youth is determined to help heal the grief and hopelessness that affects so many of her peers.As APTN’s Tina House reports, the young woman has hit the road running with her message.last_img

Tahltan Nation protest along sacred headwaters in northern British Columbia

first_imgAPTN National NewsIt’s been just over six weeks since the Tahltan Nation set up a protest camp along sacred headwaters in northern B.C.They are trying to prevent Fortune Minerals from building an open pit coal mine in the area.last_img

Catholic bishops apologize to residential school survivors

first_imgAPTN National NewsCatholic bishops from Alberta and the Northwest Territories have issued an apology to residential school survivors.They hope this apology will educate students on Canada’s history and help survivors heal.APTN’s Keith Laboucan reports.last_img

Back to school for students in northern First Nations means leaving family

first_imgWillow FiddlerAPTN National NewsYes it’s that time of year again.Summer is over and it’s back to school time.For hundreds of students in Ontario’s far north, getting to school means more than just jumping on the school bus, it means jumping on a plan and leaving their families.In the coming months, Willow Fiddler will be looking at what this is like for three students attending Dennis Franklin Cromarty School in Thunder Bay.last_img

Edmonton students build a sweat lodge for the public

first_imgChris StewartAPTN National NewsA public school in Alberta provides education for student — with an Indigenous focus.Now those students have helped the school build a sweatlodge.It’s now open to both students, and the public.cstewart@aptn.calast_img

Airbus Bombardier plan for long C Series partnership despite takeout clause

first_imgMONTREAL – Airbus and Bombardier plan to remain strategic partners on the C Series program even after the European aerospace giant is able to buy out its minority partners, the chief executives of both companies said Friday.According to terms of the deal announced Monday, Airbus has the option to buy out Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) in about seven years, and the Quebec government in 2023.Following a joint appearance with Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare at the Montreal Board of Trade, Airbus CEO Tom Enders said that’s not the company’s plan.“We have no intention to buy out the others because we know they are great partners and if they want to stay on the journey going forward they are very welcome to that,” he told reporters.He said the priority is to close the deal next year that gives Airbus majority control, build a second assembly line in Alabama, sell more aircraft and make the program a huge success.Bellemare said the Montreal-based company also intends to remain a part of the program, but even if that should change, the agreement ensures that the program will continue to support jobs in Canada until 2041.“The best guarantee of jobs is to perform,” he said.Bellemare said Airbus’ support will assuage customers who were worried about the future of the C Series.He said the result will be many more sales that will benefit Bombardier’s Mirabel, Que., production facility even though a second assembly line will be built in Alabama.Bellemare reacted forcefully to questions about Airbus not paying any cash for the transaction.“The point is it’s not coming from dollars, it’s coming from the value that they bring to the program and that is the reason why the value of this program will more than double,” he told reporters.The aerospace executives and Premier Philippe Couillard travelled to Mirabel to speak with Bombardier employees, who gave Enders a hearty welcome.Bombardier executive chairman Pierre Beaudoin, who guided the launch of the C Series and its costly development for US$5.4 billion, said the company’s founding family isn’t in mourning over the sale of a majority stake in the program to Airbus.During a brief interview with The Canadian Press Friday in Mirabel, he said the Quebec company had found in Airbus a partner that would allow to achieve the “total success” of the program.Union representative Dave Chartrand said employees are concerned about the potential negative impact of a second production line in the U.S., but view the partnership with Airbus as the best move to secure the program’s future.“I wish Bombardier on its own could have become a third world player, could have competed with these two giants in the aerospace industry, could have sold 3,000 airplanes. But there’s a difference between your heart and your head,” he said in an interview.Earlier, Enders told business leaders that he expects Boeing won’t give up easily after launching a trade action with the U.S. government against the C Series that has resulted in 300 per cent preliminary duties on imports.“The B guys will certainly throw everything into our way they can figure so the coming months might be a little bit rough and tough but we’ve seen that before,” he said.Ultimately he said the C Series will weather the challenge and prevail, but the partnership will change the global aerospace industry.“There is no doubt we are throwing a big stone into the global aerospace industry pond and there are ripples and there will be new alliances formed as a reaction to it, new products being launched,” he said.“My philosophy is it’s much better to be proactive and throw the first stone into the pond than reacting to the initiatives of others.”Enders added that Canadians have nothing to fear from Airbus, saying the company will add to Montreal’s large aerospace cluster and provide more opportunities for local suppliers, universities and aerospace training schools.“We’re not taking anything away here,” he said, adding that he knows there are concerns by some members of the public.“If anything we will add, we will add to Canada, we will add to the success of the Canadian aerospace industry, Bombardier and suppliers and certainly we will add to the world-wide success of Airbus.”He said Airbus already has a presence in Canada, employing about 2,000 people and working with suppliers that generate about $1 billion of business.Enders said Airbus’ designation of Canada as its fifth home country opens the door to it growing its Canadian presence in the military, space and helicopter sectors of its business.Airbus’ supporters in Alabama are already lobbying in Washington to show how the partnership will create U.S. jobs.“That’s what President Trump wants. More jobs in America, so how can you be against that?”— With files from Julien Arsenault in Mirabel, Que.last_img read more

Air Canada says services restored after system outage causes flight delays

first_imgAir Canada says it has restored its computer systems after a morning outage led to delays across the airline’s operations.We can confirm airport systems, check-in & customer call centres are now all back online. We’re expecting some flight delays but we’re getting everyone on their way. Please check your flight status before going to the airport. We thank customers for their patience— Air Canada (@AirCanada) March 12, 2018The company says it expects some continued flight delays as it works to clear the backlog caused by a disruption of its airport systems, check-in and customer service centres.Air Canada checking in bags & passengers @FlyYYC after notifying guests this a.m. of a nation-wide network outage. pic.twitter.com/CrbuOGlKQF— Crystal Laderas (@CrisLaderas) March 12, 2018 Some travellers say they were delayed by a few hours, but @AirCanada just apologized and did a boarding call over the intercom. #yyc— Crystal Laderas (@CrisLaderas) March 12, 2018Elsewhere, airports in Toronto and Vancouver had reported disrupted flight schedules because of the technical issues along with congested terminals.Air Canada customers in Canada and abroad took to Twitter to complain of long lines, flight delays and other travel disruptions because of the computer problems.The company apologized for the inconvenience and thanked customers for their patience.The disruption came two weeks after the airline had a computer issue that disrupted web and mobile check-ins and call centre operations and delayed boarding on some flights.last_img read more

Report shows oilsands emissions over cap by 2030 unless GHG intensity falls

first_imgCALGARY – Canada’s oilsands production could grow to the point that its emissions exceed the Alberta government’s cap of 100 million tonnes per year by 2030, according to a forecast from the Canadian Energy Research Institute released Monday.On-site emissions from oilsands producers would grow from about 72 million tonnes in 2017 to 103 million tonnes in 2030 under a reference case scenario based on current company plans and technologies, it said.But Dinara Millington, vice-president of research for CERI, said the industry can grow without exceeding the cap if it continues to improve as it has in recent years.“If we take the historical decline in emissions per barrel from in-situ, mining and upgrading projects and if we were to apply these declines to the future production, then we can see that the emissions cap will not be reached,” she said in an interview.“For the industry to be able to achieve that, they will need to continuously improve their emission intensity every year.”Emissions produced per barrel from Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.’s Horizon oilsands mine are five per cent higher than the global oil average, executive vice-chairman Steve Laut said on a conference call last week. But he added the company has “a defined pathway” to take it below the average over the next several years.CERI’s reference case scenario envisions oilsands production rising from 2.8 million barrels per day in 2017 to 3.2 million bpd by 2020 and 4.09 million bpd in 2030.That’s down from CERI’s forecast a year ago that showed oilsands output rising to 3.4 million bpd by 2020 and 4.76 million bpd by 2030.“A bunch of project capacity has been cancelled so that is no longer part of our evaluation,” Millington said.“The ones that have been put on hold we have extended their timeline farther down the road.”The report forecasts that oilsands output would peak at about 5.5 million bpd by 2038.A new steam-driven oilsands project can be profitable with benchmark U.S. crude prices of just over US$60 per barrel and an expansion project needs just US$51.60 per barrel, making both financially feasible as West Texas Intermediate crude prices rose to above US$70 per barrel on Monday, CERI said.Bitumen and upgraded synthetic crude made up 61 per cent of total Canadian oil output and 82 per cent of Alberta’s total oil production in 2017, CERI reported.Follow @HealingSlowly on Twitter.Companies in this story: (TSX:CNQ)last_img read more

Local MLAs and others respond to first BC NDP budget in 17

first_img“Mineral exploration and development provide real and significant socio-economic opportunities and benefits to communities and First Nations in all regions of B.C., and are essential to discovering the metals and minerals required for a low-carbon future. The mining flow-through share program, as extended for a one-year term in today’s budget is one component of reinforcing B.C.’s competitiveness on the world stage.” This incentive allows individuals who invest in flow-through shares to claim a non-refundable tax credit of 20% of their B.C. flow-through expenditures.”– Edie Thome, President & CEO of the Association for Mineral Exploration.“The new BC budget’s focus on housing and universal childcare will benefit many of BC’s public school teachers. BC has several thousand young teachers who were hired following our Supreme Court of Canada win. They and many others will benefit from the start of a new affordable childcare program. This budget’s overall focus on affordability will help recruit qualified teachers from other provinces to BC to help address our province’s ongoing teacher shortage.”– Glen Hansman, President of the B.C. Teachers Federation.“This budget puts the economy on autopilot – it offers nothing for how to grow prosperity, how to get to yes on major projects, or how to attract investment to B.C. In fact, its tax hikes hinder that effort. With a razor-thin surplus dependent on a lot of things going right, B.C. taxpayers should be alarmed that the NDP Government has stopped paying attention to growing the economy. The only workforce and industry support mentioned by the Finance Minister were $18 million for arts grants and $29 million for agriculture. There’s another $144 million from the federal government for employment programs, but you can’t help but think Ottawa might be hesitant to cut that cheque right now.”– Jordan Bateman, Communications Director of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association.“We want to build B.C. better, and this budget will help us get there. The significant capital investment of $15.8 billion over three years and support for apprentices and women in trades will not only benefit our industry but the province as a whole through a legacy of skills training and employability. BCBT affiliates invest more than $18 million annually in apprenticeship and training to ensure our members do their best work, and do it safely. We expect these same high standards at every institution and welcome any measures that achieve that goal.”– Dave Holmes, President of the BC Building Trades Council. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The Peace Region’s two BC Liberal MLAs say they’re concerned about the 2018 Budget tabled by the NDP government, which were also echoed by several organizations across the province.Peace River North MLA Dan Davies said that the large amount of tax increases that were contained in Tuesday’s budget was especially concerning, especially the increased tax burden on businesses in B.C. Davies specifically cited the NDP’s plan to eliminate MSP premiums by January 1st, 2020, and make up for the loss in revenue with a new plan to implement a payroll tax of 1.95 percent on all business payrolls over $1.5 million. The government said that new tax will bring in $1.9 billion, not quite making up for the $2.6 billion brought in by MSP premiums in 2017.Davies explained that the increased taxes on businesses will lower the competitiveness of B.C., and the province could see businesses decide to move to other jurisdictions because of the increase in taxes. His concerns were echoed by BC Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Val Litwin. Litwin said in a statement that “this new burden, shifted entirely onto the shoulders of business owners, flies in the face of an innovative economy – a phrase that featured prominently in every Ministers’ mandate letter in July, but very little in today’s speech. This new tax will have a negative effect on growth and investment.” Both Davies and Peace River South MLA Mike Bernier also expressed concerns about a lack of concrete spending that was announced for rural B.C., adding that the budget seemed to be focused on announcing spending in the Lower Mainland area.“They didn’t have anything highlighted for specific major four-landing projects around the area,” said Bernier. “There wasn’t a lot in this budget that I see is going to benefit people in this region. Mining and the resource sector wasn’t mentioned once. They hardly had any supports that I saw for agriculture or forestry.”Meanwhile, BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver, whose party’s support is required to keep the minority NDP government in power, had positive things to say about the budget, though he also expressed a concern that climate change was not receiving adequate attention.“It is encouraging to see such a significant emphasis on child care,” said Weaver in a statement. “This is a core commitment to our Confidence and Supply Agreement and we have been working diligently to consult with the government on how we can best achieve our shared goals. However, we are still concerned that the challenges presented by the emerging economy, and the challenge of climate change in particular are not receiving adequate attention. Without a clear vision and decisive action we risk undermining all of the progress we could make on childcare and housing. Over the coming days and weeks our caucus will be seeking more information from the government about the specifics of their budget policies.”Other organizations had both positive and negative things to say about the budget.“This provincial budget shows it is possible to prioritize the wellbeing of our communities and families in tandem with addressing the climate challenge. Investments in wildfire preparedness, energy-efficient social housing, and carbon-tax rebates for lower income households are prime examples.”– Karen Tam Wu, acting B.C. director at the Pembina Institute.“This is robbing Peter to pay Paul, and we worry that employees will suffer for it. It was good that the government committed to axing the unfair MSP health tax, but they are now pinning it on employers who will have to find that money somewhere. Employers don’t have a magical pot of money to hand to government and they will do things like freezing wages, halting hiring and ceasing expansion. That punishes growth and innovation. If the BC government could take the ICBC anchor off its neck, this budget would be much more buoyant. It would be a relief to change ICBC into a co-op, putting it into the hands of drivers who choose it and opening it up to competition.”– Kris Sims, BC Director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.center_img “Our economy grows when businesses are supported, taxes remain competitive with global competitors such as the US, and businesses are optimistic about hiring and investing. Given this government’s emphasis on innovation and the ’emerging economy’, we expected to see a more holistic plan put in place for the reduction of red tape that has always proven to spur growth and, for example, more incentives to drive innovation and early adoption of new technologies.”– Val Litwin, President & CEO of the BC Chamber of Commerce.last_img read more

Beaverlodge RCMP investigate shooting in Valhalla

first_imgIf you have any information on this occurrence please contact the Beaverlodge RCMP at 780-354-2485 or if you wish to remain anonymous please contact Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). BEAVERLODGE, A.B. – Mounties in Beaverlodge are investigating after a woman was shot over the weekend.At around 12:30 p.m. Monday the RCMP responded to a home in Valhalla, which is located around 30 kilometres north of Beaverlodge, to a report of shots fired. Police learned that three men approached the home before shots were fired, with one of the bullets striking a woman in the leg. The victim was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.Police suspect that this was a targeted attack, and are seeking the public’s help to identify those responsible. The three male suspects are said to have fled the scene in two white pickup trucks.last_img read more

Highway 29 closed at the Cache Creek Bridge

first_imgAccording to witnesses in the area, the highway is closed in both directions and could be closed until sometime Sunday afternoon.  At this point, the Ministry of Transportation and Drivebc.ca have not provided any updates on this collision.#BCHwy29N Reports of a closure due to a vehicle incident on Cache Creek Bridge near #FortStJohnBC. Crews are en route. Assessment in progress.— DriveBC NE (@DriveBC_NE) July 28, 2019Witnesses tell us the collision is between a motorcycle and another vehicle.  We have not been told the condition of anyone in the collision.If you’re in the area, let us know what you see, email news@moosefm.ca UPDATE as of 2:30 p.m. – The highway is open in both directions.UPDATE as of 1:30 p.m. – Highway 29 is closed, in both directions. Vehicle incident between Watson Rd and Thompson Rd (17 km north of Halfway Rest Area). Road closed. Assessment in progress. Expected to open within the hour. Next update time Sun Jul 28 at 2:30 PM MST. Last updated Sun Jul 28 at 1:25 PM MST. (DBC-10473)FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Highway 29 is closed in both directions due to a collision near the Cache Creek Bridge.last_img read more

Lonestar’s request of Council to extend operating hours was declined

first_imgThe letter received from the Fort St. John RCMP Detachment expressed their concern and gave three specific reasons for not supporting the hour extension to the night club.In the letter, RCMP spoke about their staffing procedures for scheduling the ranks in the department and how the change would negatively affect this.The letter then addressed the police presence required in the area to tend to patrons and how this would set back other tasks officers are required to perform on their shifts.The final concern addressed the impact patrons leaving the bar would have on oil and gas workers. Being that this is the time they are trying to get to work and navigating the roads at the same time as bar patrons trying to get home.To view more on the Administration Report No.0148/19, item 13.2; CLICK HERE. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Lonestar Nightlife made an application for an extension in operating hours to Council and on Monday, September 9th, 2019, Council regretfully declined.Lonestar sought to change their hours of operation on Friday and Saturday nights from 2:00 am to 4:00 am. In a letter to the Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch, Lonestar shares, nightlife patrons start their fun at 12:30 am leaving a short window of time to be in a controlled environment. As well the establishment shares its business is suffering from reduced operating hours and the influence of unpredictable taxi service.Council declined the application, as part of their resolution stated the RCMP emphatically opposed the application.last_img read more

`1,200 crore Defence Ministry contract for Tata Power SED

first_imgNew Delhi: Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division (SED) has bagged a Rs 1,200 crore contract from the defence ministry for supply of ship-borne 3D Air Surveillance Radars.Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division has signed a deal with the Ministry of Defence to supply 23 ship-borne 3D Air Surveillance Radars to the Indian Navy over the next 10 years, a Tata Power statement said Friday. The contract was signed under the Buy & Make (India) category of the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2013 that will be offering the Indian Navy a proven solution, with a production arrangement in India under Transfer of Technology (ToT). The contract will be executed by Tata Power SED as the prime contractor with foreign OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) partner Indra Sistemas, Spain. Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL) has entered into a share purchase agreement with Tata Power to buy Tata Power SED, subject to regulatory and other approvals.last_img read more

Crucial Brexit talks between May and Labour leader Corbyn end without deal

first_imgLondon: Britain’s Opposition Labour Party ended the crucial cross-party Brexit talks with Prime Minister Theresa May on Friday without striking a deal, saying negotiations have “gone as far as they can”. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wrote to May to declare an end to the negotiation process, blaming the “weakness and instability” of her government as a leadership contest gets underway within the ruling Conservative Party. The development came a day after Prime Minister May was forced to set a June timeline for her exit from Downing Street. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince Salman ‘snubbed’ Pak PM Imran, recalled his private jet from US: Report”I have written to Theresa May to say that talks on finding a compromise agreement for leaving the European Union have gone as far as they can,” Corbyn tweeted. “The government’s growing weakness and instability means there cannot be confidence in its ability to deliver,” he said. Britain’s exit from the 28-member European Union had been due to take place on March 29 – but after MPs voted down the deal May had negotiated with the bloc three times, the EU gave the UK an extension until October 31. Also Read – Iraq military admits ‘excessive force’ used in deadly protests”The increasing weakness and instability of your government means there cannot be confidence in securing whatever might be agreed between us,” Corbyn wrote. “As you have been setting out your decision to stand down and Cabinet ministers are competing to succeed you, the position of the government has become ever more unstable and its authority eroded,” he noted. Stressing that his party had conducted the exercise in “good faith” and that some constructive effort had gone into finding a possible consensus, there has been growing concern within the Opposition ranks about the government’s ability to deliver on any compromise agreement. The Labour Party has been in favour of a form of a common customs arrangement with the European Union (EU) that keeps the UK aligned with its European neighbours on trade tariffs post-Brexit. Some Labour MPs have also insisted they would not back a deal with the government unless it includes another referendum. Both scenarios have caused anger among Brexit-backing Conservatives, who claim a customs union would stop the UK negotiating its own trade deals around the world and who believe another public vote is undemocratic. In his letter to the British Prime Minister, Corbyn noted: “Not infrequently, proposals by your negotiating team have been publicly contradicted by statements from other members of the Cabinet. “In recent days we have heard senior Cabinet ministers reject any form of customs union, regardless of proposals made by government negotiators.” The Labour leader is equally clear about the party’s opposition to May’s unchanged Withdrawal Agreement, which is set for a fourth House of Commons vote in the week beginning June 3.last_img read more

Moroccan Minister-Delegate for the Interior Meets US Coordinator for Counterterrorism

first_imgRabat – Moroccan delegate-minister for the interior, Cherki Drais, met this Tuesday US Ambassador at Large and Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the State Department, Tina Kaidanow, over Morocco-US cooperation in security issues.Talks covered “the excellent cooperation between Morocco and the USA in the fight against terrorism, which is a priority both for Morocco and for the USA, and the training of Moroccan executives,” said the Moroccan official following the meeting.A delegation of the state department is expected in Morocco to discuss the implementation of the training program, he added.last_img read more

Running and Rhythms Unite for Sacred Music Race in Fes

Fes – Fes will be buzzing this weekend as it kicks off the twentieth edition of the Festival of World Sacred Music.Most of the musical performances will take place in one of the venues throughout the city, but visitors and locals alike will have a chance to explore the city and listen to live folk music during a 6.6-kilometer race around Fes. This Saturday, the second annual Sacred Music Race, “Course aux Rythmes des Musiques Sacrées,” will take runners on a tour around the city while enjoying live Moroccan folk music from different regions of the country.“We want to make this second edition a sporting event fun and rich in Moroccan folklore,” according to the Fes Saiss Association which organizes the race. The city will be the stage as live music plays throughout the course, a journey rich in history and culture of the ancient city of Fes. More than 2,500 Moroccan and international runners are expected to take part in the race that coincides with the start of the nine-day Festival of World Sacred Music. Participants will be able to discover the various neighborhoods and architecture of Fes on this running tour around the city.The route will begin near Bab Boujloud in front of the old medina and take runners on a loop around the city past Bab Makina, Bab Meknes, Bab Marrakesh, Jardin Jnan Sbil, and Batha Museum before ending at the finish line near Bab Boujloud.“The race will also be an opportunity to strengthen the cohesion and civic spirit teams through sports and recreational activity,” according to the Fes Saiss Association.Runners will be joined by some of Morocco’s top athletes including Olympic gold medalists Hicham El Guerrouj and Khalid Skah, hurdler Nezha Bidouane, marathoner Abderrahim Bouramdane, and Olympian Brahim Lahlafi.The race will start this Saturday, June 14 at 6p.m. near Bab Boujloud. The race will be followed by an awards presentation and live Moroccan folk music concert. Interested participants can register online at www.course-musiquessacrees.com.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributed read more

France: Over 50 anti-Muslim Incidents Reported After Charlie Hebdo Massacre

Rabat – According to the Collective Against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), more than 50 anti-Muslim incidents have been reported across France in less than a week since the terrorist attack on satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.The CCIF, a monitoring body within the Central Council of Muslims, said among the 54 anti-Muslim incidents, there have been 21 reports of shootings, grenade throwing at Islamic buildings and 33 threats and insults.“Muslims are scared. I’m scared for my mother, my sister. I live in a working class neighborhood and I would have never imagined that such things could happen,” said CCIF’s President, Abdallah Zekri. “We don’t feel like any measures are being taken to secure Muslim places of worship or to try finding the people responsible for these acts,” he added.In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, France has deployed almost 4,700 extra police officers to protect Jewish sites and around 700 Jewish schools.French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said on Monday that there is a need to protect not only “synagogues, Jewish schools, but also mosques because in the past few days there have been a number of attacks against mosques.”CCIF has launched an online campaign to help protect Muslim worshippers.Several attacks on mosques were reported hours after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. read more

Morocco-NATO Ties, ‘Success Story’ Dating Back to 20 Years Ago: NATO…

Rabat  – Cooperation relations between Morocco and NATO are a “success story” dating back to more than 20 years, NATO Deputy Secretary General, Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, said here Friday.“My visit to Morocco seeks to examine means to consolidate partnership between Morocco and NATO an deepen bilateral political consultations in the light of the growing security challenges that face Mediterranean countries”, Vershbow told the press following his talks with Minister-Delegate to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Nasser Bourita.He stressed the need for expanding cooperation between the two sides to encompass other political and economic fields, adding that they tackled, on this occasion, Moroccan-NATO partnership and security challenges in Libya and the Sahel region. NATO Deputy Secretary General, Ambassador Alexander Vershbow, is heading an important delegation on a visit to Morocco on February 18-19.He seized this opportunity to brief the Moroccan minister on the upcoming NATO Summit, scheduled in Warsaw in July.For his part, Bourita said that NATO Deputy Secretary General’s visit represents recognition of the important role played by Morocco, under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI to promote regional peace and stability.Morocco’s experience and expertise in dealing with security challenges are widely recognized, he said, adding that this visit was an opportunity for NATO officials to get informed about Morocco’s positions and vision, which are judged as pertinent.The Moroccan minister also hailed the excellent relations between Morocco and NATO, pointing out that they are founded on the mutual respect and cooperation in well targeted fields. read more

Morocco’s High-Speed Train Tests Launched This Week

Rabat – The National Office of Railroads announced on Thursday that the dynamic tests and initial operations of its new high-speed train line kicked off this week.In a communiqué released this Thursday, February 9, the office stated that a new phase of testing was launched this week, following the final tests on the traditional line in order to examine and ensure the smooth functioning of the high-speed trains on the conventional rail.According to the office, the tests are critical to verify the capability of all components of the high-speed system to reach 320 kilometers per hour, especially the train itself, which runs on the railway equipped with its own upper wires and electricity supply as well as an independent signaling and communication system. Preparations of the testing area were finished on on January 27. The office stated that all dynamic tests were done in gradual phases.The office explained that the first testing line runs up a distance of 40 kilometers and will slowly increase until it reaches 160 kilometers per hour. It added that the increase in speed will be gradual  eventually reaching 320 kilometers per hour over a distance of 100 kilometers.The preliminary state of the tests will cover the entire track and will include linking clips at stations of Tangier and Kenitra to ensure that railways infrastructure and the high-speed train vehicles match perfectly, highlighting that the goal is to finish construction by the summer of 2018.In parallel with these experiments, civil engineering works continue north of the line, having completed more than 175 kilometers out of 200. The office added that the railway construction works are still going at full speed, with more than 120 kilometers of railway tracks have been fully installed currently. They added that that the project records a development rate of 87% and is expected to be completed by the summer of 2018. read more